Yew Kwang Studio Photography



Keen in the following during photo shoot session:
1) photoshots for 10mth boy
2) photoshots for 21mths boy
2) photoshots for 10mth + 21 mths boy
3) family photoshots for 2A + 2C.

Please advise your package price.
[email protected]

pls email me the pacakge for studio package for 2A, 2C. 1 to 2 hours session, and return in soft copy without edition (original/high resolution).


Pls email me the package for studio package for 4A and 3C. 1 to 2 hour session and return in soft copy without editing.
May I have your package price?

I would like to have studio shots of my baby 10 months and plus 1 kids, 2 adults.

Any special price to return customer?

Keen in the following:
1) photoshots for 3years old boy
2) photoshots for 2years old girl
2) photoshots for both of them
3) family photoshots for 2A + 2C.

Please advise your package price. quote me price with & without soft copy return.
[email protected]
Hi Yew Kwang,

You were my wedding photographer in 2005

Now I have a 6 year old son and a 1year old girl.
Please send me the price for a family photoshoot for the 4 of us.
I'm interested for a studio session for my two children and their 4 grandparents. Can you provide a quote for that? What packages are available and softcopies to keep will be prefered. Thanks. Pls email me at [email protected].
May I have quotation for the below:

1 Family portraits for 4 adults and 1 baby
1 baby individual photo
1 family photo - daddy, mummy and baby

Include make up for grandma and mummy