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hi babe.. sorry to hear your bad experience with SGH.. i had a similar experience too with SGH.. mind if i ask if your doc/gynae was the chi or indian one?
i am interested to know. could you advise.
33 Weeks 0 days
You are doing well & strong lil one, Hiccups! ♥

Admitted KK on 27th April (31 Weeks 6 Days)
Ketones +++, Left Leg Weakness & Lower Backpain
H/C 3.7mmol, Wt loss, F Wt 1.8kg
Hello There! I am a freelance Art Private teacher bringing art and joy to the homes of children :) Age 3-12 !
Providing various categories such as Art and Craft , Painting, Drawing and Clay! If interested or any enquiry , do DM me at Instagram or [email protected] ! Thankyou!
7 Months and 3 days today
You are a strong kicker & start to dance to sweet food
Swollen legs & easily tired
Hba1c is 5.3mmol & FBC slight WBC raised/RBC good
Hi Sophie, my EDD is mid July but very likely I am offloading in June. May I join the June 2021 telegram chat pls?
Hello! Can I join back the June 2021 Mummy group? I was in it for a while but was caught up with work and only to realize much later that I was out of the group. I think you guys needed some verification to ward off perverts? Let me know how I can provide the info to prove that I am a real Mom. Thanks!

Officially 6 months and 3 days
You start responding with a kick when ur dad talks to u ♥
Swollen ankles/feet are crawling in
Buying your stuffs starts this month!
23 Weeks 0 Days Today
You are such a strong kicker lil one
Gestational DM tracking is normal
FBC on 18th March 2021
Thank you for sharing your ivf journey... I bawled my eyes out crying.... I m so happy for your twins. Indeed our God is so faithful...
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Kittyest, i dont know about your current experience but im pretty sure you somehow relate to or empathise with my journey. Thank you for your note too. God is really good, despite all ups and downs in life! :)
Hi Ms Soh,

I have had 4 failed IVFs, 38 yo, time os not on my side. My treatment requires individualized treatment protocol.
Want to hear of your experience with Dr. Tan at Alpha. Was your also a complex case?
Your recommendations?
greatly appreciate
Ms Soh
to add on, he is really very encouraging.. I can talk to him like a friend. Husband likes him a lot also :’so there was great trust in him . I succeed on second cycle.
Thanks so much. this is really encouraging.
Which brand COQ10 did you take?
Ms Soh
I bought from gnc
Hi Minori. Did you try Angelia massage? How much does she charge? Thank you.
Yes! U can contact her at
Any one know how to apply work permit for malaysian nanny(they are in sg)? What are the procedures?
Abdul ghani
Hi, good day to all. We are looking to adopt a child. Interested party do contact us at:
[email protected].
Thank you and best regards
Abdul ghani.
16 Weeks 3 days - Avocado Size
Your Heart Scan Results is good!

Going for Stork Centre for DM follow up at 18 weeks
Tired & Sleepy
Looking for confinement lady by end of June 2021 or Early Jul. Staying at TPY any recommendation?
15 Week 3 Days
We finally know your gender via Harmony Test
Harmony Test - 1:10,000 for Tri 21, 18, 13
No chromosomes abnormalities

Alhamdulilah Allahuakbar!
14 weeks 3 days ♥
Saw you sleeping like your dad
NT 3.0mm
Trisomy 21 1:860 (Mid Risk)
Trisomy 18 1:6490 (Low Risk)
Trisomy 13 1:16360 (Low Risk)

A/W Harmony Test
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