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October 2021

Hands-free Breast Pumps for every Breastfeeding Mum

Have you seen that illustration of a mother with multiple arms juggling multiple chores while a baby nurses at her breast? Often that’s what being a mum feels like. That’s why we think that hands-free breast pumps are a wonderful invention for breastfeeding mothers. Compact enough to fit under bras, these allow mum to prep herself a meal, scroll through her socials, and even change a dirty diaper — while discreetly expressing the best food for her little one. And if you’re still wondering how truly “hands-free” these pumps are, wonder no more. This adventurous breastfeeding mum (in the top image) employed hers while on a two-night hike up the 2,706m Lake O’Hara in Canada! Which one did she use? Read on to find out.

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Hands-free breast pumps in Singapore

imani i2+ Electrical Breast Pump (Clear Cup)

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Similar to its popular predecessor the i2, the i2+ is quiet, compact, and simple to use. What’s different is that the i2+ comes enhanced with an LED screen that shows what your sleep-deprived mind may have forgotten, like the length of time you have been pumping, battery life, the mode (massage or expression), and the level of intensity (1 to 5) that you are on. 

The clear Tritan cups with volume markings for easy-to-see milk output, and the soft silicone funnel that ensures comfort with every pump. And did we mention that the cups have backflow protectors as well? 

What we love: The simplicity of its design with no tubes and no wires. Expressing breast milk for your baby while on the go has never been so easy! 

Price $288 (double)

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Elvie Pump – Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Elvie Pump is costly, but it has been described as “life changing” in reviews so if you are determined to continue expressing breast milk for an extended period this could be a good investment.

We adore the sleek teardrop shape which fits perfectly into standard nursing bras — no need to buy bigger bras or worry that it may slip out when you are grocery shopping. The world’s first silent breast pump, the Elvie comes with built-in revolutionary tech that lets you pump noiselessly anywhere, anytime. You could even attend a Zoom meeting while expressing breast milk. 

Then there’s its intelligent operation: the pump switches automatically from Stimulation to Expression mode, and stops pumping when it senses that the bottle is full, preventing overflow. Finally, a free accompanying app helps you monitor pumping volume, keep track of pumping history, and control the pumps. 

What we love: The absolute ease of use. With only five parts, the Elvie is easy to clean, and can be assembled in seconds. 

Price $799 (double)

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be free wearable breast pump

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One of the most affordable hands-free pumps in the market at the moment, the be free boasts ease of use with  “mummy-friendly operation”. A built-in rechargeable battery makes it easy to pump at all times, while its low noise level (“soft as a whisper”) ensures that Baby remains sweetly sleeping even when you are pumping beside her. 

The dome-shaped BPA free cups come with a silicone massage cushion flange that’s gentle and comfortable to use, even on sensitive skin. Users have described the be free as “little but powerful”, and working better than expected. If you’re a multi-tasking mum on a budget, this could be the perfect hands-free breast pump for you. 

What we love: An anti-backflow diaphragm ensures that no fluid comes into contact with the motor. This minimises contamination; an important factor to consider these days!

Price $99.90 (single)

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Youha The Ins (Ava) Gen 2 Wearable Handsfree Breast Pump

Image: Youha The ONE Facebook

Most hands-free breast pumps offer only one size. What makes this Gen 2 Youha different is that it comes with two breast shield sizes — 24mm and 28mm. Both are included in the package so you can try each one to see which suits your pumping needs better. If necessary, you can purchase a separate flange insert to reduce the size further (to 18mm). 

In addition, this has a built-in motor on top to minimise the number of parts. And at only 239g it is one of the most lightweight pumps on the market. Similar to the other hands-free pumps, it uses no tubes, no cords, and no dangling bottles. 

What we love: The three operation modes. Most pumps have two: a massage mode soothes and prepares the breast for pumping, and an expression mode that offers continuous suction. On top of these, the Youha has a Mixed mode that offers a massage mode in between each express mode cycle to help stimulate breast milk flow. 

Price $125 (single)

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Featured image: Youha The ONE Facebook

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Hands-free Breast Pumps for every Breastfeeding Mum