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Hi jlingmummy,

Currently I am pregnant in Taiwan and planning to fly back to Singapore to give birth. I have APS so that Rheumatology doctor in Taiwan prescribed me daily medication Clexane, aspirin and Hydroxychloroquine.
I am looking for Singapore hospital and gynae/Rheumatologist that can continue to prescribe me the jabs and medication after I fly back. Can you kindly advise me on this?
hello i saw your post , understand that you had your child born in NUH before.
I am currently taking NUH subsidy route as well.
Question :
1) May i know by when you choose to switch to private from subsidy ?
2) After you switch to private clinic, where would it be ? is it the different or same building the subsidy clinic?
usually they would have already asked you to pay a package price at week 22 onwards which covered all the consultation at clinic C, but i didn't do that as u cant transfer the package to pvt later on. also becos i transfer at week 28, i also dint sign any package at the pvt rate, so u might need to consider this..
another thing is u need to have a gynae that is willing to take u at later weeks, i had 1 becos she has been seeing me at Clinic C most of the time and knows my condition.. at pvt NUH, depending on the seniority of the gynae, it would be at Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby, which is at the new tower..
Thanks for sharing and you were lucky to have the gynae to help you out.
I think i would pay a visit to Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby to find out more detail on private packages.
The associate consultant & consultants doctor that we see on clinic C, could they also be at Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby?
Hi i saw your post, saying how great the nanny services had provided to you. may i know the person that you'd mentioned "Eveline Chen Ting Ting" , she do the services by herself or she is work with the confinement company?
Hi! I'm a Nov 2021 mummy and keen to join the whatsapp group. Can you add me in pls? Thanks!
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Mummies, anyone of you currently sending your toddlers to Shichida? The management of Shichida is forcing my child to go for online classes due to the current heightened alert restriction even though my child is only 1.5 yr old. Which parent will allow the child to stare at the computer for 1-2 hrs? They refuse to allow deferment of classes or give any refund. Anyone sharing the same problem?
hi babe.. sorry to hear your bad experience with SGH.. i had a similar experience too with SGH.. mind if i ask if your doc/gynae was the chi or indian one?
i am interested to know. could you advise.
My doc is Dr Yu, she is not bad
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