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Yishun Childcare (Blk 816)

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by caca, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. caca

    caca New Member

    Hi, anyone know any childcare near Yishun Blk 816?

  2. meja

    meja New Member

  3. ambernamos

    ambernamos New Member

    hi.. i'm a mummy staying near yr place (Orchid Park Condo).. i'm looking arnd for a childcare centre for my daughter too.. u may wish to visit little skool hse @ OCC.. i feel the environment is very condusive..

    There's another enrichment centre at the CC near our place level 2 called the Talent Plus Playgroup. They provide 1.5hrs daily of enrichment lesson for toddlers.

    hope the info helps..
  4. caca

    caca New Member

    Hi both, thanks for e info.
  5. morningbee

    morningbee New Member

    Thanks! this come in handy. [​IMG]
  6. karentay810

    karentay810 New Member

    hey dear all,

    any 1 know in singapore do we have a maternity home or centre like malaysia have? i mean for mom to go there for confinement instead of confinement in the our own house. please advice me . thanks
  7. 7pooh

    7pooh New Member

    How about infant care or good baby sitter in Yishun? Please PM me if you have good recommendations.
  8. apln

    apln New Member

    My mum is a babysitter with many years of experience, taken care of many newborn infants, toddlers. Very loving and accomodating. You may wish to contact her directly at 92723672/68537275.
  9. apln

    apln New Member

    Forgotten to add, she is residing at Blk 7XX Yishun.
  10. serenelhl

    serenelhl New Member

    Prefably looking for kids aged 2 years or above to look after from home.

    Babysitting service from my home in yishun. [​IMG]

    I am a housewife with experience of looking after kids.

    I personally have 3 kids of my own.

    Am proficient in both English and Mandarin,

    If interested email me at jolly_face@hotmail.com

    or call me at 97246617 Serene.

    Feel free to ask me any questions or come visit my home to look at the environment [​IMG]

  11. babyloveyeo

    babyloveyeo New Member

    any mummies have comments abt eager beaver at Yishun Safra?
  12. hansel

    hansel Member

    hi babylove,

    me me! my bb's at eager beaver.

    nice caring teachers. v professional.

    only thing is, if you do decide to send your child to cc, be mentally prepared the bb will keep falling sick - sign...super heartache. till now my boy has yet to build up his immunity. it'd been 2mths and he's falling sick almost like all the time, perpetually unwell. back to back.

    but it applies to all cc so nothing to do w eb. but eb has a v high hfmd not long ago, when it's at peak. there were 15 cases (OMG!!!)...

    and when i told my kinderland teacher fren abt tis, she said tat was really a bit too high... so speaks abt the hygiene maybe...or maybe just 'down on luck' spread here spread there inevitable - depends on how one sees it.

    but in terms of the environment, it's definitely safer than those void deck cc, cos it's within a clubhouse itself. it's a christian school also.

    but overall i am happy w the place and bb's happy (except falling sick part [​IMG] )the teachers are dedicated i like their 'curriculum' - as in, lots of music and movement, and even outdoor activities (which is so much safer than other cc cos again, it's 'outdoor' but indoor safra hahah)
    suggest you visit the centre and rate for yourself [​IMG] speak to the teachers, administrator to find out more if the place suits your child.
  13. ccc

    ccc New Member


    I would like to hear from mummies who have children attending either of the above..how do you like the classes and environment?

    How old do u send your children to these classes? My baby is 3 mths old and thinking of doing some research/planning.

    Any help wld be great.
  14. zoki

    zoki New Member

    Hi All

    Anyone has any comments/feedback for Kidsville at Yishun Blk 217? Intend to enrol my 20mths son there since its location is the most convenient for me.

    Pls advise.

  15. chongho

    chongho New Member

    hi zoki, both my girls is at blk 217 kidsville childcare. Not bad compare to others childcare in HDB area. Teachers not bad n quite alot of activities. Rating 8/10.
  16. zoki

    zoki New Member

    Hi Mrs Chong

    I had enrolled my son there for the past 1 yr for PG.. Not really satified there... recently change to Just Kid at Blk 291.... My son been there for past < 1 mth.... cant really compare much yet.. but my son is in N1 there whereas my son still in PG at kidsville... being new the facilities there are better... teachers wise have to monitior for some time lor....
  17. kuku_stella

    kuku_stella New Member

    ani childcare to recommand near 771?
    gd n cheap?
  18. yanl

    yanl Member

    Any mummies have children at cc at blk 781 yishun? any comments?
  19. pillowhugger01

    pillowhugger01 New Member

    - Experienced Babysitter -

    Chinese speaking.
    Non smoking environment.
    Residing in marsiling lane.
    Interested in helping to look after your child in the vicinity / in my place.
    Available immediately.
    1 year old and above.

    Please contact at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you.
  20. anyone with child going childcare at blk 781 PCF? Pls share experience? got table tennis?
  21. angelineyu2010

    angelineyu2010 New Member

    I’m looking for a babysitter staying near yishun st 21. The babysitter must be trustworthy, no small children ( less than 2 yrs ) in the same time taking care at home &amp; have experience taking care baby 5 months – 2 yrs old. Please contact me at angelineyu2001@hotmail.com
  22. oqleong

    oqleong New Member

    Hi, I am looking for a baby sitter from May 2013 (cos Due Mar 2013) onwards around Yishun Area. Please kindly advise whether you be available. prefer a one to one baby sitter. Eileen 94369850
  23. phenlee

    phenlee New Member

  24. Huilinglh

    Huilinglh New Member

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