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April 2019

Maternity Insurance: what you think you don’t need, but should have

You’ve read up about morning sickness, foetal scans, and pregnancy cravings. But have you thought about maternity insurance?

Kaibin’s first pregnancy and delivery was smooth-sailing. So when she was pregnant with her second child, she assumed that all would be well too. However, Kaibin’s second daughter had severe jaundice, and needed phototherapy. “It was unexpected and the fees were high. It strained our finances,” the petite 34-year-old shared.

In hindsight, she said, she should have bought maternity insurance. That would have helped defray the cost and lessen her stress. “Mums-to-be need to realise the importance of getting themselves and their babies well-covered,” Kaibin advises. Now a senior financial advisor, Kaibin tells us more about maternity insurance, a part of the prenatal experience that most of us have never thought about before, but really should.

What is maternity insurance and what does it cover?

Maternity insurance covers unexpected pregnancy complications that arise during pregnancy (such as pre-eclampsia, still birth, and uterine rupture) as well as about 23 congenital illness including cleft lip/palate and Down syndrome. Hospital care for mum and child, including phototherapy and blood transfusion from severe neonatal jaundice, is covered too.

All mothers-to-be should get maternity insurance. For three years’ worth of coverage, the policy is very affordable; as low as $100 a year, or 27 cents per day (depending on age)

What does maternity insurance NOT cover?

It does not cover delivery fees, gynae check ups, and hospital expenses.

Where can I get maternity insurance?

Most insurance companies offer maternity insurance. But with so many different options out there, it can be confusing to find the right one. Instead of wasting time going to each one individually to find out what they offer, you can come to us at Fair Capital. We do the research and the legwork, so you don’t have to. We can help you narrow down your choices, compare plans, and choose the best one for your needs.

How can having maternity insurance benefit me?

It gives you peace of mind at a very affordable premium for three-year coverage.

The most important benefit is that it guarantees future insurability for your baby, without medical underwriting.

Having maternity insurance ensures that your baby has guaranteed future insurance even if they are born with a condition. One of the insurers covers for developmental delay, so you can claim for this as well as for your baby’s speech therapy (subject to policy terms and conditions).

Does maternity insurance cover me if I conceived through IVF and other assisted reproduction techniques?

Yes, certain insurers cover IVF, ICSI, IUI, and ICI.

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Will the policy cover twins, triplets, or more?

It varies for different insurers but as of now, the maximum coverage is up to quadruplets.

What if my baby is premature?

There are no benefit payout for premature babies. However, if the premature baby is diagnosed with congenital illness later, there will be coverage and benefit payout for the child.

What about miscarriage or if I had to do a termination of pregnancy?

Most of the insurers do not cover miscarriage unless it happens due to pregnancy complications such as abruptio placentae. If the termination of pregnancy is due to pregnancy complications, there will be benefit payout. However, pre-existing health conditions are excluded.

Is maternity insurance available to all mums in Singapore?

Different insurers have their own underwriting guidelines. The most common requirement would be the need to stay and deliver the baby in Singapore.

I’ve just found out that I am pregnant. How soon can I get maternity insurance?

Congratulations! You can start your policy as early as 13 weeks, all the way up to 36 weeks (last entry) of pregnancy.

How can I ensure that my baby has protection even after the maternity insurance policy ends?

Plan ahead. While you have maternity insurance, you can still get policy coverage — such as a basic hospitalisation plan or a whole life plan — for your baby from the time they are 15 days old.

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Maternity Insurance: what you think you don’t need, but should have