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June 2016

8 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Kids to the Planet of Possibility

We’ve all dreamed of being a superhero − gliding through fluffy white clouds one moment and slaying fire-breathing dragons the next − but it takes a special kind of childlike imagination and resilience to bring that dream to life.

And that was exactly what we witnessed at the Planet of Possibility!

Planet of Possibility - superherome-sign

Planet of Possibility is an experiential art show being held at Objectifs till 17 July 2016. Presented by Superhero Me, the exhibition makes a stand for a kinder and more inclusive Singapore through works of art created by children and youths from diverse backgrounds.

Together with our little roving reporter Elliott, we made a trip down on its opening day to check it out, and what an afternoon we had! Here are 8 reasons why you should bring your kid down to experience it for yourselves.

1. It’s not your usual stuffy art show

Planet of Possibility - superherome-running

Since this was Elliott’s first art show, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The grown up ones we’re accustomed to aren’t exactly kid-friendly, and would probably put an 18-month-old toddler straight to sleep.

Imagine our surprise when we stepped through the entrance, only to be greeted by the sights and sounds of what you’d expect at a playground − happy children busy on their feet, giggling gleefully as they chase one another across the room. The exhibition space was spacious and brightly lit, with colourful crafts and imaginative installations at every turn.

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2. The works are created for children, by children

Planet of Possibility - superherome-art

We were thoroughly impressed with the artworks on display, especially when we found out that they were created by children and youths from all walks of life, some as young as four years old!

While the level of artistry was no doubt impressive, it was the imagination and wonderment found in the installations that truly captured our hearts.

3. It advocates for a more inclusive Singapore through art

Planet of Possibility - superherome-croccake

The people responsible for putting Planet of Possibility together are from Superhero Me, a ground-up movement that empowers kids from all walks of life to develop creative confidence and a stronger sense of self.

The exhibition also brings together more than 80 children and youths from special needs and at-risk communities. These include preschoolers from AWWA Kindle Garden (Singapore’s first inclusive preschool), students from Lien Foundation’s Circle of Care Programme, Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School and MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School. They hope that through the medium of art, they can make a stand for a kinder and more inclusive Singapore.

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look at how they did it:

4. It is led by some of Singapore’s brightest artists

Planet of Possibility - superherome-elliott

Planet of Possibility has been more than three months in the making, with artists from local design outfits such as Logue, In Merry Motion and Ripple Root working together with the children to create various forms of artwork for the show.

Their artistic sensibilities paint the perfect backdrop for the children’s creations. One such example is the Galactic Warp, a make-believe “pond of reflection” and “lush galactic vegetation” created by students from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School and set against a dreamy scenery painted by artist duo Ripple Root.

5. It teaches your kids that anyone and everyone can be creative 

Planet of Possibility - superherome-projector

There are plenty of teachable moments in the exhibition, but none quite as prominent as the fact that despite the disabilities and shortcomings that life has dealt the kids, it is their resilience and imagination that allowed them to embrace the possibilities − rather than the impossible − in each other through the medium of art, resulting in a full-fledged art show that they can call their own.

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6. It’s real easy to navigate the space

Planet of Possibility - superherome-galactic

We recommend buying a map for a dollar from the Merchandise Cart to help you navigate the space. There are also plenty of roaming volunteers − all armed with a smile and ready to show you around.

7. Your kids can get hands on with the artwork too

Planet of Possibility - superherome-hopscotch-swing

More than just hanging artworks on display, the installations allow for plenty of interaction for the kids as well.

The classic game of hopscotch (above left) is given a series of whimsical makeovers by 12 preschoolers in How Do We Get to the Moon? Each of them invented their own game of hopscotch on large hand-painted canvases twice their height that kids can use to get to the “moon”.

Escape into a midday reverie on the Garden Swing (above right), a classic rocking swing that’s wrapped with swirly vines and colourful paper animals. You can even “leaf” a happy thought behind by scribbling on paper leaves and sticking them to the vines.

Planet of Possibility - superherome-dragons-carrivan

A Tale of Two Dragons (above left) is the product of two students’ fascination with the mythical creatures that dwell near the mysterious singing volcano. Visitors can help the singing volcano grow by adding any burning questions they may have for the dragons to the lava chain.

The Carrivan Spy Gear (above right) is the perfect pit stop for budding spy kids, where a collection of handmade spy gear awaits. Arm yourselves with inventive gadgets such as The Hammer of Wonder and Polkafun Gun as you set off on your very own secret mission through the Planet of Possibility.

8. There are plenty of workshops for kids to enjoy

Planet of Possibility - superherome-wildernest

For a more interactive and hands-on experience, make your way to Wildernest, an inclusive workshop space within the exhibition dedicated to socially engaged art and collaborative craft.

Planet of Possibility - superherome-workshop

There will be a series of crafting workshops, puppetry sessions, and storytelling sessions throughout the duration of the art show.

Check out the workshop schedule and register for tickets here.

Planet of Possibility - superherome-socialmedia

At the end of the day, Planet of Possibility is exactly as its title suggests. No matter who you are − whether you’re a child or a parent, eloquent or nonverbal, hyperactive or wheelchair-bound − with art as a common language, the possibilities are endless and right at your fingertips, waiting to be discovered.


Date: 18 June to 17 July 2016

Opening hours:
Tue – Sat, noon – 7pm
Sun, noon – 4pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays

Admission: Free

Recommended for: Kids aged 4 and above

Address: Objectifs − Centre for Photography and Film,155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977


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8 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Kids to the Planet of Possibility