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September 2019

Paediatric Tuina can Improve your Child’s Immunity and Treat Common Childhood Problems

Paediatric Tuina is gaining popularity in Singapore. This non-invasive and gentle technique stimulates specific areas and acu-points on the body, helping to improve the flow of energy, and correct imbalances within the body. It is an alternative treatment for children who are not fond of medicine. It can also help boost general health, says physician Tan Wen Jia from Eu Yan Sang, which conducts Paediatric Tuina Classes for parents.

“Once a grandma brought her three-year-old grandson because he had a persistent cough that had lasted for four months. She wanted to clear up his cough, and boost his immunity. After a few sessions, his cough went away and he was eating better,” she adds.

In Singapore, children often have tuina to treat respiratory and digestive conditions. These include colds, coughs, poor appetite, or irregular bowel movements. Apart from these common ailments, paediatric tuina can also treat sleep issues, nasal allergies, and bedwetting. Physician Tan tells us more about this treatment for children.

What’s the best age to have paediatric tuina?

It is best for children under 7 years old. Generally, the younger the child, the better the treatment efficacy.

How effective is it?

Paediatric tuina treats a wide range of conditions, especially respiratory and digestive ailments. It can also boost general health. When deciding on a treatment plan, the physician will your child’s receptivity to the different treatments, and how often your child needs them.

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How often do children need tuina?

Once to twice a week for improving general health and wellness. For acute conditions such as coughs and flus, your child may need treatment up to once or twice a day. Each session lasts 10 to 20 minutes.

Can it improve my child’s immunity?

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the body’s ability to protect itself against illnesses depends on the organs’ functions, especially the lungs and spleen. As children are still growing and developing their organs, they tend to fall ill easily. Paediatric tuina can strengthen the body organs and build up their functions and ability to fend against illnesses, thus improving immunity.

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Can it help with post-vaccination fever?

Post-vaccination fever is a common symptom in children as the body generates an immune response to the vaccine. Paediatric tuina before and after immunisation can help strengthen the immune system to cope better, alleviate post-vaccination symptoms, and aid in recovery.

Can it help special needs children?

Each child’s needs and how TCM can help can differs as each child is unique. Paediatric tuina can help in various ways such as improving quality of sleep, anxiousness, and hyperactivity. It is also a great way for parents to bond with their child.

When should my child NOT have tuina?

Paediatric tuina is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Emergency conditions (eg. high fever, severe vomiting, and diarrhoea)
  • Fractures, joint dislocations, external injuries
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Skin conditions such as burns, skin lesions, wounds etc.

Always check in with your TCM physician if you are unsure whether tuina is suitable for your child.

Why should parents learn to do DIY paediatric tuina?

Paediatric tuina can improve your child’s health, aid their growth and development, and treat illnesses. Because it can be done regularly, it also helps parents to bond with their children. You may notice your child’s cough and fever worsen at night. These symptoms can be managed with paediatric tuina to help ease your child’s discomfort and help them rest better for a speedier recovery. However, if your child is ill, do consult a healthcare practitioner for appropriate treatment.

Images: Eu Yan Sang

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Paediatric Tuina can Improve your Child’s Immunity and Treat Common Childhood Problems