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April 2015

Miam Miam: Where Mums Can Gather Over High Tea & Desserts

We are all by now aware that the word “stressed” spelt backwards gives us the delightful word “desserts”. An uncanny coincidence? I think not. Needless to say, working mothers experience more than their fair share of stress while juggling the demands of the workplace and the home. There is no surefire way to eliminate stress completely, of course. But, it most definitely can be temporarily alleviated with the pleasure that comes along with sinking your teeth into a lovely, sinful dessert. Mums, gather a group of girlfriends on a weekday evening and indulge yourselves in some exquisite culinary creations. Are you wondering where to go? Look no further!



Miam Miam, the French Japanese Cafe Kitchen, recently launched its brand new desserts and high tea sets. These pleasurable mainstays are the products of months of research, development, preparation and refinement efforts. Miam Miam has been reputed for its merging of French culinary methods with Japanese inspired flavours, and this speciality is well displayed in their new set of delectable offerings. The refreshed desserts menu features irresistible treats such as the Houjicha Pancake (above, S$13.80++). This light and fluffy pancake is infused with the aromatic flavour of green tea and is topped with mochi balls, Azuki paste and heavenly Houjicha whip. If you are one for tangy flavours, then go for the Yuzu Pancake (below, S$12.80++) which is sprinkled with sesame crumbs, bits of Yuzu jelly and served with vanilla soft serve ice cream. The yuzu is a rare citrus fruit from Japan which has been labelled as a “super fruit” and is capable of invigorating the senses with its sharp fragrance.


The pancakes are not all. The Panna Cotta (second image below, S$7.90++) will hit all the right notes with your tastebuds with its silky texture and wobbly base. It is topped with fresh mixed berries compote. You will definitely need something to wash down all of those sweet delights. Why not try a tall glass of Yuzu Jello Soda (below, S$7.80++) which promises a light and refreshing aftertaste?



Miam Miam has come up with a pricing system that is gentle on your pockets for its new high tea set menus. Their belief is that exquisite flavours should not be restricted to the elite and that regular foodies should be able to enjoy premium flavours too. Their dessert menus are available throughout the day while their high tea set menus are available from Monday to Friday, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. The pricing is as follows:

Solo High Tea Set (S$12.90): choice of one dessert & any drink from the coffee/tea menu

High Tea Platter for 2 (S$26.90): three premium savoury and seven sweet treats & any two drinks from the coffee/tea menu

High Tea Platter for 4 (S$48.90): six premium savoury and fourteen sweet treats & any four drinks from the coffee/tea menu


That’s not all, there’s also a Mothers’ Day High Tea promotion at Miam Miam! Bring your mother to Miam Miam, take a selfie with her and upload it on their Facebook page. What’s in it for you? A 30% discount on their High Tea Platter for 2! This promotion is valid from 8 May to 10 May 2015, between 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Mark your calendars and have a sweet Mothers’ Day with the most important women in your lives!


For more information on Miam Miam’s High Tea & Desserts Menu, click here to visit their website.

Miam Miam outlets are located at Bugis Junction and WestGate. Opening hours: 11.30am to 10pm, Mondays to Sundays.

All images are courtesy of Miam Miam.

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Miam Miam: Where Mums Can Gather Over High Tea & Desserts