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February 2022

​​Why Individualised Learning is Important in your Child’s Preschool Education

As parents, we know never to compare our children with others. After all, every child develops at a different pace. Similarly, they often learn in very different ways. Hence some children find it hard to thrive in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all school. But what if your child could learn in a school that gives each student the opportunity to learn in the way that is best for them? And in doing so, guides them to gain the confidence they need to be independent learners?

If that sounds like what you want for your kids (we sure do!) here’s what you need to know. There IS such a school in Singapore. Furthermore, it’s set to welcome your little ones from 18 April 2022, when White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare will become Invictus International Preschool.

Yes, it’ll be called by another name, but it’s still the same preschool that we parents know and love. You’ll see the same teachers, the same staff, and enjoy the same affordable international education for every child in Singapore.

What young ones can look forward to at Invictus International Preschool

What’s new?

  1. An upgraded curriculum that prioritises individualised learning for every child
  2. The Virtues Project to support character development (more on this later), and
  3. A range of enrichment programmes to ensure that children enjoy truly holistic development during this crucial early learning stage

What’s more, children who graduate from Invictus will have priority admission into Invictus International School, and The Perse School, Singapore. This through-train progression helps children transition from preschool to primary school seamlessly, with fewer disruptions. In doing so it ensures that they can adjust better, mentally and emotionally. Read on to find out how Invictus International Preschool will prepare your child for a better learning experience.

Upgraded curriculum

The Invictus International Preschool curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (UK) framework. This aligns with selected aspects of the Singapore system, such as second language learning (Chinese) as well as a strong, values-based education which is delivered through The Virtues Project.

Individualised learning

Every child has their own individualised education plan. This will build on their knowledge, skills and interests, and challenge them according to their stage of development – rather than their age. Experienced teachers stand ready to tap into their interests and identify the ways they learn best.

How is this done? Through a close partnership with parents, teachers get to know the children, their interests and how they learn best. These conversations serve as a springboard for designing each child’s Personalised Learning Plan. In addition, there are regular conferences with parents and teachers to support every child’s learning.

Once a child turns 3 years old, they can participate in an international assessment called ASPECTS coordinated by the Cambridge Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (UK). This gives teachers and parents in-depth data on the child’s stage in skills development and readiness in Reading, Maths, Phonological Awareness, and Motor Skills. Children can take this international assessment (which is optional) annually to track their progress vis-a-vis an international cohort.

The Virtues Project

The Virtues Project is an internationally-recognised programme that supports the development of personal and social skills leading to good character. As well as implementing the Five Strategies of the Virtue Project, Invictus Preschools focus on a ‘virtue of the week’. Over time, children gain a deeper understanding of what each virtue means, and how they can practice it in their daily life.

In-house enrichment programmes

Invictus works with Penn Junior Academy to offer a carefully planned range of enrichment programmes for preschoolers. These range from from multi-sports to learning Chinese, music, art/craft and robotics, and are designed to grow the interests of young learners, unlock their full potential, and enable them to develop life-long enthusiasms and passions. We love that the programmes are based in the same location the children attend school, so there’s no extra travel to plan and organise (mums and dads, we know you appreciate this!).

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Inclusive learning

Invictus International Preschool collaborates with parents and an in-house specialist in educational needs to ensure that all children receive the best kind of learning for them. Children with additional needs fully integrate with their typically-developing peers in a supportive environment where they can use and develop the skills they have learned from therapy and other support programmes. Small teacher-student class ratios of 1:6 ensure that every child receives adequate attention.

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Low teacher-child ratio

A low teacher-child ratio ensures individualised learning at Invictus International Preschool. This is necessary as it requires close teacher observation in order to implement lesson plans that cater to each of the student’s needs, interests and strengths. From their observations teachers then develop the best teaching strategies to support each child’s learning and development. By tailoring the teaching to children’s interests, lessons and learning become more engaging and meaningful to children.

Teacher-student ratios at Invictus International Preschool

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Give your Child Individualised learning at Invictus International Preschool

Indeed, as White Lodge Preschool transitions into Invictus International Preschool this April, children will continue to enjoy the White Lodge style of education, even as they benefit from new, international-standard additions to its curriculum, such as individualised learning, and the Virtues Project. If this sounds like a place where you would like your child to learn and grow, do sign up for the Open House on the dates below to find out more.

Open House dates:

  • Toa Payoh – Sat, 26 Feb
  • Grandeur Park Residences – Sat, 12 March
  • Upper East Coast – Sat, 26 March
  • Bukit Timah – Sat, 9 Apr

Book your Open House tour here and enjoy 5 complimentary trial classes, as well as enrolment fee waiver (worth $750).

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​​Why Individualised Learning is Important in your Child’s Preschool Education