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Hi, i saw your comments about your confinement nanny, can share the contact? Would you know if she is available in Dec 2022? Thank you in advance! :)
Hello, I have seen that you are recommend your confinement nanny, would like to check if she is available in august 2022?

I was reading the thread "Confinement Nanny to recommend" and I have seen you have recommended Wendy Lim from Star Confinement, would you be able to describe more on her services?

Sincerely apologize to those who have messaged me last two years, but did not receive any reply. Had to go on 2-year hiatus after a knee injury. Went for a "tuina" session which ended with a torn ACL and transported by ambulance to hospital.Super painful.For last two year, only serviced clients for normal massage using massage bed.Only started home visit this month.
Hi Carbonara
I chanced on this forum and I am researching on BA and filler. Not sure if you will receive this pm - if you do, will you please response to me? I have similar issue like yours and would like to chat with someone and ask for some info.

Thank you
hi do u need experienced nanny? My son's nanny stay near AMK mrt. She is famous at that neighborhood area for experienced taking care of baby/kids. i can pass u her contact number if u are keen
hi do u need experienced nanny? My son's nanny stay near AMK mrt. She is famous at that neighborhood area for experienced taking care of baby/kids. i can pass u her contact number if u are keen
hi twinkle mini, have you discussed your IBS issue with your gynae? I saw a sharing on ig one lady IBS worsen when she started the ivf jabs.

I joined a FB group called the fertility formula, and the owner of the group has a free guide which tells us and explain what lifestyle habits we should adjust (like avoid BPA etc) and I found it useful.

Hope u get your answers! take care.
Hey belle, I didn’t get to meet my gynae as it’s via kkh and they ordered fresh for me means straight away start. But I managed to postpone this cycle. Thanks for the advice!
Hi there, it's my first post on this forum. I have a daughter who is 3 years 4 months and does not say words except moo, baa, ball and few other words. She had been ruled out of autism as she maintained eye contact and is affectionate but I'm still concerned that no matter how much we read to her or try to get her to speak, its taking a long time for her to say simple words.

Shes been in school since Feb this year
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hi please bring her to see a doctor
Same here 3yrs old preemie. She has been going to early intervention since last yr. Want to delay her autism test till may to be fair to her. My case is she is having regression with her speech. 1 day can say den few wks later don’t want to say it anymore but she do have some fixed words that she will say more regularly.
Get referral from polyclinic to nuh, they have early intervention speech therapist to improve speech delay for toddler.
Hi, im new here. I would like to ask which tcm is good for someone that have fertility problem? Do3s tcm helps if you have simple hyperlasia without atypia and PCOS?
Hi Joyce! Saw your DM at kiasuparents. Replied and requested for your contact so that we can arrange a time to sign off, but I think you have overlooked.
oops, sorry i might overlook on that. you can contact me at 96552790
hello. topic for me thanks kelly

i found this web and i would to help you with evolution. i am from UAE ;D
is there anyone try before student pass for preschool for those who is working and staying under Spass?
Hey I used the Dermalmd Scratch Mark Serum and was very happy with the feel and results of the product, very satisfied with the product, highly recommend.
Hi can share where did you it from? Thanks

I've read your post on Dyslexia and want to find out more work relating to Dyslexia. I've a 5 yr old girl who's suspected to have dyslexia and it has generated my interest in wanting to help her overcome this. I'd greatly appreciate if you can share more about how one can get into this field.
Hi jlingmummy,

Currently I am pregnant in Taiwan and planning to fly back to Singapore to give birth. I have APS so that Rheumatology doctor in Taiwan prescribed me daily medication Clexane, aspirin and Hydroxychloroquine.
I am looking for Singapore hospital and gynae/Rheumatologist that can continue to prescribe me the jabs and medication after I fly back. Can you kindly advise me on this?
hello i saw your post , understand that you had your child born in NUH before.
I am currently taking NUH subsidy route as well.
Question :
1) May i know by when you choose to switch to private from subsidy ?
2) After you switch to private clinic, where would it be ? is it the different or same building the subsidy clinic?
usually they would have already asked you to pay a package price at week 22 onwards which covered all the consultation at clinic C, but i didn't do that as u cant transfer the package to pvt later on. also becos i transfer at week 28, i also dint sign any package at the pvt rate, so u might need to consider this..
another thing is u need to have a gynae that is willing to take u at later weeks, i had 1 becos she has been seeing me at Clinic C most of the time and knows my condition.. at pvt NUH, depending on the seniority of the gynae, it would be at Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby, which is at the new tower..
Thanks for sharing and you were lucky to have the gynae to help you out.
I think i would pay a visit to Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby to find out more detail on private packages.
The associate consultant & consultants doctor that we see on clinic C, could they also be at Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby?
Hi i saw your post, saying how great the nanny services had provided to you. may i know the person that you'd mentioned "Eveline Chen Ting Ting" , she do the services by herself or she is work with the confinement company?
Hi! I'm a Nov 2021 mummy and keen to join the whatsapp group. Can you add me in pls? Thanks!
hi I’m also trying to join the July EDD And I’ve tried to reply back to the admin but I’m unable to do so as it reads my convo as a spam, pls help thanks,
Hi, am looking for part-time residential cleaner in East. Any recommendation? Thank you.
I'm also looking for PT in the East... let us know!
My name is xinxin,i am a professional and experienced housekeeper,i am a person who takes my work seriously and responsibly ,i can arrange time reasonably,also can make changes according to customer's needs,if you need, please contact 83436318
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