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The Best Organic and Natural Skincare and Makeup for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mums in Singapore

Pregnancy is a hormone-volatile period for women. One place where this makes itself seen and felt is on the skin. Some women go through their nine months with nary a mark; glowing through the 40 weeks of gestation like fertility goddesses. For others, excessive sebum production, acne, pigmentation, and stretch marks make pregnancy a ‘can-I-wear-a-paperbag-over-my-head’ season.

The hormonal imbalance takes a while to settle even after giving birth, and especially if you are breastfeeding. Moreover, if you are like me, you probably live in fear of passing chemicals from your skin, to your little one. Consider switching to these clean, natural, organic makeup brands then. They’re all available in Singapore, and can be bought online.


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All FrankSkincare products are 100% non-GMO and paraben-free, made with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) ingredients. Safe to use after the first trimester, the Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil blends seven organic ingredients plus vitamins A, D, E, and omega 6 fatty acids. These soothe and protect mum-to-be’s skin from hormonal pregnancy skin problems such as excess sebum, sensitivity, acne, and brown spots.

The Pod Of Goodness Luxury Body Butter helps to heal and nourish sensitive or dry skin — like that expanding belly! Furthermore, this luxurious moisturiser can also be used on the lips. Like all FrankSkincare products, it is proudly one hundred per cent #MadeInSingapore Web

Handmade Heroes

All Handmade Heroes products are vegan, made from all natural ingredients, and have no added preservatives. Hence they are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For breastfeeding mums, the Free The Nips Nursing Balm is a godsend. It’s safe to ingest so you can can latch Baby on directly after application. Use the Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo during confinement to keep your hair fresh and clean. Dry lips? The Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask lets you wake up with smoother lips. Pucker up for that first morning kiss with Baby! Web

“I use the Sooth That Toosh Diaper Balm, and the Free The Nips Nursing Balm. I was using another brand’s nursing balm previously and I didn’t like the sticky texture. Hence I stopped using nursing balms altogether because I thought all nursing balms are the same. Then I tried the one from Handmade Heroes. I loved how it is vegan and made with natural ingredients. This made it safe for my baby, since I was direct latching my daughter Sora. The diaper balm helped Sora when she had a rash on her butt. After using the balm it went away in two days. I love that Handmade Heroes is local and I love supporting local businesses. Best of all, the products are natural and they work. Nothing not to love!” — Soh Gail, 28, Financial Services Consultant, Social Media Personality, and mum to Sora, 9.5 months


Formulated in Singapore by an ex-A*STAR scientist with a PhD in cell biology and biochemistry, all Iryasa products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and contain 100% plant based active ingredients. Everyone in the family can use these, but for mums and mums-to-be, we’d choose the following. First, the Stretch Marks & Scars Gel which helps prevent new stretch marks, fades old ones, and which is also effective in lightening surgical scars. Second, the Scalp Enriching Gel which can aid with postpartum hair loss. Finally, the Skin Absolute Gel/Cream is an all-in-one therapeutic formulation with skin healing botanicals that hydrate and nourish, while healing and repairing the skin. We hear that it’s safe for babies as a diaper cream, and that it helps soothe rashes, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and hives too. Web

P/S Use SGMOTHER20 for 20% off at Iryasa (on skincare and essential oils) in addition to current promotions (minimum order value S$50). Free shipping within Singapore for all orders above S$30. Valid till 31 July 2020.

Jung Beauty  

Not skincare, but too good to leave out! Originally part of the Jung Beauty 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa, this Leave-In Keratin Hair Treatment is now available in a tube, making it easy and convenient for busy mums to have #salonmazinghair anytime. Just smooth onto towel-dried hair after shampooing, and let your hair ‘drink’ up the nutrients from key ingredients like Hydrolysed Keratin, Coconut Oil, Silk Amino Acids, Rose and Gold. The result? Shiny, smooth, sleek, shampoo-commercial quality tresses that look like you’ve just stepped out of a hair salon. P/S It’s safe for pregnant women, and breastfeeding mums too. Web

Kew Organics

Every product here is made from vegan, non-GMO, certified organic, and natural ingredients to deliver gorgeous #makeupfree skin. Founder and mum of two Lily Kew, 49, is a walking testimonial; her skin literally glows! When pregnant with her second daughter last year, Lily used the Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum, and the Dose of Omega 7 Hydrating Emulsion. The former is enriched with 100% organic German Chamomile Water and helps replenish the skin’s hydration without clogging pores, while the latter provides a healthy barrier to lock in skin’s natural moisture.

For second-trimester breakouts, Lily recommends the Absolutely Youthful Hydra Cleanser. This helps to reduce excessive sebum. In addition, the Alfalfa & Fig Spot Solution Treatment can tame acne-causing bacteria, treat inflamed zits, and prevent further breakouts. To prevent third trimester pigmention, Lily suggests the Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Serum. This inhibits melanin, while boosting and triggering skin renewal by 80%. Web

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Liht Organics

Short for “Living In Her Time”, Liht (pronounced “light”) Organics is a homegrown organic makeup brand which formulates cruelty-free, chemical-free cosmetics. Every product is safe to use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, founder Nerissa Low tells us, including its fan-fave, the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. If you follow @SingaporeMotherhood on Instagram you may have seen our IGS on the Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner. This 100% smudge-proof and waterproof formula removes easily with warm water! Finally, there’s no need to forsake lippy just because you can’t stop raining kisses on your precious. The Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick uses coconut oil and shea butter so you’ll be doing no harm to Baby when you exchange kisses and snuggles! Web

“I’m a vegan ultramarathoner. Choosing makeup that is cruelty-free, vegan, and healthy for my skin and body is important to me. I need makeup that allows my skin to breathe, and is clean enough for me to feel safe wearing it around my baby girl. I definitely wouldn’t want her to be kissing my face with chemicals on! Liht Organics’ Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation is the best liquid foundation I have ever used. The coverage is amazing but it doesn’t feel and look like I’m wearing a mask. It blends perfectly with my skin colour and stays on all day despite the humid Singapore weather. In addition I love the fact that it doesn’t block my pores, and doesn’t cause me to break out. The smell is also great: vanilla cake! Most importantly it is 100% vegan, meaning that I don’t have to leave my ethics aside to look good.” — Emilie Tan, 35, vegan ultramarathoner, Education Manager at Fitness Innovations Singapore, and mum to a three year old girl


OASIS: Skincare is 100% vegan, organic and natural — assuring for mothers who are concerned about synthetic fragrances or harmful compounds. There’s a dedicated set of products curated to the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers (see here) but the following are the ones we’d zoom in on. First, the Instaglow Beauty Oil, which is made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Next, the HA Hydrator Booster Serum which regulates moisture levels and improves skin elasticity. Both are gentle on skin, and toxic-free. In addition, the aerosol-free Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a confinement must-have. Finally, to help prevent stretch marks, try Fer a Cheval’s ultra pampering Shea Body Lotion, which restores and repairs dry skin. Web

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If you’ve heard of multi-masking in Korea but have yet to try it out, OHIOHOO’s (pronounced “O-hai-yo-hoo”) Re’ Juice masks is the perfect place to start. Vegan, dermatologically-tested, and made with green, non-toxic ingredients, these are suitable for sensitive skins, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mums. Use the Beet mask to eliminate puffy skin, the Fig mask to tone and brighten rough and dull skin, and the Blue Tansy mask for a #stayhome mini-peel to exfoliate dead skin and reveal smooth, luminous skin. Imported into Singapore by Korean mum Jungmin Lee under the Ksisters brand, these masks (like the other Ksisters products) have received rave review from their #ksistersfam. We’re fans as well! Web


Skincare so easy, even a rookie could use it. In addition, it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients — making it a superfood for your skin. What’s good for mums-to-be? Almost everything here, but we’d recommend the Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops first. This lightweight serum is made with Chardonnay Grapes from Nagano, Japan and Deep Sea Energy™, a soothing blend of eight seaweeds including Wakame and Kombu that help keep skin hydrated and supple. Need an instant glow? Use the natural, plant-powered Green Pulp Paste Masque. This bestseller is made with Rooki’s signature Green Pulp Paste™, a green smoothie-inspired blend of carrots, tomatoes, matcha, kale and soybeans that is rich in phytonutrients and youth-preserving antioxidants. Web

Skincare from Zerrin

Zerrin is a Singapore-based multi-label platform that champions green beauty and sustainable fashion. Here you can find ethical skincare brands like Want, whose certified organic and fair trade Body Oil boosts collagen production to help keep stretch marks at bay. Zerrin also carries the Luxe Botanics brand, whose serums are safe for use during pregnancy. One to try is the Kigelia Corrective Serum. This uses the Kigelia africana, a long sausage-shaped fruit sourced from the Malawians in South Africa. Known for its medicinal properties, it also has antioxidant and antibacterial qualities to help plump up skin while protecting it from free radicals. Web

“I was already using the Luxe range but during pregnancy, I switched to the Kigelia Corrective Line (serum and moisturiser). It worked great. I had zero breakouts and my skin was supple and looked healthy. Knowing the ingredients are safe, and work well for my skin, makes Luxe an easy choice during pregnancy and after — one thing less to think about!” — Marielle Reussink, Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant and Advisor to start-ups, mum to an eight-month-old child

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