Yeast infection from Progesterone inserts

I am officially YI free for 1 year..=) haha...and I do occasional urine test for myguts to see status.. if goes beyond 3 I might have tendency to get nonsense stuff again.. if I keep my guts in good health.. YI should not be coming back.. so need to keep it well..and I need to satrt gng on wheat free dient and dairy free again! before things start happenind.. esp now if i want to get preggers.. it be so much bwtter w/o YI.. si i want to keep it that way..
panda. mail me pls..


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Hi sandy and Memcho

I think my discharge is kind of normal now. More than last time but at least not cheesy type. Mine is clear sticky and abit yellowish. Not itchy and no smell. Hope this can last till my next PMS.

But because I have been taking probotics and also cut down on food, so visits to the toilet now lessen. Why ar? only pee but not shit. haiz.. I eat lots of veg but no fruit. Only green apple and celery juice if craving for fruits.
Panda, drink 2L water. Having fibre and not enuf water can cause constipation. Water helps to make feaces soft and bulky for easy defecation..=) Also naturally u cut ur intake will have less output..try to have enuf calories so u dun lose toomuch weight ok? =) hope this helps.

Keep me updated on OXY u got it cheaper huh..hahah..=) good for you..=) u can PM me how much he charged u? just want to check..=) but me still will buy from my clinic..=)

I want to put my hubby on it soon..hehe..he needs cleansing..and soon after I will too.. or maybe I should do first,.. experience first hand then put him thru it...hahah..=P All the best for your trial..=) glad ur discharge not itchy.. and hopfully is clearing..urs was only recenty kena one right? if it's long term, takes longer like mine n memchoc...for me I want much on meds cuz I dun like the idea..for memchoc she was on meds for qwuite some perhaps her case take longer while but it's under control so..hopefully all goes well for her too..heh=) happy u girls are less itchy now..=)
rememebr to share how u put YI under control w anyone who needs the help..=)

Need any questions answered, put it here..i'll ask my doc if necessry and share w youguys answers, likewise share ur experiences so other women can benefit too..=) ..I'll see how I can help from my end....=) God Bless ladies!!!
big hugs..
oh yah.. sophia...forgot to pass you the receipt...paiseh..u want, I will scan and e-mail to you if u wise for the rest of u ladies..=) lemme know if u can claim for stuff, I will have them printed for you..=) if i can get it at a disc It will be stated..=)


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Super happy today, cos my discharge back to normal since yesterday. Usually I would have 3-4 times discharge a day, more than this if it turns cheesy look. Since yesterday only once, that was after jogging. This morning woke up still free of discharge, happy, thanks sandy. Anyway I stopped taking herbs. I think the probiotics and enzymes helped alot and also candida diet.. Sure sandy, will share with others if they need help but u are the best person cos you work in the clinic.

They are selling $85 but gave me 20% discount because I m buying other products from him too. But he has yet to revert, so not sure if the deal still on. If tomorrow yet to receive call from him, can you help me buy from your clinic? I need probiotics (finishing soon) and oxygen powder.


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btw, when u first know that you are YI free, how long more u waited before u take junk foods again? I'm craving for KFC fried chicken, thinking if I can have it on 25 JUNE, my pay day? hahaha.. or should I wait till July? I m still on candida diet even I have normal discharge now. cos I don want the history to repeat itself.
okie. I can buy for u.. Just sms me to confirm, faster & easier...Tmr(Tues) I am off - regular check up..=)

I will be back in clinic on Wed. Will buy for u then if I hear from u on Tues ok? =) 20% is good savings..=) hope he says ok to you..hehe..=)
I will be away Thurs - Sun, family trip to Pulau Besar... =)

Probiotics - have to kep in fridge cuz ours i live bacteria. so if passing to you..must take not of time. But I can bao in ice for u when I leave clinic or see how on this ok? =) Oxy powder no probs.

And yes, I read up before n mentioned to Memchoc abt enzymes; can help with candida to some extent.. but Im guessing for not so severe cases..shorter period, severe, harder, longer. =) I was on enzymes too..liquid one...though it is sweet, I just tried...=) hehe..I just wanted YI to be gone gone gone..haha..

I had it every morning when I wlaked my dog...on empty stomach then by the time I walk my dog, I have my breakfast, so just nice..hehe..=) I took it as a leisure doggy also enjoyed it..(sadly now I dun cuz my doggy w my mom's place-im staying at in-laws) boohoo..

I am happy ur discharge is back to norm with occasional cheesy dis. hope it stays..=)

For me, I kiasi... so I only went off the diet very very slowly.. and when I felt it coming back again, v v v slight itch I quickly pile the OLE and supps..and back on diet.. I slowly tapered off the supps then let my body get used to the diet alone... then I slowly intro back my by one...but realise when I have breads, my discharge will become more cloudy only..but no itch..

I din want to be reliant on the supps... =) but OLE has always been a life saver.. not only for candida but also for my flu/fever/coughs..hehe.. it's anti-viral/bacterial too, so I take it when im under the weather and I recover from it..=) takes longer than paracetamol with little or no damage the pain is worth suffering. =) haha..Im building up my natural first aid kit..aahaha..=P

U can have if u want to test water...share it with a friend or colleague. 1 pc each..haha..dun eat all the skin/crumbs.. cuz that has eat half of it..u take in less fat too anyway...though it's very sayang..ahahah..=) i do that satisfy my cravings but still be disciplined..=) it helps u mentally too, not only in physical but u become a more resilient person somehow.cuz u have more self-control..=) which is good in daily situations too..=) haha..=)

I would suggest u wait til later.. most of us huamn beings, the minute we feel fine, we go back to our unhealthy ways.. and it comes back again and we conclude that the supps or diet dun work..

The healing process takes time.. so when symptoms are gone, does not meanit's totally gone.. u need to pull thru one last stretch after that before u slowly release the reigns..get what I mean? =) thats how the human system work..=) so when we understand how our body works.. we understand and learn how to handle ourselves..=) and others..=)

Last time I also always like zinger..wahhh...slurp..then I din have KFC for like a year plus though each time I craved for it..i din give in.. now.. I dun crave for it mind will feel like eating it but I know it wont do me anygood so end mind has won the battle of beaing healthy... when I do just eat it.. I feel disgusted..haha..and it doesnt taste as nice as it used to already so I end up not craving anymore I guess..=) so it's a good thing for me..hehe..=)

our body craves for salty or sweet things - it's an idication that our body is in need of good nutrition...but we often end up satisfying the craving ratehr than filling ourselves with the good stuff.. which in the long run dispel the cravings...somehow...i duno how exactly it works but.. like salt..salt if u see it as acquired taste and get used to saltless food and enjoy the natural taste of food, u will not need salty foods in ur diet...=) the tongue and the brain is wired up.. so it's training..=) hehe..=)

ok, I talk too much liao..hahaha..=) just some thoughts to share..=)

hear from you soon!


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Yes I agree if drag longer, difficult to cure. lucky me I have found this website. (",) I know I m not alone.

i m not saying have it everyday.. just one fried food a mth? or twice a mth? haiz.. ok i will drag as long as possible. will be on candida diet till end July. I maybe going hk end july.
but thinking i cant eat aiya.


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Hello everyone! Thanks sandy and memochoc for all the useful info! I started on the candida diet for 3 mths now and Im feeling better. No itch except for days before and after ovulation. My discharge is still abnormal though. I'm thinking of starting on supplements but gnc n nature farm
Are quite ex and don't look good haha. Sandy can I trouble you to buy for me? If it's troublesome it's ok
happy to be sharing in this forum and know that I'm not alone. I guess the Recurring YI started cause I went on 6 mths long antibiotics when I was younger. Regrets.... Anyway everyone Jia you okie!
Hello Panda...haha.. sound like the meiji choc biscuit..haha..=) I used to have that when I was in sec sch and poly..hahah..=)

Can lah.. treat yourself after hard month of work..=) I was very hard on usual...=) so I gave in only at the very end..=) hehe.but PLS DO TREAT YOURSELF WELL...

You're a WOMAN and ALL WOMAN deserves to be treated well.. If not by MEN>>> DIY.. Yourself! =) hehe..=) be good to yourself..=) treat urself if u feel u have done a good job caring abt ur diet etc..=) can lah...

If u go overseas, do your best! =) dun starve and kill your joy of changing ur diet - this is a lifestyle change, so do what u need to help u thru it so that u see benefits and u slowly learn to adpat and adjust to what suits ur body best! =) hehe..=) okie dokie?? =) Enjoy Hong Kong!! and the food.. just make sure u dun take too much sweet foods and portion.. share..=) instead of eating a full item, halve it..=) you'll still get to enjoy..=) hehe.. dun pay so uch to fly there but yet fun..=) have a ball k? =) hugs..

panda, I will buy for u the pro-biotics and the OXY powder. cost I have shared w you in mail. Will text u again - I will print receipt for you..=) but it will be under my name cuz u're not patient of Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic unlike memchoc and sophia. So dun have ur record to buy it under. =) keke..

Hi Fullest, glad it is helping you put things under control =) and yes GNC and Nature's Farm jack up price cuz of marketing gimmicks. for us, we do increase fr cost price but reasonable cuz we need to run the clinic.. and we dun have franchise(unlike GNC/nature's farm) so it's sole income from consults, testing and meagrely from supplements we order/ prescribe. =) hope u guys understand too...=)

let me know tmr if u can. u can mail me at my e-mail address [email protected] i'll give u details..=)

Anti-biotics is said to be 1 cause of YI but there are others causes too, and many more that reseach have yet to work on... so can't be too quick to blame sometimes(though we believe and hear so)..haha...wait FDA come sue us...hahah...

likewise, fullest, if u require me to do so, same thing for you..=) unless we have huge stock and I can get a disc for it I will inform u ladies..=) hehe...

Im doing this cuz I know out there have too many on the shelves and w no one to guide...and cost is a factor cuz I struggled thru this...Like I shared w the other ladies..continue to share the good news of natural help for YI sufferes..which work well! =)

Today I had my pap smear wait for 2 weeks.. hope all is clear..=) i requested for a scan of my ovaries cuz ive been having lower abdominal pain but duno if it;s my ovaries pain or my little intestines..haha...or it's just ovulating pain(memchoc can share on this if u know) or if anyone knows?? ) Im not too excited abt the scans cuz it's radiation's next week so I have a week tothink abt it..=) hehe..

But my gynae say no candida by looking and it's all worries..=) so am happy...though Im always paranoid... I need to stop lah..causing me so much worry for nothing I guess..hahah....=)

Panda, got ur request. see u tmr at 7pm. bugis MRT. if earlier also can. maybe 6.45pm. hehe..=) text me.

Fullest, if u can get back to me by today or tmr(wed) I will get the stuff for you and u can meet us at bugis MRT..=) hehe..

or serangoon mrt 7.30pm.

Hear from you soon!

Jia You!!!


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Hey sandy I emailed you already! Thank you for your help. I can meet u at bugis together with Panda no prob. Panda I think it's ok to indulge just a little but once in a while if not you will feel so lousy and moody

I realize YI is so common and recurring or persistent ones are not as uncommon as we think... I heard of frens' frens with the same symptoms...

The candida diet I feel is quite good cause I manage lose a little weight cutting down on sugar and wheat. I feel less tired and with lots of water, dun feel Heaty at all even If the weather sucks

Doing PAP smear is so uncomfortable!! How often do you do it sandy?
Panda not meeting liao she managed to get it from other sources w discount so good for her..=) hehe..

Yeah mostppl share that they lose weight. naturally cuz u cut the sugar and some carbs. but becareful not to lose too much..=) I lost uite abit cuz I was so into collegues thot I was sick...but I was indeed alot more energetic..haha..but I had hard tme putting it back on..=) but my genes is already skinny genes so..yeah...

PAP smear..uncomfortable but for short while.. I try do it every 2-3 years. 1x. I din wanna drag til next yr.. cuz anyway I wanted to see gynae for pre-conception thingy so might as well.. do..

I forgot today I need to go church earlier..oops.. but I will prob go down to the church nearby. Victoria street St Joseph's Church Bugis Mrt or St Peter and Paul - Bras Besar mrt. I will let u know soon as I check the timing for these 2 church n txt u back hope u left ur mobile in my mail. =)
Good u feel the diet is helping..=) yes water does wonders!


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Hi Fullest,

Yes YI seems like so difficult to cure. haiz. I m not sure if I m YI free now cos I have yet to go for pap smear test and other tests. Just base on the discharge, it looks normal. a little yellowish not much discharge a day. So you recover from YI already? I m thinking of having KFC this month end. heee. but on the other hand afraid it comes back after eating that. haiz.. don know whether to eat or not... wanna eat biscuit also cannot. Other than breakfast, lunch and dinner, nothing for snacks. ALways hungry at work. When when am I safe to eat whatever I use to????? haiz

Hi Sandy, you re lucky to have skinny genes lol. Yes I hate pap smear, expecially done by inexperience doctors, so painful. Sandy, can I say that if I do the pap smear again and it shows nothing for candida means I fully cured? Cos I really don know if I m healthy or still having candida. I don know when can I stop taking so many supplements. haiz haiz haiz,. I never like taking supplements but guess i have no choice now.

To all: am currently on oxy powder cleanse for the 3rd day now (have to do it for 7 days). keep going to toilet after eating that. I know it is normal so am not worried. I m taking probiotics too, recommended by the seller, its 66 billions CPU. And he included some other products for me to try. I will take them all and stop taking garlic pills, salmon oil and vitamins first, will continue with those after finishing newly bought products. Will update you all again soon.

HOpe I recover soon, then only i can share my success story with the rest who need help
just like sandy


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Hi Fullest,

forgot to read your first msg. you wrote
I guess the Recurring YI started cause I went on 6 mths long antibiotics when I was younger.

Arr, now then you got it? When did it first happened? But you were on longer candida diet already but still got abnormal discharge? other than PMS time, your discharge normal right?
Yes, taking Anti-biotics - is not an immediately kena YI after. It is after years of the good bacteria trying to fight the battle after anti-biotics kill them in the body...that it has to struggle. if u disrupt ur normal flora(which consists of bacteria, fungus etc) things start gng haywire. Ur body will try to cope until it can't. and it will have to show up somewhere happen to be at Vagina - YI.

Papsmear DO NTO SHOW whetehr u have Candida overgrowth. it tests for abnormal cells supposedly caused by the HumanPpapiloma Virus(various strains--not all causes cervical cancer). U have to ask them to do a culture swab or test for u.. =)

and yes, if it is normal and not itching then not sure why u say u have YI....if it is clearing it will come and go...come and go..and u will feel it slowly getting better..somehow.. and just need to keep cleansing and rebuilding the system i.e ur gut - healing.. then when the body is in good shape, it will start on the healing takes time and in stages..

abt taking supplements - it's the same as taking medicine right.. we dun see YI as a sickness like flu etc. but in fact we kinda should to some extent.. and taking supplments in such doses is a treatment and we dun do it for a lengthy period.. we do it to help the body heal and cleanse to a certain stage and let nature take it's course...

ladies, I struggled for 4 years..and had to do on off the diet for 2 years..lei...not easy..

U can eat KFC - moderation.. if it comes back, then work on the cleansing again.. if u can go on super strict diet then good - mainly 16 - 21days, for some a month...

pls pls stock up on rice cakes and veggies for snakcs to get u thru.. we dun want u feeling letharic...etc or undernourished that ur body cannot heal itself too..=)

I suggest, plan a few simple dishes, BF/L/Dinner dishes varitey and repeat them for those 2-3 weeks. and have snack ready at hand before embarking on the diet. or u'll feel miserable...
I went thru it too. i know it's tough and I give in sometimes to things I should ot eat.. but if I have to to sorta regain my sanity.. I do..=) okie? hugs.. dun go craxy over this or ur will turn away from it alll.. ..

U try the cleansing OXY first...=) yes supposed to shit 2-4times per day..=) hehe...and drink loads of water ok? =)

Im back from Pulau besar had so much fun there..=)
anyway...hope u guys are taking things with a good flow..=) i'll catch up again soon..=) hugs ladies..


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I've read so much about YI here and I thought I could drop a note here too to share my experience and see if I can can some advise too.

I'm 25 this year and I got my 1st ever YI last month. Visited a GP and was given a pill to be taken orally and 2 pills to be inserted once a week.

I so swear my YI is caused by the antibiotic, Amoxicillin I've just taken for my throat infection 1-2weeks prior. But the same doc seem to brush it off when I brings that up.

Anyway, I was loads better after the oral med. With the insertion of the 1st pill, I felt that it was cleared. 2nd pill was for precaution.

At the same time, I was consuming (religiously) virgin coconut oil. My BF has YI 4 yrs back after taking the same antibiotic and he swears by coconut oil. Not too sure if it was the western med or the oil that cure me.

My consumption of the oil drops (not disciplined enough) and 1.5 months after the 1st YI, I've got it again

This time round I'm not visiting my GP yet as I heard the med can be quite toxic. I'm back to my coconut oil regime, hoping and praying it'll work...

I'm not too sure if this is enough to mean that I've recurrent YI. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I'm not. I've read up so much and become super paranoid. 

I've read somewhere in this thread that the no. of mths one takes to totally cure YI is equivalent to the no. of yrs she has YI. If I'm a new case, does it mean my speed of recovery is faster too?

Sandy, it seems that you have been a great help here and I learnt so much from your posts. I'm monitoring closely now. If I *touch wood* have YI again Nxt mth, wld you suggest that I make a visit to ur clinic. I want this problem to go away.. Can u let me know the rough cost?

Also, can anyone recommend me a good doc for PAP smear test?

Thank you so very much!
Hi shan,

Yes VCO(Virgin Coconut Oil) has it's anti-viral/fungal/bacteria benfits due to some short chain fatty acids thingy...haha..forgot it will help..but like everyone here, our bodies are different..w hat works for one may not work fully for the other..but generaly things should get better time is the only factor differntiating us all..=)
I hope ure go away using just VCO..=)

Docs will never say ABs cause YI cuz thatwill b the end of their belief in their own rice bowl...cuz they prescribe it so often.. if they're running their own practice.. the more they sell out the better earnings and better deals they get from the supplier...thats how things roughly work's much as some meds do help for urgent cases, i think consumers need to be more informed...=Z sadly, the world is FOOLED by the leading bodies..when it comes to medical science drugs and more more..shall spare u...hmmm...
Speed of recovery not only dependent on how long u've had YI..depends on the body's level of toxicity..or how well the body detoxes..for some get it for a few months but take long while to get rid it really depends...

I will PM u details...but it's not that I always share w ladies here abt my clinic..but the 1st visit is the killer, there after, not so bad i feel... cuz 1st consult is most ex. later reduced by quite a bit..3rd time on..

I would suggest u try DIY first,,,then if really can't then come in..=) but if u want a guidance of the doc then I'd say best to come in. cuz u can ask the doc more questions, some im not able to answer..=) but if u come in, I would also suggest to come for at least 3 visits...really.. cuz u'll see the results and not just 1x and then dun come back...i know the $ isa factor for most ppl here and i understand why but when u're ready to spend and do it one shot, it will save u the worry and stress...

Usually will put u on a 1 day diet, then come back after that 16 days(dependent on when u start ur 16 days)

2nd visit - maybe another easier diet + 1 more test(depends on ur symptom) sometimes no need any tests, and see u after 4-6weeks. u can drag this too haha..

3rd visit - maybe repeat the test in 2nd visit or other test(dependent on ur symptoms or what doc sees) u can choose to decline - but all tests here are non invasive, so no harm done to the body..=)

PAP smear - My gynae at KK - is pretty ok. slight discomfort only... Jasmine Mohd. she looks chinese..haha..=) she's also ok w natural meds - she will i told her I was on garlic and it helped and she asked me more abt it..cuz she saw my YI wasnt so bad...and she din prescribe me any oral meds/pess when I saw her cuz she respected my taking of garlic and natural stuff to I feel it's good to have her talk w me...

I saw another doc in the same clinic first(a more senior one) - and I changed to her..after a friend rec me to her...

But I think papsmear also dependent on whether ur cervix is inflammed or not,.if inflammed, of course will be more discomfort n slight pain...

anyway, dun be too hubs just called me paranoid this morning abt my diet n stuff.. yeah we quarrelled in the morning.. and I left the house without our usual kiss and hug good bye..=`( so sad.......

im givng him silent treatment though im also at fault but haiz...his smses after hurt...and i just din wanna rebutt back is true im paranoid and i try control things but having sara lee pound cake in the morning for breakfast, no fruits etc is just...not good..=( haiz...yes he is trying and his family isjust unhealthy(but recently getting better) but it just gets to me that their habits are just so....uugghh...=( they have like 4 tubs of saralee bought just cuz it's on they even know how much fat/sugar there is in there?? haiz.. there's only 3 of them at home.. I dun take cuz though I like it..i just stay away..=Z so haiz....haiz....dun wanna think liao lah..=`Z

just not feeling happy now..=`(

anyway, i'll pm u soon.


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HI Sandy,

HOw are you?

I confirmed YI cos I did the STD tests and pap smear test end of last year and the result shows candida yeast infection lol and the all other tests were negative. But like what I said that wasnt the complete STD tests. Now discharge looks normal but i still find it thicker than last time. And see if the normal discharge can last it till next PMS cos I know PMS changes our vagina PH. I had more than 5 times discharge a day when I had YI (discharge cheesy look and yellowish green, very itchy) NOw its like milk colour, when dry up on underwear its yellowish, only twice to 3 times small discharge a day. Not sure if this is consider normal la.

Yes I had watery stool for the past one week after taking oxy powder. I stopped yesterday cos 7 days cleanse completed. For maintanance I will take once a week or when I overeat. I don think I will be eating buffet anytime soon cos I want my YI to fully recover. I m still on candida diet but I had KFC for lunch cos my company's family day event. So this month end I will not have any fried food. After eating that, discharge still normal cos I think because of the oxy powder, it flushes the toxin out.

My diet now is that brown rice + 2 vegs and 1 meat for lunch + green apple and lemon juice. At night just vegs without rice. I try to find rice cake from the organic shop one day. Hardly can see organic shop around my house.
haiz .. now i cut down enzymes pills cos left 2 pills. haha.. will take it when I feel bloated. Now depend on my own body to digest the food. I try to eat very slow but still fast. Will let my food disgest in the body for at least 30 mins to 1 hr then drink water.

Will consider going to your clinic for a check when I m YI free for at least 3 mths. Anyway I intend to do STD tests and pap smear again in JULY/AUG.

Hey sandy, don argue with your hubby over diet, talk nicely to him k

Hi Shan,

It takes time to cure. I had YI for 6 mths, on and off then now trying to heal it. lets pray we recover soon .


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And I had one orange that day and also had fried bee hoon with vegs.. sinfu.. but craving for it for weekes. haiz.. I tot I can be on candida diet for at least 3 mths because I introduce oily food to my diet. suffering lol... .. now I eat chewable vitamin C 500mg alt days to replace sweets. . I think its good, hope there isnt sweetening inside. It says natural orange flavour.


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oh ya.. forgot to ask Sandy.. can drink Anlene milk? I heard YI cannot drink milk? How about rice milk? Thought of buying and drink that for breakfast.
Anlene is cow's milk. u can try Goat'smilk more ex$ and taste needs to be taken to. u can order from hay daries..=) they deliver fresh ones.

U can try rice milk too. =) rice dream choco flavour is nice..but take more of the plain ones..=) can have choco once in a while. =) u can warm it up if ur tummy cant take cold in the morning.

I like to scramble my own eggs and have them on rice cakes..asprinkled with paprika or some other spice. once I added wakame seaweed into my egg. not too bad.=) add mroe onions and other flvaours to give variation to ur eggs..=) heh..the sky's the limit what u like.. u put in..haha..=)

dun OD on Vit C. haha...we only need like 30 something mg or so per day..i think.. haha.. so most times we OD but we flush it out cuz it's not needed by body. so dun over take.. waste $ also.. comes out in urine..haha..

pls dun skip ur protein intake...take 1 step at a time. dun put 3 months... put 21 days at a time and from ther keep check. dun stress urself out..=)
just wanna share....
me not preggers- =Z results came back..
papsmear - negative - so im good. happy. =D
my pelvic scan - I missed my ovulation date - shows a corpus lutuem(one that remains behind to secrete hormones if egg gets fertilized), never make love.. = no baby..haha..
said I have a small cyst in my left ovary - no wonder I keep feeling slight pain..but gynae say not cuz of my cyst. she said nothing to worry...but haiz..2 yrs back - no cyst.. now have...hmmmz... hope it will go away naturally...=Z and my period hasnt arrived...I have long cycles...but this is kinda extremely long..gynae said to test again in 2 weeks if big auntie dun i hope all is well..

ive always had weird cycles... It was really good for a few months last year then I had wedding preps.. hay wire... now trying to get it back on track..=Z abit lost now...

will ask my doc at my clinic and see how..=Z hmmz..

pray my cyst will naturally go away...

but im happy all is well.. gynae also puzzled as to why my period not here yet..and not preggers on stick..haha...
she say preggers not so easy.. so try for another 6 months. hmmm...

memchoc, need ur advice if any...

will see...anyway....jia you ok? =) dun give up on ur battle of YI..=)


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Thanks Sandy.
Will fry egg and big onions (i love that) can I put long beans? I heard long bean not for YI ppl. bean sprouts etc. Gonna get onions tonight . hehee
Ok i think drink organic rice milk better. I bought one today. That day I bought plain yohurt but yuck, had one mouth then threw the whole cup away. BUt then I cant have those with fruit flavour. sad
I really have no choice but to control my diet. I don wanna it to come back. If I can drag i will drag as long as possible. really suffering.

Hope to hear good news from you soon. Good luck!


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It's amazing how you girls can have that discipline for the diet. And it's also what it scare me. i know it's good to maintain a good diet no matter what, but if I have recurring YI, it's more or less a MUST, Ive no idea how I can do that.

Anyway, not too sure if I'm getting better for my 2nd YI. Am having my menses now, have some "diaper rashes" that itch a lil', but I felt better.. Guess I'll have to wait to see.

As for VCO, I must say I think it really has it's health benefits. I've visited the GP at least once every month since Jan 11, for gastric, throat infection and fever. Since I've taken VCO, may is a GP-free month, although it was a hellish mth (work till wee hrs almost everyday). And the thing is, for u girls who cook, u can easily replace ur normal cooking oil w VCO (more expensive thou).

And Sandy, I've received your PM. Thank you so very much. It's certainty not cheap but not as scary as I thought too. Will consider even if I'm YI-free, I need to take care of my body soon. But must wait till I get a job, since I'm throwing in my letter soon. And I think you hubby sound sweet
willing to accomdate, guess sometime he just lose it. It is very hard for "junkie" to change their diet (speaking for myself).

We must all hit a wall first before knowing it's our only way to battle YI..haha..=) or if better, dun hit but yet still can stick to diet..=) hehe..

Yes VCO is good..=) when I have my own kitchen.. things will be different..=) Hope June is GP free for u...=) i got scolded by a doctor before.. I went to see him and said I dun need medication.. and he ask me so u come here for what....haha...i told him MC. whahah...wah he not happy man..that was cuz I keng lah...and I was just tired from teaching last time..wanted to laze in bed..first time I keng ahahah...but was funny. my hubs too keng we MC together back then.. we not married yet that time..hahah...last time so busy w work..wanted to just have a break mid week..hwhaha...

yes hubs is a sweet guy..wld not marry anyone else..=) hehe... had a good talk today w him in the morning..I called in to say I take morning off..hahaha...cuz main boss not in so I keng more..hahah...anyway...shared w him my frus and he too....=) anyway...

panda, yes u can put beans.. not like u eat every day also mah.. and beans as long not soya beans, ok. =) there are loads of beans out there...u cna take for protein alternative..=) go explore..=) ur ommelette is ur facv flavour..=) hehe...

Yoghurt - plain... add carrots..=) and other veggies that have a bit of taste..=) or u could have added it to a sauce or make cream soups..have a slight sour taste but u'll get used to it..=) next time I guess. but it's, once in a ok..

I was a junkie...i ate high fat high bread, high cheese, high chips, high sugar in poly right up til working..and mid way thru I changed...and felt so good.. so decided that lifestlye i had before though was very satisfying.... made me sick..=) didnt think it was so bad til i tried and sticking to it since..=) with bouts of falling behind on some occasions..=) but least I know now..=)

jia you...


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Hellooo Sandy,

Still cannot find the rice cake from organic shop lol.. Now I have no idea whats good for SNACKS. any recommendation? Other than the 3 meals daily, only water is allowed. haiz.. Hey I m finishing the probiotics soon, I need probiotics and the OLE that you said can replace my garlic pills. Need your help then
If take OLE still need to take salmon oil?

Shan, Jia you! Jia you! Have to force ourselves to be on candida diet.. haiz. no other choice.

Think my PMS is coming, had little brownish discharge today, not itchy and no smell.
Plus wish me luck cos I m having dept lunch this coming monday.. will choose the "right" food to eat.
hi panda,

hmmm....ok...let me know when..=)

Thre should be lei.. NTUC or Cold storage. go to the organix section they will have like puffed up rice cakes sold in like a cylindrical shaped 'bread' kinda way...haha..or rectangular ones...hmmm...
If not, Fu Lou shou will have... u can try City square mall's four seasons organic market. sure have..=) it's at farrer park mrt..

For now, take rice crispies in the morning mix w warmed rice milk..=) or warmed goat's milk..or if u really must, Soya milk (though we ask our patients not to take soya products during the 16-21 day diet..) or anything that is rice based on the shelves buy for now lor....

Salmon oil can still be taken w OLE, they work differently..=)Salmon oil is Omega..

Im waiting for my mense to come...this time round so bloody long.. worry me also....i do prggers test last week w gynae but still nothing...but scan showed corpus leutum which indicates I have ovulated...but me never make love to hubby those past days, so cant be preggers...=Z so waiting for a week or so and hopefully mense come = i know im still bleeding(fertile to some extent) worried and happy at the same time...but duno how to explain.. if preggers I happy if not i'll be more worried i guess..hmmm...sometime I see ppl, who dun want children get children just like hat.. n those who want dun get it...=`Z's a funny world....


did u ASK the staff if they have the rice cakes?? hmm.. NTUC also just ask lor..=) ask n shall receive...=)



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Thanks sandy, Yes I checked with the staff, they said not selling. guess i have to go NTUC to take a look. I have nothing to snack in the office lol.

Yes true enough, PMS today. stomach pain now as usual. I don know why this month so fast. my pms always 40 - 45 days and not 28 days. Last mth pms on 15, this month 14 so its 30 days. I hope next mth back to my normal cycle 40 days.. Hope not because of the supplements thats why my pms come earlier than expected. Actually am not happy that it came cos it changes my PH . wish after pms, no more YI.

What would your doctor recommend for snacks other than the rice cake?

Sandy, you are a nice gal, I m sure god will be fair to you once you are ready. Don stress yourself too much. Dont think of making baby but *making love* ok. You know what i mean? Plan for short holiday, 2 go 3 come back. hee. My frens said, after making love, put a pillow below your butt and raise your legs up high for 10 mins - 15mins. This allow the sperms to swim faster to meet your egg. try this.

No worries, your pms will come soon. guess you are too stress with your course and work. Relax relax and relax.
Thanks for the tip..=) sppreciate..haha..I did read up abt andmy husband alwasy too kancheong to raise my legs up was so funny i tell funny man..

hmmm.. I think it is good ur menses comes back to a regular 28-30 days trying to get back to this..which I started out with..since YI and all the stuff few years back my mense has gone haywire..then when I was on diet and supps, it started getting better, then i did a deeper detox and i didn't follow thru and didn't continue my supps from my mense is like super long treateing YI should decrease cramping pains too..I had really really really bad pians that I had to take the day off from teaching last time..and im so so so much better now.. I dun even have to pop a painkiller and sleep it off.. Its now just v slight cramping and discomfort but i can carry out normal routines.. SO this is now my mission for myself.. to get my periods back to a 30day cycle..= more fertile cuz more ovulation occurance per year = higher chance of dun say u hope for a 40-45 day cycle..=) hehe...=) last time I always hope my mense late so I can enjoy im the opposite..haha..=)

Detoxing and going on diet should help normalize ur cycles and hormone balances = better body..

Will remind myself to make love, and not jst baby.. but now my hubs have some prob w his not been at it for a while now..almost a month? haiz.have to postpone yet making sessions for at least another month and see when he want to start his diet...and hopefully in a month or so and not too long away..=Z

yeah hopefully im just stressed..w all the changes since I came back form honeymoon..=Z haiz...pray for me ladies..=Z

Calm down dear...take a breath.. i can sense your frustration. I work at a Naturopathic Clinic and have been helping the ladies here on how to cope with YI being a previous YI sufferer. I am currently YI free for a year after suffering for abt 4 yrs and only started on this long healing journey for 1-2 yrs before I actually saw some results... U may choose to come in to the clinic where I work as a clinic educator/assistant or u may choose to DIY.
However, with the consutation of a naturopathic Doctor, it would be good so u can ask questions and he wil be in a better position to clarify ur doubts/problems.

Currently now I do not know ur situaton, so u can PM me to share and from there I see what i can share wth you and if u need more i would advise for u to come in for a check. read up on my above post pn what my clinic would do..for YI patients.. cost wise I can pm u/ mail u so u can decide from there. I must say we are not that cheap, but I think reasonable over time.. cuz we're not subsidized unlike govt clinics..that's the down side but we do see lotsa YI cases.
anway, u can PM me details if u do not wish to openly share.. =)

1. How long have u had YI?
2. What's your diet like?
3. What supplements/medications are you currently taking? How long?
4. Are you ready for a small lifestyle change: inclusive of diet and supplements? not for lifetime but for a substantial amt of time dependent on your situation/how ong you've had YI for.

I say this because, for some, we take a longer time to heal. When our bodies are toxic and immunity is low we tend to get recurrent YI..cuz the body's natural micro-flora(bacteria/virus/fungus) that reside in our bodies(yes we still need them in a good amount to keep our bodies strong) is hay wire and when this happens, things happen... ur body is not clean anuf to clean up additiona stress cuz it's alrady trying to rebalance what is off balance...=)

so HERE, when we do this diet and supplement and detox, we are trying to REBOOT the system and change the terrain so that immunity goes up because micro-flora and stuff in ur body are back to normal..

Pls stop puttin garlic into ur vagina. If done, it shoud be wrapped in muslin cloth or cheese cloth(a very thin fabric) before insertion or it will burn(cuz of the natural chemicals in garlic) the internal skin lining. But personally, I dun like introducing things into my vagina. WHy? because, we do not know how sterile our hands or the item is and may make things need to be careful. could just make it worse, Cuz sometimes if we disturb the pH level it causes YI too..

From what I understand that it's v painful, = very inflammed internaly in the vaginal walls and cervix. swollen so iner-course will be painful. For this, no choice, u have to stop intercourse cuz the friction or the abrasion will make it worse. Yes it is sad we cant satisfy our hubbys but doing it wont help... definately frus between hubs n wife, but tak things out ok? not easy.. but there's help...slowly but surely...dun worry so much dear..

REad on above messages cuz Ihave written how /what to take.
but do send details of above questins so I can see how i can help u from there ok? =)



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It's officially so irritating. I'm having my 3rd YI, it has become a monthly affair.

Worst, I've just resigned, this means I'm watching my expenses
I gathered I'll be wasting my dollars going for the nauteopathic way bcos I can't never have such a strict diet.

No idea where to go from here....
Honestly, if you are not willing to make that change then u may have to suffer w it for longer time until you've really had enough of it...
Really sorry to ut it so bluntly..
But if you are willing to least take 1 step.. cut your sugar wheat and dairy...along with some supplements, u can see some changes..v slowly..longer = u will be more frus, u will end up giving up cuz u will see v slow or no progress..=Z

sometimes it is not just is environment toxicity - if u have mercury fillings in ur teeth, they are one of the causes too..

I know there is alot of things to focus on work on and do all at once...and it's stressful and $ is an issue.

I work part time and have less than 1k a month. but I choose to spend on my health..honestly, it's v tight but I can only make do, buy less of everything and think twice...i've been doing this for the past 2 years. I do crave for shopping but i value my health more than shopping so it's a paradigm shift for some...

Candida, once u have cleansed it out, it's hard to come back or takes long time to come back unless u go back to ur old ways and dun take care..

i.e u drive car, maintenance cost. If one part of the car got problem, we just do simple repair cuz it's cheaper.. yes it gets fixed but's a weakness of the car and the rest of the spare parts have to compensate..and down the road, somewhre else spare part will spoil cuz over load...cycle...and what happens in the end... u realise u have to do an overhaul which u should have done in the first place...

honestly, tts wat we all think is the best solution since we leave our jobs money coming in etc.. but really in the edn we lose so much more...

sit down, plan ur budget and put it aside...dun get me wrong. im not asking u to come in to where i work to get urelf healed but budget for supplements on your own and DIY...

There will never BE a right time for taking care of your health and ur is now or procrastinate until it gets severe and u realise u've struggled so much to keep it at bay u are tired to go on again..

sorry im not making uf eel worse but just painting sure most of the ladies can say similarly...

for u, if u really really can't.. it's a matetr of a mental change..
hit 21 days and u will feel u can actually do this and start finding a dun give up now dear...pls...

1. cut the sugar and wheat(where u can)
2. take olive leaf
3. probiotics

have more veges cuz they are more alkaline in nature = candida dun like alkaline bodies - they can't survive in there.. so veggies - cheap right?? make it a habit, go buy 3 simple veggies and have it every morning with your breakfast...
carrots, zucchini, for u case, tomatoes ok.. usually no tomatoes cuz its a fruit and has more sugar than most veg. eat this or change up he veggies... or drink veggie juice every start ur day..

cut the meat cuz acidic, u can stillhave ur meats...alternate with at rice stall order beans stuff long beans green beans as an alternative to ur meat,,.. fish is ok...=) fish have ur omega oils that's good.. beans are chaper source of meat anyway, so there u go...on cost saving...

dun eat vegetarian from the vegetarian stalls and order all the gluten stuff.. that's the WORST!

anyway, start fr here...if u cant cut the diet first. add the veggies...get used to it. and then start cutting the habit over time...
only thing is u have to suffer the YI...
add mroe garlic into ur diet..onions too..these are cheap and natural sources u can get...if u dun eant olive leaf, cheaper alternatiev is garlic pills... almost half the price..

but u're not on any blood thinning or heart medications right? cuz garlic thins the blood= helps w circulation...those already on chemical blood thinning it's gona thin it even more and it's dangerous.. so if you're normal and healthy.. it's fine...

i have to go do my asgt now..

dun be too worried abt ur expenses.. really, budget it and spend...u'll find another job soon.. money can always make back.....if u lose ur health.. u can't get it back even w the most powerful medication..or's the way the body is..u can restore but it takes lotsa time to fully recover and u're fighting against the environmeantal toxins, and natural aging process... etc...=)

Im sure u can do at least something...hope some pointers help above...
god bless


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ok . an update of my current YI.. after my last pms, i think still free of YI cos the discharge not itchy, just milky colour and when it dry up on panty, its light yellowish colour. No more cheesy look, more to watery. So I guessed its normal. Yet to go for another health screening cos have been busy with work lately. hope i can do one soon but wanna to give more time to heal my YI first.

I have been eating lots of probiotics and enzymes after every meal. I would eat oxy powder as and when I had junk food or overeat. I have failed to follow candida diet, about 5 times a mth (coming to 2 mths candida diet) So whenever i had junk food, i would use oxy powder to flush out. I promise myself from today till my HK trip on 27 July, i will not take any junk food. let my body have more time to heal.

That day I had 5 spoons of soya ice cream from mr bean (healtier choice i guess. heee), shared it with my fren at least i don feel so bad. Waited for 1mth+ to have my first ice cream, thats my fav dessert leh.. haiz..

Shan, I bought a big bottle of garlic pills, women multi vitamin and fish oil, if you wan that let me know. I can share some with you.
I cannot live without meat so just plan what to eat every week. Say, 2 days fish, 2 days meat etc. No fruits since i started candida diet but then i had one banana and orange that day.. aiya.. but at least not everyday right
just control, i m sure you can do it. If you have no $$ to buy supplements and worse refuse to be on candida diet then your YI cant heal. I think you should start candida diet first and when you have a job, buy supplements, probiotics a MUST, rest of the supplements, up to you.

Too bad, we cannot cure candida overnight.. haiz. Even medicines given by doctor are useless. wishing you and all of us swift recovery

I know we have to take more vegetables but we already have very poor disgestion, vegs are difficult to digest lol.. how?


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Shan, you said 3rd YI? that means you got it recently.. So much easier to cure it now then you delay and it becomes worse right?


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Hi sandy, I also have recurrent YI for about 2 years. Initially outbreak once a few month, now become a monthly affair, usually about one week plus before PMS. In terms of diet,I also cut all sugars and try to eat brown riced and whole grain bread.Taking probiotics and garlic capsules every day, but still doesn't work. Could you help me?
Hi maytong,
I have replied ur e-mail..
sometimes, it's not just ur diet.. it may be under-lying hormonal or organ dysfunction that on the medical level can't detect...
When u really understand how the body functions and how our organs are so interinked.. u will understand.. hard to expain here and I dun have full knowledge but when u come in.. my doc wil explain and u wil understand better..=) here we inform u of how body functions and how it affects and why some things we do simply just dun work.. and not just do test, get results, briefly explain and off u we will want to see u thru the wil take time and some money,, like anywhere else but it's realy worth it...=)

there are different stages when u come see us cuz
1. cean up fungus
2. clean up matrix(help w detox)
3. cean up any environmenta toxicity
4. repair ur guts..(quite impt) cuz if dun repair, gut will casue alot of other issues..

basically, we have come to this stage cuz we have over worked out 4 eiminative systems and our body just cannot take it and other organs compensate to cover up whatever other organsa re lacking..and when this happens.. hormones and other chemicals produced by the body to manage stuff wreaks havoc..over time..we see problems... but these symptoms can't be detected in blood tests.. these are pre-clinical...once it hits a clinical stage it's actually bad already... know what I mean?

it's ike depression.. u have symptoms of depression but when assessed, clinic wil say nothing wrong..and it's just stress or what... then when u fall into clinical depression, it takes alot more effort $ and time to overcome and relapse tends to happen..

so we are all abt prevention and rebooting the restore it to original as best as we can...
we are not quick fix we need to give our selves the time to heal..=)

hugs.. we're al here w you.
oh... I have been YI free for 1 yr 1 month... since last year May..=) after healing for 1-2 years...=) heehe...sothere's hope for all..=)
Hi maytong,
I have replied ur e-mail..
sometimes, it's not just ur diet.. it may be under-lying hormonal or organ dysfunction that on the medical level can't detect...
When u really understand how the body functions and how our organs are so interinked.. u will understand.. hard to expain here and I dun have full knowledge but when u come in.. my doc wil explain and u wil understand better..=) here we inform u of how body functions and how it affects and why some things we do simply just dun work.. and not just do test, get results, briefly explain and off u we will want to see u thru the wil take time and some money,, like anywhere else but it's realy worth it...=)

there are different stages when u come see us cuz
1. cean up fungus
2. clean up matrix(help w detox)
3. cean up any environmenta toxicity
4. repair ur guts..(quite impt) cuz if dun repair, gut will casue alot of other issues..

basically, we have come to this stage cuz we have over worked out 4 eiminative systems and our body just cannot take it and other organs compensate to cover up whatever other organsa re lacking..and when this happens.. hormones and other chemicals produced by the body to manage stuff wreaks havoc..over time..we see problems... but these symptoms can't be detected in blood tests.. these are pre-clinical...once it hits a clinical stage it's actually bad already... know what I mean?

it's ike depression.. u have symptoms of depression but when assessed, clinic wil say nothing wrong..and it's just stress or what... then when u fall into clinical depression, it takes alot more effort $ and time to overcome and relapse tends to happen..

so we are all abt prevention and rebooting the restore it to original as best as we can...
we are not quick fix we need to give our selves the time to heal..=)

hugs.. we're al here w you.
Ok panda,
Must eat vegetables... they have phytochemicals also a need in healng process.. vegetables must accompany w water...2L at least... if not u wil be constipated. no matter what U stil need ur fruits... ur enzymes will hep with breakdownbut what can't be browken down will flush out and thiw fibre also helps w cholesterol lowering and keeping u feel full..(delayed stomach emptying) and it's alkalizing to our body so it is quite necessary in the diet.. esp now u cut fruits on Anti-candida's quite essential...

SO pls have ur vege..ok?

There's also no point doing a non strict diet cuz it doesnt help much.. If u want to do it, do it strictly and for 16-21 days at least in a row...if not u will keep pro-longing...yes after 21 days.. u can give ursef a break.. and YI may come back again...but it's this cleansing and cleansing over time that helps with healing..=)

its really ok to treat urself once in a while we deserve it..

abd yes, shan, panda is right to say, if u cant buy supplements yet, start changing ur diet first...then slowly add the supps. when u're more stable..=) when u can overcome the diet= habits and lifestyle change..(means letting go of some aprties or friends outings) u will gain self-discipline..= beneficial in many aspects of ur life too..=)
gtg... got prstn tonigt at so tired lately...working on asgts and prstn...not enuf so tired todat at wrk.. havent finish tonight's report and prstn.. gotta get on it n print and leave..=Z



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Hi all, thanks for great sharing here (although I haven't finish reading all the post here). I have been reading this post since April and this is my first post in this forum. I had YI for one year and I think it is time to chase it away.

I read some books but still not sure, so I decided to visit the clinic that Sandy works. Wish me luck. I will update the process.

Hi Sandy, I am already on candida diet for about 2 weeks, will it affect the test results? Do you have other tips for visiting the clinic? Thanks a lot.
hi chun chun, have replaied ur e-mail.

if u wnat u can go online to our website, download the patient form so when u come in, just submit that to us, it will speed up the process, u no need to waste 1 5 min sitting n filling in form..=)

jusy look for sundardas naturopathic clinic online, can find. =)
oh yah.. u being on diet wont affect. =) can continue.. and let the doc know..=) also need to know what u are doing and taking while on this diet.. so can have better understanding.. =) come in and explain to me ok? =)


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hi sandy, can I ask you beside machine checking, supplements and candida diet (16 to 21 days), what other treatments will be carried out in your clinic? For example, candida detox or yeast detox to clear the intestine.
Will YI come back again even after all these therapies?


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Hi Sandy

Thanks for your reply and email. Too bad I can't meet you because my appointment is on Saturday.

I have filled the form, do I need to post it in or just bring along with me?

Another question is the diet that the doc will ask me to take it the same for everyone with YI or still depends on individual?

How do you eat outside or attend party/gathering when you are on diet?

Thanks a lot.
May Tong,
first consult usually will have allergies testing - we dun do too many at one time cuz we do step by step clearing...first is 16-21days...

sencond consult depending on how wel u've done in step 1, does no meancandida will clear withing may still be present..and may have urine test - test for heavy metal poisoning or gut health...then he will treat u at so called stage 2...prob 4-6weeks...

3rd consult.. depends on 2nd stage lor... we can't do all at once because we need to 1.not overwork ur body..2. clear it eve by level from superficial to point cleaning deeper level when outside still not cleansed? know what I mean? it's a logical sequence..=)

Form u bring in no need post.

Doc wil put all patients w candida on diet and supplements - standard supps and diet..

stage 2 then he ooks more at the deeper leve to treat..cuz w candida clear it is alot manage...

YI is hard to come back once u have got it to a good level and healed ur gut lining and ceaned out ur system to a good level...this takes a while...for me im on n off on diet...and I feel fine...but I can feel my system getting sluggish again.. cuz Inever maintain...hahaha...human lah..just need to relax..then..sometimes we take ti for grnted...for me at no discomfot n all so i feel safe..but I know Ihave to watch it...=) that it will take sometime...and again IF u are not careful w your diet and health...

It's abt maintenance...if u dun eat right or live right...things go wrong..same for health..=) wegot here in the first place because we were doing somethings wrong...until our body can't manage... so by gng ona good diet...and some supplements..for helped.. which means.. the diet is good for u....of course once YI is cleared u can start intro previous foods again...just in good portions and a healthy diet to keep body in shape..=) know what I mean? =) u'l find ur balance over time.. im stil finding and continuously improving mine..=)

So far im free from YI for a year plus... so im keeping it this way...=) so far so good..=) havent been taking my supps..for a year already...only occasionally when I feel sugglish tired or feel im gonna fall sick or tired i will jst olive leaf and enzyme...

I should maintain my pro-biotics enzymes but I never...i m starting to go back on again...cuz my stomach bloated now adays.. never take care went for yeary blood test.. my cholesterol high ahh..die..hahah.. my doctor see ask me what happened...hahah..=P so now im starting on my probio n enzymes..=P

chun chun...OIC...okie..=) sorry can't be there...cuz I dun work sats...but we can continue our chats or queries here..=)

good question on parties..I do go.. But I do my best...i.e. party with alcohol, sweet cakes desserts, pizza, beehoon etc... all that u can't eat...Im sure there are thigs where u can find to eat...choose what's best...

for me.. I do drink whenmy friends had a pizza party...i was bummed..but I stil went cuz it's social...Idid eat half a pizza slice...i stayed away from alcohol cuz that's absorbed thru the stomach lining so it's immediate caloires and sugar...
I dun take the cakes n choice..I ate whatever veggies and proteins there were to fill up...and carbos that was of rice based...=) and bring my own water....=) though im tempted to drink the drinks there..I dun..its nothing but sugar and it's bad anyway...=)

U can eat the stuff but limit ur intake..=) follow thru with supps and diet thereafter..=) u need to enjoy life too.. but if it is party every weekend...well, it's a matter of what u value then.. for me.. I turn down some invitations cuz I know I had enuff for the week.. yes, sad but I will be in a worser state if i dun exert self control esp whenu know u are in the beginning of things... once u say no once or twice.. u make ur stand...u feel bad for a while..but pp will get used to u...and ur diet...dun need to expain to family called me a freak but I had my reasons and now Im YI free and IM SO's al worth it..realy..=) it builds self discipline and control..=) ok i talk alot liao... just do ur best...=)

jia you!!


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Hi Sandy, thank you for your detailed explanation. I am so glad to have you in the forum...

Ya, must enjoy life too.. I prepared my list of questions to ask the doctor.. Hopefully my doubts will be clarified..

I think I am ready to follow the diet strictly since I am already on a diet for 2 weeks..must try my best to get rid of this nasty dis-ease..

Thanks again. good night!


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HI Sandy,

Nice meeting you that day.. hope the amount given to you is correct

1. Can I take flu vaccine? cos I m going HK soon
2. Can I take sunblock pills? Cos I m going for face laser soon, doctor advise me to take sunblock pills, much better than applying sunblock cream.

Thank you
Thanks... yes it is..=) u work at singhealth?

Vaccine - it's a choice..

for me i dun take cuz I just boost immunity before I go..Ive been to cambodia thailand vietnam..n im fine...w/o vaccincation... read up on vaccines to understand them and make ur choice from there..

but if u really no time n also scared.. then take..=) haha..even now w birdflu..i take risk...

I always ask myself.. if ppl in HK dun get burdflu and their standard is similar to sg(hygiene wise) i dun bother.. unless they say it is in they city area where the ppl catch birdflu or whereever you are gng to..have birdfu outbreak, then take...

then again, vaccines are only specific to strains..there as so many strains out there, how'd u know which would come into contact with? but I guess with the anti-body in ur system, it can fight off to some extent...some vaccines dun do good..but this one u need to read up..=) or ask ur doctor to be blatantly honest w you..(which I doubt he would anyway) haha..=)

but just do it if u must..=) ok? dun think so much..if this puts ur heart at ease...

sunblock pill - i never read up on how they work so...i duno...the only natural one I heard of is's also a supplement sunblock..=) Im still something I need to read up and learn myself..=P haha..

but I agree.. the cream will not do ur skin good if u gng for laser soon...just keep clean and well moisturized with loads of water from within..=) it's actually the best moisturizer we have..haha...

okie.. hope I din cause u more confusion..haha..=)


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Sandy, how do you boost immunity before you travel? I do not know the brand of flu vaccine the clinic is using. I think HK should be ok in term of hygiene wise. I don wanna take the vaccine if possible cos I m not sure if it will worsen YI lol. I tot if I have YI then my immunity is low? don wanna catch flu because of that lol.

I m asking the person whom I bought the oxy powder from to ans the question about sunscreen pill. Couldn’t find any articles about this online. Hope he can help. Worried.

Yes, thanks, will drink lots of water. Nope you didn’t not confuse me. Don worry.

And btw, do your clinic sells those test kit for candida?