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May 2016

What Do Mums in Singapore really want on Mother’s Day? We asked 10 of them to tell us!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and we’ve caught up with 10 mums in Singapore to find out what would make their hearts melt this Mother’s Day. You’ll be surprised to see what’s on their wish-list… (Husbands, be sure to pay attention to this one so that you can make your wife’s dream come true.)

Fion Koh, 29, is a staff nurse and mum to two kids aged 6 and 9 (with her third due this July).

Fion Koh

My dream Mother’s Day gift: I don’t really need or want anything, but I really hope to have more wisdom and determination to guide and love my kids.

What I think I will actually get: Probably a lunch or dinner date with the family and some cards drawn by the kids.

My favourite gift from previous years: Last year, I got to enjoy a buffet lunch with some other mums. It was a group celebration organised by our husbands. It was touching to see all the husbands come together to appreciate their wives in a simple but meaningful way.

Dee Loh, 39, is a director of a creative agency. She has two children aged 1 and 6.

Dee Loh1

My dream Mother’s Day gift: As a work-at-home-mum, time is very precious to me. I have to think through the things I need to do the night before, and keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to complete what I’ve planned to do. My available time is subject to the needs of my children. So the best gift is to have ONE DAY OFF without having to care about household matters and the children.

What I think I will actually get: My six-year-old daughter loves to draw and make cards for us and her friends. I think I will get a card from her.

My favourite gift from previous years: I always receive cards or drawings from my daughter during special occasions and even on a day-to-day basis. These are all very precious to me. They show that she thinks of me regularly enough to make an effort to give me her love notes.

Dee2This is one of her love notes to me, where she drew herself singing the song ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen.

Jenni Ho-Huan is a pastor-writer in her 40s, and author of Simple Tips for Happy Kids. She has two children aged 10 and 16.

Jenni ho-huan

My dream Mother’s Day gift: A getaway with my hubby where he doesn’t bring ANY work. We will lug along all our kids’ photos and laugh and cry over all the milestones and millstones (that nearly killed us, haha) while the kids will clean the house and cook a fabulous meal for us to come home to!

What I think I will actually get: Personal notes from my children. They may try to date me out and egg the dad to get me a gift.

My favourite gift from previous years: A book my son wrote on how he loves the way I love him. It was hilarious. He tried to use the word ‘MOTHER’ as an acronym, but ran out of steam so I became a MOTH! But it was very personal, thoughtful and so sweet!

Pauline Foo, 42, is a teacher. Her three kids are aged 5, 9 and 11.

Pauline Foo

My dream Mother’s Day gift: A super beautiful handbag. My handbag is a bit like a treasure box — my boys love to pass me stuff to put into it. It’s also practical and contains everything we need. Whenever the boys are bored, thirsty or hungry, they can dig into it and they’re sure to find something!

What I think I will actually get: Handmade cards from my boys.

My favourite gift from previous years: I like every single card that my boys make for me, especially those with sweet loving words written in them.

Mary Heng, 39, is a Community Manager at She is mother to three kids aged 4, 7 and 10.

Mary Heng

My dream Mother’s Day gift: An idyllic day at the beach to relax and be by myself. I might feel lonely after a few hours, so the kids should come with me. They can play at a distance. Daddy must definitely come along so that I don’t have to lift a finger; I can just soak in the sunshine.

What I think I will actually get: Two cards, handmade by my older kids.

My favourite gift from previous years: I can’t pinpoint a favorite one as all the gifts that my kids have given are treasures.

Susan Koh, 36, is a marketing manager. She is mum to Sophie, aged 7.

Susan Koh

My dream Mother’s Day gift: My dream Mother’s Day gift is to wake up late and be served a champagne breakfast in bed instead of rising early to fix the first meal for everyone. And it would be a nice change if I don’t have to plan what to do or where to go for the day. In fact, I secretly hope they book me a relaxing facial or massage session where I can get pampered.

What I think I will actually get: A handmade card from my girl for sure. As for breakfast in bed with champagne or a massage… it may require some hinting before these materialise.

My favourite gift from previous years: A handwritten note where my girl wrote about all the things she loved about me, from the meals I cooked, to the places that I have brought her to, and all the love she’s showered with. Her appreciation of all I’ve done makes motherhood worthwhile.

Joeanna Chung, 34, is a homemaker. Her children are 3, 6 and 8 years old.

Joeanna Chung1

My dream Mother’s Day gift: Some peace and quiet in the house. I’ll have a remote control that can put my kids on “mute” for a day. Okay seriously, as clichéd as it sounds, my perfect gift would be to pamper myself with a day at the spa, getting a facial and a massage and yes, some peace and quiet from my noisy bunch. (It’s been too long…)

What I think I will actually get: I’ll most likely get a nice meal cooked by my hubby, and it’s very likely that my three musketeers will contribute their manpower (boy power).

My favourite gift from previous years: There were two years, one in 2009 and 2013, when my two younger boys were born (very close to Mother’s Day). Because my mum was my confinement lady, I got to celebrate the special day with her. I broke one confinement rule and celebrated with my mum over cake, a simple pleasure for a mum with a sweet tooth. (Thank you for your hard work mum, and for taking care of me and the boys during my confinement period. You’re the best of the best!)

Angie Ho, 41, is an assistant kindergarten teacher, and mum to 2 girls aged 5 and 7.

Angie Ho

My dream Mother’s Day gift: A staycation with my family! I love spending quality time with my family so this would be the best treat for all of us to enjoy together.

What I think I will actually get: A nice meal out with my family and handmade cards from my girls.

My favourite gift from previous years: Handmade cards from my girls. These are the fruits of their hard work. They are proud of them and I am happy with whatever they present to me!

Delia Lee-Walcott, 35, is a teacher. She has three children aged 2, 7 and 9.

Delia Lee-Walcott2

My dream Mother’s Day gift: Flowers and a heart shaped cushion. I like cushions and I don’t really need anything from the kids so flowers will be a nice touch.

What I think I will actually get: Cards, dinner, and a DVD.

My favourite gift from previous years: Handmade cards!

Edlyn Giam, 40, is a marketing manager and blogger. She is mum to 3 children aged 4, 6 and 8.

Edlyn Giam

My dream Mother’s Day gift: Could I grow another pair of arms? Or have more hours in a day? Okay more realistically, I don’t need another handbag, or flowers, or chocolates; what I really need is more motivation to exercise (therefore no chocolates please!), and I could also do with a lot more patience!

What I think I will actually get: I might get a card if I’m lucky. And the kids will probably only have made it because it was an activity in school! Oh well, gift-giving is not my love language so I don’t mind not receiving anything. Sometimes we celebrate by having lunch or dinner with the extended family, but it’s hard to outshine the grandmothers at these events. I’d be happy if the day can pass without any dramas and they all go to bed as early as possible!

My favourite gift from previous years: I can’t even recall what I have received! Even my husband said, “Don’t the kids make you a card or something?” Maybe I should start thinking about creating some family traditions with the children!

What special gift will you be getting for your mother or wife this year?

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What Do Mums in Singapore really want on Mother’s Day? We asked 10 of them to tell us!