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Zion Childcare & Development Centre at seng kang

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sopstance, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. sopstance

    sopstance New Member

    hey mummies

    i m not a forum mummy but i really think i sld post this in forum and share with other mummies.

    because this childcare is dishonest and money minded.

    i was decided to send my kid to Zion Childcare & Development Centre at 319C anchorvale (seng kang) in nov 2010 because i just stay a block away. In order to secure a place, i enrolled him at least 5 months in advance.

    Due to his eye problem, i decided to postpone this planning of putting him to childcare.
    Therefore I call zion childcare one month (which is oct) in advance to withdrawn him and hope i can get my deposit.

    The principal “Sharon Tang” was very rude and she told me is up to the management to decide whether they will refund me the deposit.even i call them and give my notice for one month.

    the principal told me that their childcare policy – parent must give notice by September therefore i am not allow to take back my deposit . however this is not written anywhere or vebrally inform us before.

    She even wrote a letter to me that they will only refund me if they can find a replacement to take over my child place otherwise they will keep my deposit. she said that this is a gesture of goodwill

    When i ask her for proof and any black and white regarding my kids cant withdraw after September 2010. she only attach my signature to agree with all the rule and regulations that hand out and received from Zion Childcare & Development Centre but didn’t wrote anything that my child can’t withdraw after September 2010.i told her I was not informed verbally or in writing that I can’t withdraw my kids after September 2010. I had also check with MYCS, my notice of withdraw to the child care centre should be at least 4 weeks and I had done so.

    Her handbook also said one month notice. when i ask her for the clause that said that i must give her notice before September, finally She just said her staff is very witness and this is the proof. she is so native and ignorant about contract, terms and conditions or even agreement.

    however my Hd and me really didnt hear this and we are also the two witness that zion did not inform us that we must give them 2 months notice of withdrawn

    after we told her that we will complain and write in MYCS and also small claims tribunal.
    finally she decided to refund me but she said this is because i had threat her.

    If the principal so rude, unfriendly, naive about contract, untruthful, money minded, i can imagine the kids that is been taught by her

  2. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    my children have been in Zion childcare since they are 2 years old. The principal has always been polite and nice and the mummies of my children's classmates all agreed to that. I am not sure what has happened but please do not use such sentence as "If the principal so rude, unfriendly, naive about contract, untruthful, money minded, i can imagine the kids that is been taught by her". It sounds all children in the centre are rude, unfriendly, untruthful and money minded. who knows if you might been very rude to the principal in the first place? since all mummies in the schools all greeted the friendly principal. And for your info, the principal does not TEACH, it is the teachers. Initially i am not really bothered if there are comments but you do not comment the children in the centre of all these"rude, unfriendly, etc".

    i am beginning to get skeptical of what you say. Maybe i should call up the principal and asked since the only time i called her is always to question her on the cirriculum.
  3. sopstance

    sopstance New Member


    If u all don't believe all her attitude, I can scan all the letter wrote by her.

    I even want to write to mycs and complaint abt her.

    I apologize if I said anything wrong in my previous post. I jz want to all parents to be careful when they sign up with the centre.
  4. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    i understand that you are unhappy with the way she responded. It is fine with me as we have the right to speak in the forum. I do just hope that you do not indirectly imply the characters of kids in the centre. we all have the rights to be angry and scolded and complained all bad services but this is the first time i actually come across posting that involved kids character.

    It's okay and if she has been rude, you just do what you feel is right. For me and other parents, we never encountered what you encountered so cant comment much. Maybe i should ask my brother to ask since he is enrolling my nephew in feb next year
  5. sopstance

    sopstance New Member

    Their teacher is very nice ESP ms Wong. Even my in law agreed.

    When come to term n conditions, we jz had to be more careful.
  6. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    yes, the teachers are definitely nice and caring. In fact, they have improved over the years and i am glad i have given the centre the chance to prove that they are preparing my kids for P1.The teachers are definitely more qualified and they have listed out the qualifications of all the teachers in the centre so as for parents to know how qualified is the teachers. The teachers will work on the weaknesses of the students so as to help them improve. My girl will always tells me what happens in school so in a way i can monitor and bring up if any issue arise. I will ask my girl what they learn, what they are having in school and anythings happens etc. So it is easier for me to have the real information straight from my girl
  7. sopstance

    sopstance New Member

  8. larkspur

    larkspur Member


    my brother just enroll his son and so far no issue with the principal. For me, never have issue with the principal. As long as there is no turnover rate of teachers and the teachers preparing my children to be ready in Primary 1, it is fine with me. I am more concerned with teacher turnover rate as high turnover rate means something wrong with the principal and the school
  9. mama_annie

    mama_annie Member

    hi Sop,

    i suggest either u go to mcys to highlght on your issue and suggest on standard procedure of childcare policy. Dont mentioned the name of the childcare. or let this issue pass. Don't enrol your child there since u get your refund.

    Thank you for sharing your case. mummies here i believe would be very careful b4 enrolling our kids in sch.

    Happy New Year.
  10. sopstance

    sopstance New Member

    I had went 2 mycs n waiting 4 their reply now. I Think if I mention the childcare name will not let other childcare become blacksheep too.

    Same tO you, happy new year and a great yr with yr family
  11. sharon_tang

    sharon_tang New Member

    Dear Ms Sophia Quek

    I refer to the various unture and unfriendly messages posted by you on the web.

    We have refunded your deposit in full and wish to bring this matter to a close. A DBS300859 cheque of $680 dated 30.10.2010 was made payable to Quek Lin Yan before the end of October 2010.

    We would urge you to cease such hostile activities against our centre and reserve our rights for legal action if you continue to do so

    Sharon Tang from Zion Child Care
  12. sopstance

    sopstance New Member

    Hi Sharon

    Wat I mention here is the truth. If u want any legal action, please go ahead.
  13. frostymomo

    frostymomo New Member

    I do not understand why some ppl will go to such extend as to discredit others just to claw back their money. I will be surprised if MCYS bother to investigate into such frivolous disputes. If insufficient notice is given, then deposit is non refundable. The childcare is a business unit and has its rules & regulations. If the rules are explained verbally, they are considered communicated as well. Negotiate for an amicable settlement, rather than start smear campaign. Facts speak louder than accusations. Typical for unreasonable ppl these days who will go all out to harass poor counter service staff, MP, minister, PM etc. when they are the cause of the problem. They should cool down and reflect on themselves.
  14. joyce_tsh

    joyce_tsh New Member

    Sad to see such centres,just want to share with you a childcare centre I found that is so sincere and true in inculcating moral values in our children. Do check out Xiyao Childcare at kaki bt ave 1, even parents in Woodlands send their kid there! The teachers are very dedicated and I am very touched by the education there, they even teach parents, a very wholesome education!
  15. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    i have actually forgotten about this thread until recently i met my son's childcare frens' mum. We were talking how great the childcare had done for our kids preparing them very well for P1, how the centre trained the most timid child into a confident child, how they mould the children character to be polite yet confident person.i told her about this thread and she says she never or rather we never encounter the bad things about the principal. anyway since my kid has already in p1 this year so i dun really need to say more.
  16. picadilly

    picadilly New Member

    My child is at Zion and I have always found the teachers there friendly and caring. The principal Ms Tang is a elegant lady who speaks with restraint and class, unlike some parents who use abusive language in these columns and cannot even do so with correct grammar! I am wondering if I should let my child get mixed up with the children of such unappreciative parents, who clearly have very poor sense of values and think that paying some fees entitles them to behave like boors.

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