Yeast infection from Progesterone inserts


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Hi all

I went to the clinic where Sandy works last Saturday. Did a test for allergy and found that I don't have fungus but has a byproduct of fungus. Dr said maybe because of the anti-candida diet I was on so the fungus is cleared and this byproduct is a toxin that I must get rid of otherwise the YI will come back soon once I eat normally.

Now I am on a 16 day diet and some supplement.

Actually I find that I am more or less used to the diet now although sometimes I carve fruits when my family have them.

My diet pattern are as follows:
Breakfast: 1-2 egg (fried) + steamed vegi
Lunch: Brown rice porridge (or millet) + mixed Salad
Dinner: Brown rice porridge (or millet) +Meat (fish/chicken/beef) + vegi (stir fried)

I use organic raw apply cider vinegar to replace vinegar. Today I also found alternative to soy sauce in NTUC. The product name is Liquid Aminos. The brand name is Bragg (same as the apple cider vinegar).

For salad I always put purple onion and garlic, with salt, seasme oil (or olive oil) and apple cider vinegar, it is not too bad.

Sorry for the late post. I was not feeling well these few day. Try to drink more water for the body to heal faster.

hi Chun chun, thanks for sharing.

yes u can use liqiud aminos though it's aso a so product but the doctor allows this as an aternative to soya sauce, but it is 2-3x more than the usual cost..of normal soya sauce..=) but it tastes good...=)

breakfast, try to take abit of carbo..=)
can also learn to include beans and stuf for protein..=)

is millet nice? i just bought a packet to try, havnt tried cooking it before..=) let me know k? =) thanks..

Im under the whether too..recenty my immunity v low..=Z caught virus and bacteria from classmate who was sick..=Z feeling lousy...

although the test only pick up acetyldehyde, does not mean fully cleared, just that u managed to kill the fungus level and currently in a acceptable level now w it's remnants...if dun take care continuosly, may come back again that's hat happened to just keep doing until u also dun feel itch and have discharge..=) like me..=)

anyway, think i gng to take haf day MC..gng home after

jia you..


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Hi Sandy

Hope you are better now.

"it's aso a so product", do you mean soya product?

I read from internet that candida diet needs to be low in carbo but high in protein. so I am trying to cut down carbo.. Do you know why pumpkin and carrot is allowed? They tastes sweet. Thanks.

Millet is actually nice if you make porridge and make sure it is cooked long enough. If not long enough, it will be like sand, haha. Sometimes I also put millet porridge together with my salad. You can try if you like it.

Ya, I will follow through the procedure to get rid of the yeast. I read from one site that the anti-candida diet must last at least 18 month to clear every bit of it..I feel a bit demoralized though....

Do you know why the dr only ask for 16 days? feel it is a bit too short. Thanks.

I think I got sore throat because of the post nasal drip.. I hope my sinus can also improve during the treatment.

Jia you together.


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Hi all, I am here to update my progress.

I went to my second appointment this Tuesday and the machine tells me that I am free of candida! It is quite amazing that the candida is cleared in such a short time. I had expected it would take longer.

Dr also asked me to do Urine test. The test shows that I have indigestion and heavy metal. So more supplements was given.

Now I am in a maintainance phase. So I am on a more relaxed diet - the blood type diet. Unfortunately, the diet needs to be life long - if I want to be healthy..

Dr said that YI should not be back in 10-15 years if I keep a healthy lifestyle. I hope I can...

I found that my sinus is better these days. I am thinking may be the diet and supplement also helped my sinus. I used to have nose congestion often. But now it is a lot better.. Sandy, I am right to say the diet also helped?

Met Sandy in the clinic. She is very helpful. She also explained a lot of details in email. I am blessed to have her in the forum..

Girls, Jia you!
Hi chunyan,
Thanks for sharing your progress. Yes, usualyl YI can be hard to get rid off. For sunsun it's taking a while. It's dependent on individual's body as mentioned. =)

For u, u suffered 1 year only and perhaps, ur body is still in good shape and did not take too much toxic meds to initially kill the yeast. =) so it's alot of factors..=) Im happy for u..=)

But dun be complacent - k? just incase YI comes back. =)

Yes, once Candidia is 'shooed' out, it stays out, then u have to start repairing ur gut(urine test shows this- digestion poor) so u are maintaining it and healing the gut-lining. =) one healed it's alot better = better digestion.

yes, u are right the diet and supplements help w your nose/sinus. Basically, what happens is, ur stomach produces mucus(1. to protect the HCL from eating thru ur stomach, help with digestion) when it is healthy. When it is not, it produces more mucus than necesary - i.e gluten indigestion - cause irrittation, mucus is produced to try to get rid of the 'irritation' or ease the digestion etc...= more mucus not only in stomach but ur digestive tract lining - right up from mouth to nasal cavity all the way down..=) something along these lines in general..=)

I used to have bad sinus..clogged, i'd snore..bad.. when I cut wheat and dairy, a;; gone.. but now eating alot of wheat mor then usual, i can feel it clogging up on some days..=) so yeah..=)

Yes blood type is life long - it' abt adjustment and finding a balance here..=) it's hard in our asian diet sometimes, so u ca only do ur best..=)

Im on a 50-50 - some days im 100%, some u find what's best for u n family.. and be aware i guess, for me, I know taking dairy have more mucus, i will cut diary but I have to find an alternative - if not i will be lacking in nutrients..=) so need to be aware too..

Esp for kids, u dun want them to be malnourished. =) so slowly slowly adjust them Dun go full wheat free or whatever free.. they will be aggitated and learn to be adverse or negative towards a healthy lifestyle.. so make things interesting rather than u cant do this cant do that...=) for me to adults I will say like tht lah.. cant cant cant cuz we can sometime take it..haha.. but kids level of reasoning not as mature as adults(for most-haha..some adults also like kids so haha..)

Anyway, we do only 40% 60% is really ur own effort..
When u are ok w YI... then u can slowly wean off supplements and maintain thru diet..

But I think it's good to continue probiotics and enzymes..=)
God Bless,


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Dear Sundra,

Thanks for your encouragement. I will try my best with the diet.

I am trying to cook one "new dish" everyday to slowly introduce new food to our family. It is a bit tiring but also interesting.

Good to know a good digestion also helps in sinus. I used to underestimate the importance of digestion. I had constipation for years although I eat a lot of vegi and fruits each day. I used to think bad digestion means having diarrhea or stomachache. I just realize how poorly my understanding was. In this sense, I should thank YI, haha

I wonder what wheat-free breakfast we can take. The one I can think of is pumpkin soup or egg. What other kinds of wheat-free breakfast? As type O, oat is not a choice.

Thanks very much!


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Hello everyone! It's been sometime and there are so much updates! Happy for those who are YI free... Another success story! I'm here to share my history.

10 years ago I was on 6 months long antibiotics for acne. 5 years ago I had my first YI. I din dare to see the doc n only went to a GP 3 months later. When I had my first insert I felt so good cause the YI cleared. Too bad it din last n YI came back 2 weeks later. Since then it's very recurrent. At least once a month until I'm so used to it.

Then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid (hormone problem). Until now I'm still on medication but almost done with the treatment, I hope. Early this year After visiting this forum I decided to visit a doc for a thorough check up. Pap smear clear and as usual, candida infection. My kidney has high something I cannot rmb but doc say to cut down on beans. When the doc prescribe me with
Medication, I went on strict diet at the same time. I felt so good for 1 month cause i was really free of YI and discharge was clear for the 1 month. Then I cao kuan n started eating rubbish n YI came back. Nw I'm controlling sugar n wheat n taking supplements n cleat days are longer.

And after seeing wat u guys are eating, I realize my diet is not that strict man. So guys, when u all go on the candida diet, it's strictly no junk food? No ktv, macs, old Chang kee, tidbits? Can eat fruits during the candida diet?

Sorry for being so naggy, just wanted to share my history to see if doc Sandra can diagnose me! Haha. Sandra, u hv been helping us so much, if you hv any questions, any sort, u can post here too cause we wanna contribute u too!


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Oh yeah another thing is, I stop wearing panty liners and dun wash my underwear with detergent anymore. I wash it with only warm water. Cause my GP said my YI might be due to allergies n I should stop wearing pantyliners for a least half a year.
Hi hi..=)

Clarification, Im not a doctor..haha(i think u were just playing around but thot I better clarify)...Im a mere clinical educator, former Nutrition teacher at a secondary school who is currently studying naturopathy..=) and have learned some common stuff from my own suffering and sharing it with ladies here to help them thru this dreaded YI.

Fullest, thanks for sharing ur Thyroid prob too.
ladies, Read up on Endocrine system - one of the systems that controls all our hormones and stimulate our body organs to function etc...monthly cycle, blood sugar level, blood calcium levels, growth etc... A very impt system in our body. understanding how our body works is v impt to know to handle it with utmost care..=)

Didn't realise u suffered for so long...hugs.

If we dun take care to manage this system, thru diet and exercise or treatment with natural meds, it can go wonky and cause alot of complications. as seen here.

ladies, if u do have any medical history it be good to share as I was sharing with fullest. It does make a difference to any reader here in the forum. We don't want any ladise self-diagnosing and going in diet trials and errors w/out understanding the complications or differences of our bodies. Treatments will differ if we have other complications.

In the case of fullest, she first got YI then after a while she got Thyroid prob. I can't say exactly where the problems started but anti-biotics caused a disarray of her microflora in her gut = chain reaction affecting her endocrine system (which includes kidneys) - long story hard to share here.

The human body and it's systems ARE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and wonderful how it works... Truely God's works are's such an itelligent 'thing' a cell can do so much on its own...haha..=) ok, back to things.

Fullest, go back on strict diet and supplements for another 16-21 days and see how. If it still persists, I suggest u come in too..there may be underlying probs..and hope they can skip the first stage of testing for u...this one I have to check w my doc..if it is possible and just do urine test and other u can save where u can. =) but I do hope u can manage it on your own out there..=)

Basic 5 NO NOs:

No Gluten:
WHeat(any product made from wheat; pasta, yellow noodles, biscuits, bread), barley, oats - anything that has a substantial amount of gluten.

BUT u can take Rice based products; Rice cakes, rice puffs, rice noodles; tang hoon, bee hoon, kwya teow etc..

No Dairy:
Cows milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, yakult...
BUT u can can, goats' milk, rice milk, Quinoa milk.

No Sugar: natural sugars in vegetables are fine; carrots, etc...
No alternatives to this, not even honey or agave syrup.

No Yeast: ANything that has yeast in there. so read the labels.

No Fruits:
Yes no fruits cuz of sugar content. But it's only for 16 days. If u die die need to eat, then eat. less sugary/sweet ones. =) Increase ur veggie intake 2folds..=) haha...

Drink at least 2 Litres.

Aside from that,

No Soy products: no toufu (isoflavones that affetc hormones), no soya sauce(fermented w mould)

If u need taste of soya sauce, u can try Bragg's Liquid Aminos, not cheap but doc said it's ok, it's not fermented w mould...=)

Coffee, tea, green tea - cut down.
No starchy veggies. Dun juice ur veggies.

No junk food, like macs, old chang kee, tidbits..learn to change ur lifestyle as u are on candida diet..=) it will better ur lifestyle..

Initially u will feel restricted but it's all worth it..really..=)

If this doesn't work, like me, try again and again. I went on this diet 3-4x before getting YI free..I changed my diet alot.

Whether it is due to allerigies from panty or not..haha.. this is external and external can only affect so much.. it's the internal that some doctord dun delve into to find out but instead follow protocols(because they are also so busy dealing with so many other things) and treating pateints as is but not healing them the right way. oh well...

anyway, if I have anything to question, I will ask...

Thanks all for sharing..

God bless,
Hi gals,

I'm 8th month pregy... waiting for baby to be out! Hope everyone is feeling great. It has been so long since i visited here. My IY is still ok, under control with Vitamin n Probiotics. Will go full force after delivery to heal- (planning to go back on Candida Diet). I think cannot really go full force either cause I'm planning to breastfeed, certain supplement cannot take too. =\

Btw, I'm here to share this deal, saw it while i do my daily browsing. (deal left 14hrs as i'm talking now).

Food Tolerance & Allergy Test. A similar test i did at Sandy's working clinic... this deal/promotion is for another clinic (Healing Resonance), if you all want, can go do a simple test.


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Hi everyone,

I visited the clinic the third time last week. My YI is under control but still have constipation. Did the urine test again and found the adrenal is low this time. Maybe because I didn't sleep well these days. The doc gave me more treatment for constipation and hopefully this time it can be healed. Anyway, I am happy with the result now. At least my YI is gone for months and I feel good. About constipation, I had it for 10+ years, so it may not be so easy to get rid of. I trust the doctor and will continue with the treatment and hopefully it will be gone soon.

My sinus has improved a lot. Thanks to this forum and Sandy. Hope everyone will be fine..

Not sure whether I should take my sons to the clinic. Can the doctor treat kids? My older son seems grow slower than other kids of his age. My younger son often has constipation.


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Dear all

My YI has been irritating me for coming half a year. Now I'm regretting not solving earlier before of my stubornness that I can't compromise my diet.

Anyway, Sandy once sent me the cost structure of her clinic. But I have no idea how to access old messages in this forum.

Can someone advise me the rough cost structure?


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Hello everyone. I m back. For your info, I m still free of YI, just that still have some discharge, should be normal. Going for pap smear soon.

Sandy, can we eat high protein food? If yes, then I suggest all to replace rice with quinoa, it's low GI and high protein. After eating, U definitely feel full. I bought the ready made one which last me four days lunch. But still not sure if we can eat high protein food.


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Some info

QR = Organic quinoa seed are being thoroughly rinsed and soaked to remove micro toxins and enzyme inhibitors before being drained and sprouted. Freshly cooked with Himalayan Mountain Salt, Ginger and pure Distilled Water. Tossed with O&G Organic Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to present texture and taste like 'chicken rice'. We pack and seal them in vacuum and freeze it for a ready to serve meal for all to enjoy the goodness of organic Quinoa seeds. It is high in protein and low GI.

QUIN = Organic Quinoa from Australia is a protein rich whole food. Contains Lysine that is good for skin and tissue renewal. Use it to cook quinoa rice with salt and ginger, stir in O&G Organic olive oil and you have a great tasting Chicken Rice.     Origin: Australia

U can cook like chicken rice style


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Hi, this is joanne here.Nay i know wat clinic are you ladies discussing about on the forum as i cant view earlier thread.

I will like to do a yeast testing & improve on my digestion,Wonder anyone can help & can you email me at [email protected]

Thank you very much


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Hi all,

About 6yrs ago i had YI but didn't consult doctor for tat cos I'm afraid might b something else but aft tat gone by itself.

Then it came back this year mid of Jan. consulted doctor and was prescribed with Candida pess (medicine to insert into virginia) for 3 days aft tat was gone.

Then last week i starting have cheesy and cloudy discharge... Tues was itchy so I suspect it might b back again so i use mirror to look at it... but this time it didn't grow outside... is inside....
Was wondering YI can b due to stress also? I'm currently applying the cream was given previously
I think I gotta wait till next week see if getting any better or not...


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Hi there, I'm not an expert on this but have been dealing with this for the past 1 yr. what I've learnt is that stress does aggravate the condition, thou I guess the strongest factor is actually diet.

Since I super lack discipline, I can't drastic change my diet, but I did reduce my sugar intake by a fair bit, especially just before my menses (when the yeast will attack). Drinking lots of water help. Thou mine never did stop, the condition improves a lot and it's less itchy.

I don't think you can really know if the yeast grow inside or outside. My take is, it always originate from inside and the discharge cause itchiness outside. Washing gently with cold water helps reduce itchiness.


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Hi Joanna and blackheart, go do a pap smear to see if there is candida. If yes, doctor will prescribe u with antibiotic to kill bad bacterias but bear in mind this willalso kill the good bacterias in your intestine too. Eat lots of probiotics after that. Refrain from sex until u recover. At the same time read up candida diet online or borrow the book from library. Cut down surgar and processed food. No worries, u will recover like many of us here. U are not alone.

I did my thin prep (pap smear) and other tests yesterday, hope my result is good. Pray to god!
Hi ladies,

Just chanced upon this forum thread today after having searched Google relentlessly over the past many months (don't know why it didn't pop up earlier?).

So sorry to just barge in like this, but I sure could use some of your advice please!

I had ovarian cysts so did an operation last April 2011 to remove, but there were some remnants too near the intestine that could not be burned off with laser, so the doctor gave me a hormonal injection which was supposed to "reset my system", cycle etc and clear everything out. Good news is that I am cyst-free now. But bad news is after 6 months after my period came back, I got my first yeast infection in September. Treated with suppositories (flagystatin I think), and then done. Yay.

But then it came back the next month, again after period. Or - after sexual intercourse. I got pregnant some time in December but my baby died in February/March, and after the abortion, more yeast infections. It became a cycle of every 2 weeks, because 1) after period, and 2) during ovulation or after intercourse. It got so bad to the point that there's no way to even have sex, at most (AT MOST!) once a month and then that's it.

I read that you're not supposed to keep taking suppositories like that because the body will also become immuned to it, or it will have some side effects, so I stopped and looked for holistic, natural alternative remedies instead. What I found of course had to do with the usual suspects - garlic, yogurt, tea tree oil, probiotics. I have tried them all. I have even tried Neobiotics+Omega fish oil which is supposed to cure everything from your gut to your anus, and replace the bad hormones with good hormones.

Still doesn't work. And for the past month there has not been one single day that I do not have the symptoms of severe itching, pain, raw, inflamed, cuts and tears etc. It has become a nightmare that I simply cannot run away from.

I read somewhere that diet plays a big part too. So for the past two months I went on a low-carbs (only brown rice for one meal) & no-unnatural-sugar (only allow carrots and such) diet. Still nothing. I suppose if I must compare pre- and post-diet, I guess it's maybe less red.

At this point I'm not even sure if it's yeast infection anymore or is combined with baterial vaginitis, or is it now classified as recurrentvulvovaginitis?

All the doctors at KK (I've changed 4 different doctors) cannot solve my problem. They tell me each time that "it's normal", and just prescribe me suppositories and Diflucan. I can't keep paying $250 for swab test after swab test confirming candida albicans, and then seeing the doctor to repeat the same line that "it's normal" yet again right? I literally broke down into tears at the doctor's office. He had suggested that I should TTC again after the M/C, but HELLO? Can't even have sex, how to TTC??? That just defies all the laws of biology that I had learnt in Secondary 2.

Anyway, I'm at my wits end. I was wondering if TCM and acupuncture would help? I went for a trial of cupping with moxibustion the other day and the lady was telling me OH IT WILL HELP ONE! But she has no evidence to support, nor any past cases of successful curing of YI. =(

Please help advise what can help? I'm still on probiotics and my diet for sure. But I need to get rid of this once and for all, otherwise my dreams of becoming a mother will never come true...

Appreciate any of your suggestions and recommendations please! THANK YOU!!!


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Twice now I have suffered through a horrible yeast infection during my 2ww after IVF while using progesterone suppositories (Prometrium 200 mg 4 times per day).

The first time, I thought it was a coincidence. I didn't even tell my RE. After suffering for a week, I called my OB, told him I was waiting to find out if I was pg, and he said it was safe to use Monistat.

The second time (over a year later) it took me a while to remember that I had been through this before. I was itching SO badly I thought I was going to tear my skin off from scratching so much (sorry - TMI!). I called my RE and he said the itching can be caused by the progesterone suppositories. He said he prefers that I try to wait until he sees the results of my beta, but he said if it was REALLY bothering me I could use Monistat. Well, by then I was already 11dp3dt. I did an HPT which was negative and immediately used Monistat. Even if I hadn't gotten negative, I would probably have used the Monistat, because my OB said it was OK and I was DYING!

Has anyone else ever experienced this? I just wanted to let you all know so that if you start itching down there, you'll know why. Don't suffer like I did for more than a week. Ask your RE what you can do to stop the itching.

Good luck everybody!