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July 2014

Review: Losing that Belly with the Metabolite Wellness Treatment

It’s half a decade since my last pregnancy but I still wear maternity clothing. That’s because I have a food baby; a protruding tummy caused by my favourite snacks – chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate.

So when iBeauty Medispa called and offered a free trial of their Metabolite Wellness Treatment to kick-start the process to get rid of those conspicuous bulges, it was a no-brainer. I said yes please and thank you.

I am met at the door by manager Hazel Teo. She and her sister Maggie, 38, manage the beauty and wellness company which was set up by their mother over 30 years ago.


The sisters, both svelte and immaculately groomed, are perfect models for their business. Hazel, 36, tells me that she has lost 10kg with the treatment. Maggie, who has two young children, is back to pre-pregnancy shape and size, thanks to the treatment. If I could achieve even a tenth of their level of camera-readiness perfection, I’d be over the moon.

Hazel explains what the Metabolite Wellness Treatment is all about. Lose a guaranteed five kilogrammes off your weight and a percentage of body fat by the end of 15 sessions. No dieting. No exercise. No pills. No needles.

Instead, you’ll be gently kneaded to open up, stimulate, and “unblock all 106 metabolic meridian points in your body”. This will then increase your body’s basal metabolism, causing it to concentrate on burning fats for the next 24 hours.

Your body is “reprogrammed” to become its own fat-burning machine and will continue to do so even after the course of the treatment. You’d have to maintain a healthy diet as well of course, Hazel reminds. Er yes, I mutter, thinking about my emergency stash of chocolate at home.

All the embarrassing details are taken down before the session commences. My body composition reading reveals that I am incredibly healthy for my age. My visceral fat and BMI levels are within the healthy range. My muscle mass and bone mass are above average. I have the basal metabolic rate of a woman 10 years younger. In theory, I could be Gisele Bundchen. In reality, I am the slob aunty who gets offered seats on public transport because of my food baby.

Metabolite Wellness Image

The Metabolite Wellness Treatment can help get rid of it, Hazel explains. The kneading and massaging — did she say massaging!? — of the 106 meridien points throughout the body will also help regulate hormonal and insulin secretions so that your body stops craving starch, carbs, and sugars. Weight gain post treatment is small as the body will have learnt to be its own lean, mean, fat-burning machine. It sounds like a dream come true.

Bring it on.

The treatment is actually extremely comfortable. My body melts into deeper relaxation as the therapist prods each point. It’s like having a reflexology session all over your body. Then comes an abdomen massage with an in-house oil consisting of Sea Kelp extract, Grape Seed Oil, Chinese Green tea leaves, Ginger essential oil, and Amachazuru, a kind of herbal medicine. To end, the therapist initiates me into the world of cupping and gua sha. It feels like my flesh is being sucked off my back. It’s shockingly pleasurable. If all this is what losing fats is all about, I’m ready for more.

For the next three days, my appetite remains low. It could be psychological, but I do not feel the usual urge to binge. By the end of the week however, my secret chocolate stash is gone. The food baby muffin top? It’s still there.

iBeauty Medispa’s recommendation is to do two to three Metabolite Wellness Treatment sessions per week, so that your body remains in a constant state of “heightened silent metabolic activity” brought on by the treatment, and cravings are increasingly reduced. It would probably be hard though, for mums whether working or stay-at-home, to commit to thrice a week sessions. Still, it’s a option that could be considered if you have the time.

Call to make an appointment and quote “Singapore Motherhood” for a FREE trial or get a 20% off when you sign up for the Metabolite Wellness Treatment Package at iBeauty Medispa.

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Review: Losing that Belly with the Metabolite Wellness Treatment