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Zoo phonics concept

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by arina, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. arina

    arina New Member

    Anyone sent their kids to Zoo-Phonics or GUG for weekday nursery or kindergarten classes?

    Is there others that have similar teaching concept/approach; ie zoo phonics?

  2. cafren

    cafren New Member

    May I know the location for Zoo - Phonics ?
  3. yeoyenhua

    yeoyenhua New Member

    Phonics lesson of similar concepts. But it is only a weekly based lesson on Sat, 230pm. Located at 74 Thomson Road. The class size is small.
  4. yinnie

    yinnie New Member

    hihi, my friend sends her daughter to zoophonics school in tampines. there are a few schools, i've seen one in siglap too.

    I believe they teach phonics and alphabet etc using animal shaped letters and songs. So it's supp to be more fun. but i think it may be a bit confusing with the animals.

    yeah GUG uses zoo phonics. i had quite a few friends who sent their kids to GUG at united sq. their reviews were good. but these were for enrichment. not sure abt their kindergarten.
  5. yinnie

    yinnie New Member

  6. huatahhh

    huatahhh New Member

    NO good don't go. Many parents complain.
  7. ashril

    ashril New Member

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  8. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

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