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August 2018

5 Useful Pregnancy Splurges That Are Totally Worth Spending On

If you’re going to have a baby, should you even think of indulging in a pregnancy splurge? Yes, especially for these items that we recommend, as they’ll certainly help make your 40 weeks of gestation much more pleasant!

It’s only been a couple of months since you got pregnant, but you’ve already paid for necessities like nutritional supplements, medical consultations, and prenatal screening tests that the gynae ordered. Now what’s next? Well, it’s time to get comfortable… with these pregnancy purchases that are actually worth investing in.

Pregnancy triggers many bodily changes that can bring along lots of aches and pains, and you can’t just clutch on to that precious ultrasound photo and feel comforted by it. Fortunately, in this day and age, you don’t have to suffer needlessly – check out our list of pregnancy must-haves below.


1. Pregnancy Pillow

The bigger you get, the more uncomfortable you may feel in bed. And no, you don’t want to be tossing and turning like a disgruntled hippo. A pregnancy pillow provides just the right support – at just the right places. “I felt that since pregnancy was just going to last a few months, it wasn’t necessary,” shares wedding stylist Hua Shuying, 32. “But by late second trimester, I’d become so big that I couldn’t get comfortable in bed. In the end, I bought a pregnancy pillow that curved around me and supported my growing belly. Finally, a perfect night’s sleep!”

Get your money’s worth! Choose a pregnancy pillow that can double up as a nursing pillow after you’ve given birth. Shuying adds: “My baby was a ‘milk monster’ and would latch on forever. So each breastfeeding session could last a couple of hours. Without the support, the nights would have felt very long.”

We love: The Wonderpillow 7-in-1 Maternity/Nursing Pillow ($149.90 at Pupsik). This award-winning product is a horseshoe-shaped, multi-purpose pillow that will wrap perfectly around your back or tummy to provide much-needed support throughout pregnancy. Depending on how you curl it, you can also use it as a hip, leg or head support, breastfeeding and get this – a post-delivery cushion to ease hemorrhoids or post-episiotomy pain.

2. Maternity Bras

We’ve a new maternity style! It’s derived from the Harper, our most popular full-cup style to date. With a G-hook clasp at the straps for nursing, supportive full coverage cups and a soft elastic band, this one is practical, comfy and looks good too.

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As your pregnancy progresses, you will soon find that it is impossible to fit into your favourite Victoria’s Secret lace underwire bra. Besides increasing in cup size, your breasts will become heavier and more sensitive. But the struggle to find a comfortable maternity bra is real. “I started buying maternity bras the minute discomfort set in,” reveals Joan Lim. The 29-year-old homemaker bought less expensive sets at sales and also invested in a quality maternity bra set from Mothercare. “In the end, I couldn’t wear the cheaper sets at all! The plastic clasps were poorly made and scratched my skin, while the cups were poorly so formed they didn’t fit my breasts properly. They were a complete waste of money. I had balked at the price for the Mothercare bras, but now I wear them almost daily!”

Get your money’s worth! Choose a maternity bra that doubles up as a nursing bra so you can continue to wear it after you’ve popped. These come with clasps at the top of the cup that can be released to expose the breasts for breastfeeding.

We love: Oh-so-pretty lace bralettes by local label Perk By Kate. These come with clip-on nursing straps and padded cups to provide the utmost comfort and optimal support. You can even wear them for your maternity photoshoot!

3. Prenatal Massages

There are many physiological, structural, and psychological changes occurring daily when you’re pregnant, and many growing pains that accompany this include increased weight, hormonal changes, and ever increasing dropping of the pelvis. Massage therapy can provide significant relief from all those aches and growing pains.#babies_laughter #pregnancy #prenatalmassage

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No pregnant woman is completely free of aches and pains. So the minute you’re able to (usually after the first trimester), treat yourself to an indulgent prenatal massage! Besides relaxing tense muscles, reducing stress on your joints, easing out aches and any water retention, a prenatal massage will also boost blood circulation and improve your sleep! “My back was aching so badly that I was always in a bad mood,” says 31-year-old marketing manager Patricia Ng. “But after just one prenatal massage, I felt rejuvenated. It was worth it because it kept me going at work.”

Get your money’s worth! Try out different spas – they usually have trial sessions at a cheaper price. Then, once you’ve chosen a spa, ask if there are special promotions or deals if you go for both pre- and postnatal massages.

We love: Prenatal massages by Babies Laughter. Their qualified therapist can come to your home, so you don’t have to worry about rushing around. They use different 100 per cent therapeutic-grade essential oils for different stages of your pregnancy to ensure that all is safe!

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4. Belly Support Band

As your baby bump grows, it will be more taxing for your (extra)weight-bearing body. Wearing a belly support band will help support your lower back and baby bump while providing cues for posture. “There are many brands on the market, but I’ve found that a better quality product not only feels more comfortable, but does a better job of pain relief,” says inventory analyst Ong Ai Tee, 36.

Get your money’s worth! Look for lightly used ones on Carousell, get better deals online, or ‘chiong’ at baby fairs to grab your belly support band. One reader told us that she converted her credit card points to vouchers, then used them to offset her purchase – she ended up paying half-price for a brand new piece!

We love: Nexcare™ Maternity Support by 3M, which is available at Mothercare at $74.90 (with GST, in M and L sizes). Made of latex-free soft elastic, the belt provides gentle yet firm support. It lifts the abdomen and helps relieve discomfort in your back and abdomen. More importantly, the belt is fully adjustable to accommodate your changing shape so you can use it throughout your pregnancy. It’s best to start wearing this from your second trimester onwards, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

5. Flat Shoes

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Let’s face it, you’ll have to ditch the heels. Your feet will swell up because of water retention (pregnancy edema), and you will need good footwear to give you the right support and stability. Many mothers-to-be found that they went up an entire shoe size and had to shop for an entire new shoe wardrobe. Shanghai-based homemaker Astina Chung, 38, says: “When I was pregnant with number two, I had to push a stroller with my three-year-old in it around the city to run errands. The last thing I wanted to do was fall! So I invested in a good pair of slip-ons from ECCO. I found that wearing stable shoes really helped to ease my backache!”

Get your money’s worth! Wait for sales to buy these shoes, and wear them everyday!

We love: The incredibly comfy selections from ECCO are well-padded, functional and stylish. The Gillian slip-ons, especially, are great for traipsing around any city.

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Save or Splurge for Pregnancy?

You’re probably thinking about the future and wondering where to buy the cheapest baby diapers in Singapore. And while it’s prudent to try to save for the future since raising a baby can be expensive, certain things are definitely worth forking out a little for, especially when you are pregnant.

Borrow what you can (after all it’ll only be used for a few months), but do invest in proper footwear, at least. These can save you (and your foetus) from dangerous slips and falls, help prevent backaches, and ease your movements around town. And that, of course, will make pregnancy so much more pleasant, and you, a much happier mama-to-be!


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5 Useful Pregnancy Splurges That Are Totally Worth Spending On