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Yamaha Music School or Cristofori

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Hems, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Hems

    Hems New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm planning to enrol my kids in a music school but not too sure of their curriculum and pattern. Could anyone advise? Yamaha Music School or Cristofori.?

  2. Madjar

    Madjar New Member

    If your children are talented, they could study playing musical instruments even at home. What instrument are they interested in? For example, my elder son is begining to play guitar this year. So, I am going to buy a new guitar for him (some of those https://musiety.com/an-expert-squier-jaguar-review/). I see he is really good in guitar and he learns it himself because he wants.

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