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hi just want to ask advice am 2 months delay and am not pregnat when i go to the doctor she give me medicine DUPHASTON am planning to have a baby soon .as per my doctor prescribe i should take 1 day duphaston for 5 day after that i will got my period ..but already 4 days after i finish my 5 days taking the medicine.. how many days should i wait before my period will come.. or should i take 2 tablet per day..please
hi can add me in the watsapp grp for May 2020? My num's 93873066. Thanks!
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yr carters loots already arrived quite sometimes

pls contact me at 8181 1666 asap
Hihi, Sorry for the late respond as I was oversea. Had transferred the remaining payment SGD 8.43 today under ref 23484223163.
Balance b/f/(Credit): SGD 2.68 (paid on 8 Sept 2019 ref 23247544826)
Int'll shipping: SGD 6.73 + Postage fees: SGD 1.70 = Final Topup /(Refund): SGD 8.43
Kindly mail the clothes to Blk 117 Clementi Street 13 #07-71 S(120117) Normal Postage. Do keep me updated once you have mail it out. Many thanks!

i intend to give my baby away for adoption. are you looking at any particular race? or gender?
Have your baby been adopted? Can give me more details
Hi! I'm Eileen and would like to join the WhatsApp mummies group. EDD is on 8 Jan, second baby. mobile number is 92960805
Hi! I’m Diana and I would like to join the Whatsapp mummies group. My EDD is 28 jan. mobile number is 96846562. Many thanks!!
Hihi, I would like to join the Dec group chat pls!
Can you add me? My number is 98291355!
Hihi, can add me into the may 2020 chat too? My number is 84283368. Charlene here
Hi there, I am glad to hear that you're sharing the same idea as me. I haven't met the right person and I don't want to have the pressure of meeting someone before I can become a mom. I have my own concerns and I would love to hear more from someone likeminded. We could perhaps get in touch somehow?
Hey babe! So lucky to have that faint line! This is your how many FET cycle? All day 5 blastocyst trf?
Hi there! Yes, it was a 5 day blastocyst transfer. I did the HPT on day 12.

Got my blood test results too, it’s positive just low reading. So gota recheck again tmr. Hoping for the hcg levels to increase.
Hello, Sophie, your baby due date is 22th Jan 2020? My phone no is 87435205 if you wish to add me. Thanks
Hi cn i know if anyone seeing prof John Tee at Kkh? Is he pro at giving hl and pro in normal birth? Thx u
Hi Elainee

Can please add me to the WA group? I have given birth to a baby girl on 25 Aug and would like to join the WA group! My number is 81266950! Thanks
Hi. I just did a miscarriage early of this mth. But my stomach very bloated on n off pain. Can you advice?
siti gina
siti gina
Hi. I have PM-messaged you directly :)
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