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Hospital Maternity Packages in Singapore: 2019 Update

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Times have changed. More parents-to-be are willing to splurge on a luxury hospital maternity package these days. Which makes sense, considering it may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many couples, and that precious bub deserves the sweetest start in life. Across 10 public and private maternity hospitals in Singapore, amenities range from sprawling suites promising the most comfortable postnatal recovery to complimentary candlelight dinners for new parents. Here are the latest deets on hospital maternity packages in 2019.

1. Gleneagles Hospital (GEH)

hospital maternity packages 2019 - gleneagles

Having a baby is a key milestone to a fulfilling journey of parenthood. With that in mind, the rooms at Gleneagles Hospital provide parents with a comfortable and soothing environment to rest with your newborn. Enjoy a selection of confinement delicacies, and leave your worries behind with professional nursing care for your baby. Gleneagles has also just attained the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) certification. Be pampered with a relaxing head and shoulder massage during your stay, and mark this momentous occasion with a celebratory cocktail party with loved ones. Bath demonstrations and a personalised breastfeeding session prepare you in caring for your baby. Room amenities include premium toiletries, in-room Wi-Fi, DVD player and a comfortable sofabed. Furthermore, your partner can be by your side through your stay at no extra cost!

More perks In-room mini bar for use; parking for 1 vehicle; limousine service upon discharge; maternity bag comprising essential items for mother and baby

Cost of stay From $3,775 for two days in a Single Room; from $6,219 for two days in a Superior Room (shown above)

Take a tour 1pm (Mondays to Thursdays); 4pm (Fridays); 11am & 1pm (Saturdays) | Call 6470 5615 | Book a maternity tour | Take a virtual tour

2. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)

maternity packages - KKH

The hospital that has delivered more Singaporeans than any other, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital boasts a multidisciplinary perinatal team on standby around the clock and specially trained nurses in its obstetric wards. The Delivery Suite has 28 private delivery rooms, each furnished with a single bed, attached bathroom with shower facilities and a sofa chair, so that dads-to-be can be on hand to welcome their newborn together. Its Class A1 single-bed wards offer tastefully furnished air-conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, wardrobe, sofa bed and mini fridge, among other amenities. Being BFHI-certified, healthy newborns can ‘room-in’ with their parents for better bonding from birth, with nurses conducting personalised ParentCraft education by your bedside.

More perks Educational classes such as antenatal programme and aqua fitness; Confinement menu with red date tea or ginger tea; Complimentary cake to celebrate the birth of the newborn; Lactation consultations; Surprise treats such as birthday celebrations from the sweet nurses

Cost of stay From $2,138 for two days in a Single Room (inclusive of GST, excluding doctor’s professional fees and non-standard services)

Take a tour 2pm-3pm (second and fourth Friday of every month, except public holidays) | Call 6394 1268 or email [email protected]

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3. Mount Alvernia Hospital (MAH)

maternity packages - MAH

The warm and supportive environment at Mount Alvernia Hospital is designed to give new mums the comfortable rest they need. Each single-bed room packs free high-speed Wi-Fi, in-room safe, mini fridge, wardrobe, sofa bed, as well as an attached bathroom. The Family Suite @ Our Lady’s Ward also features a separate and spacious guest lounge area that can be converted into a second companion’s sleeping area. Yes, while the first companion stays and dines free, you can opt to have a second companion stay in at a daily charge of $85, inclusive of meals. The ‘rooming-in’ service also lets new parents acquaint themselves with your newborn’s feeding and sleeping patterns.

More perks Choice of confinement menu or other cuisines; Comprehensive set of toiletries; Breastfeeding and Babycare Workshops; Complimentary MyFamilySecure six-month coverage for mums-to-be and newborns (and husbands of expectant mums holding the Mount Alvernia Ladies Card); Celebratory hamper for parents who deliver their 4th child here

Cost of stay From $3,275 for two days in a Single Room; from $4,164 for two days in The Family Suite (shown above)

Take a tour various times (Mondays to Saturdays) | Register online or call 6347 6788

4. Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH)

hospital maternity packages 2019 - mt elizabeth

At Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard), the Single Rooms and Maternity Suites are luxuriously appointed to meet women’s birthing needs. Premium bath amenities, 34 TV channels and free Wi-Fi service will accompany you and your spouse during the stay. The suites boast a spacious guest lounge area so extended family can delight in Baby’s birth without overcrowding you. Being a BFHI-certified hospital, expect dedicated care for your newborn. Experienced nurses support your early parenthood journey with indispensable advice on skills such as bathing and breastfeeding. With the Hugs & Kisses Infant Protection System in place, you and bub have matching RFID tags that play a melody to confirm a match when your baby is brought to you!

More perks Confinement menu; parking for 1 vehicle; choice of celebratory dinner for new parents or mocktail reception for six; maternity bag comprising essential items for mother and baby; limousine service back home upon discharge; complimentary 15-minute head and shoulder massage

Cost of stay From $3,817 for two days in a Single Room (shown above); from $12,251 for three days in a Maternity Suite (inclusive of GST)

Take a tour 4pm (Mondays to Fridays); 11am (Saturdays) | Call 6731 2000 | Book a maternity tour | Take a virtual tour

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5. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH)

hospital maternity packages 2019 - mt elizabeth novena

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital is the only single-room-guaranteed hospital in Singapore and is also BFHI-certified. It promises mothers-to-be the assurance of welcoming their newborn in comfort and privacy throughout their hospital stay. Mums who have experienced it feel the warmth, tranquility and unparalleled privacy make it the ideal environment for post-delivery recuperation. You can also look forward to comforts of home away from home. Little things that make a big difference include a welcome mini bar, free Wi-Fi, a tablet for mobile web surfing, a 46” LED TV with in-room entertainment system and premium bath toiletries. The hospital also provides personalised post-natal confinement menus, complimentary 15-minute head and shoulder massage, bath demonstrations and breastfeeding coaching.

More perks Customised confinement menu; Complimentary parking for 1 vehicle; Gift set for mother and baby

Cost of stay From $3,869 for two days in a Single Room (shown above); from $8,946 for three days in a Junior Suite (inclusive of GST)

Take a tour 3pm (Tuesdays to Fridays); 9.15am, 10.30am & 12noon (Saturdays) | Call 6933 0191 | Book a maternity tour | Take a virtual tour

6. National University Hospital (NUH)

maternity packages - NUH

Feel right at home at the cosy Kent Ridge Wing of National University Hospital. Here, the Deluxe Suite with attached living room and bathroom includes bar fridge, toiletries and sofa bed for newly-minted Daddies to stay over. NUH was the first hospital in Singapore to be certified under the WHO Baby Friendly Initiative, and it also offers complimentary educational programmes such as bath demonstration, baby care, breastfeeding tips and parental infant emotional support during your stay.

More perks Confinement soup served with your choice of postnatal menu; Water birth facility; Emma Care Services’ personalised care from pregnancy to two months after birth; Antenatal and ParentCraft Programme providing information and guidance on areas covering antenatal care, the labour experience, antenatal exercises and newborn care

Cost of stay From $3,594 for two days in a Single Room; from $4,599 for two days in a Deluxe Suite

Take a tour 3pm (Mondays) | Call 6772 2002

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7. Parkway East Hospital (PEH)

maternity packages - PEH

The cosy environment at Parkway East Hospital is designed to provide a tranquil atmosphere for ideal post-delivery recovery. There are five single rooms dedicated to maternity and a spacious Deluxe Room that comes with a luxurious lounge sofa and armchair, reading table, minibar, wardrobe and adjoining bathroom. Antenatal classes cover essential skills such as breastfeeding, care of baby’s umbilical cord stump, bathing and burping of babies. Or watch a video of these tips — in between surfing over 20 channels — on the TV in the comfort of your room. Along with Gleneagles, Parkway East Hospital is also the latest to receive its BFHI certification.

More perks Halal-certified confinement menu; Maternity discharge bag comprising essential items for mother and baby; Parking or private car transport provided; Health screening benefits

Cost of stay From $3,734 for two days in a Single Room; from $3,983 for two days in the Deluxe Room (shown above)

Take a tour 2.30pm (Mondays to Fridays); 10am (Saturdays) | Book a maternity tour

8. Raffles Hospital (RH)

hospital maternity packages 2019 - raffles hospital

For extra indulgence, check into one of the suites at Raffles Hospital. The top-end Presidential Suite even boasts a Jacuzzi bath in its luxurious bathroom! The cosy living room is complete with a second TV, minibar, sink and microwave oven. A connecting room for your spouse comes equipped with yet another attached bathroom, TV, sofa set, console with hot beverages and bar fridge. Besides toiletries, bedroom slippers and a bathrobe, you’ll also enjoy the personal attention of a private nurse 24 hours daily. Experienced staff at the BFHI-certified hospital will provide ParentCraft lessons on bathing your newborn and changing their diapers. Senior lactation consultants will also be on hand to guide you along. At your request, they can also provide a breast pump at no additional charge.

More perks Choice of confinement and Chef’s Kitchen a la carte menu; Comprehensive 7-lesson antenatal course for couples; 5-session infant massage course conducted by certified massage instructors; Water immersion facility; Celebratory dinner package for the new parents; Gold-plated mould of your newborn’s hands or feet; Breastfeeding gowns available for purchase

Cost of stay From $8,132 for two days in a Single Room (inclusive of total professional fees and GST)

Take a tour 4pm (Mondays); 11.30am (Wednesdays); 2.30pm (Saturdays) | Approach the Business Centre staff on Level 8 about five minutes before any session

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9. Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

maternity packages - SGH

Known for its experienced clinicians and specialist nurses, Singapore General Hospital offers mums comprehensive care throughout their pregnancy, with labour managed by the same team. Expect a calming atmosphere in the delivery suites (above) complete with reclining couch for partners. After birth, recuperate in a comfortable single-bedded room with TV, mini fridge, desk, wardrobe, attached bathroom and toiletries. Your spouse can request for a sleeper unit. With SGH being BFHI-certified, rooming-in with your newborn helps boost bonding and breastfeeding. Certified in-house lactation consultants are on hand to provide counselling and support, while infant bathing sessions are conducted bedside daily.

More perks Confinement menu created with advice from hospital dieticians; Upgraded Cardiac & Monitoring system; Tertiary neonatal care; 24-hour breastfeeding room with breast pumps provided; Physiotherapist services to aid in recovery of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles; Postnatal ParentCraft physiotherapy and breastfeeding classes

Cost of stay From $3,850 for two days in a Single Room

Take a tour 11.30am & 3pm (Mondays to Fridays) | Call 6326 5923

10. Thomson Medical Centre (TMC)

maternity packages - TMC

For a contemporary resort setting opt for the spacious suites at Thomson Medical Centre. The Balmoral Suite, for instance, is furnished with an en-suite bathroom, mini fridge and beverage corner, dining table and desk. You’ll enjoy complimentary first companion accommodation with meals, Wi-Fi and parking for one vehicle. TMC also practises skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding right after birth, with support from a lactation consultant. Furthermore, mums who deliver at TMC receive a stylish bag packed with useful items. These include a breast pump, multi-way nursing scarf, breast milk storage bags, breastfeeding guide book and more. Other items include Aviva’s MyJoyfulBundle plan for mum and bub, and Cryoviva cord blood banking package.

More perks Choice of confinement food with Kinmemai premium Japanese, white and brown rice; TMC’s signature fish and papaya soup daily; Longan and red dates tea available throughout the day; Water birth facilities; Hydrotherapy for pain relief; Complimentary Thomson Celebrating Life membership; Follow-up calls by Thomson Angel nurses 48 hours and one month post-discharge

Cost of stay From $3,535 for two days in a Single Room; from $3,811 for two days in a Premier Single Room

Take a tour 1.30pm & 3.30pm (Mondays to Fridays); 11am & 12noon (Saturdays) | Register online or call or call 6358 0055/6350 8876

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Fees are estimates as supplied by the hospitals, and refer to normal delivery. Check the Ministry of Health website to get updated fee benchmarks. Prices indicated here may be subject to GST unless otherwise stated. Optional perks may be chargeable unless otherwise stated.

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