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Xin Yi Pin Catering

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by wawapiggyling, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Anyone tried their baby full month buffet package? I have received their brochure from the mail and they offer very attractive prices.

    I can't find any reviews on the web so hope some mummies who have ordered their food share the experiences here. Thank you!

  2. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

  3. skyspectrum05

    skyspectrum05 Member

    are they good?
  4. pink_minnie

    pink_minnie New Member

    Think twice before order Sim K Y. We tried, After awhile their cake turn out to had weird smell! Received a baby full cake from a relative and turn out to be a 'free detox' for days!
    The catering was worst it look nice from the outlook but u wont know what u biting and munching. A frenz of us bite a files or something like insect cos there was still wing. We was still joking and teasing her it could be the particular herb use for that dish.. LOL.. Been experience twice with them so for us personally we definitely will not order or try ecreative or Xinyipin (sis company of ecreative) whether is cake or buffet. Is gonna be a No No No to us even thou there is people telling us the food is nice for xinyipin but nobody know what sort of herb we be eating!
    Now, having to planned for a party and is a headache for me w regard on the catering.... -.-" anyone mommies/ daddies can recommend or share catering lately?? Left with 2weeks to planned... Sigh.. Suppose to settling with Xinyiping but now... Hiaz....
  5. skyspectrum05

    skyspectrum05 Member

    oh my gosh .... thinking of meihao99. online review not bad leh ... :p
  6. pink_minnie

    pink_minnie New Member

    Sim: when ur party/ event? Have u try before?
  7. phloxs

    phloxs Member

    Can try Chun Man Yuan. I have been using them for
    A few times. They are not bad. Their satay are yummy. [​IMG]
  8. skyspectrum05

    skyspectrum05 Member

    Joey, mine is ard end Aug. Urs?
  9. silvery_gal

    silvery_gal Member

    i tried meihao99 for a few times. not bad.
  10. joyinsep

    joyinsep Member

    Don't take Xin Yi Pin, bad experience with them.

    Lousy customer service, pathetic food qty, food was late for 30min or more...
  11. sundaymorning

    sundaymorning Member

    Xin Yi Pin is horrible totally agree!
  12. pink_minnie

    pink_minnie New Member

    Hi Sim K Y, Have you try Mei Hao for your last years event? Very Sorry, miss ur message.. surprisely it did not appear until today.. LOL -.-'

    Last year i took Team catering, Excellent, 2 thumbs up [​IMG] Only caterer i will give 10 upon 10 stars..

    Ended up you took which caterer? Will you be hiring any caterer this year? [​IMG]
  13. chrisyee31

    chrisyee31 New Member

    their after service sucks till the max. even we said we wana bring the issue to "case", the managment also dont bother to talk to us.. conclusion is i wnt recommend to anyone. i rather pay more to have a better service and end with a happy event. they really spolit my mood on my baby full month due to their late delivery and their management.
  14. pink_minnie

    pink_minnie New Member

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear that... The most important ur child is happy and healthy... don't spoilt the mood because of them..
    Take this as a experience and share with people surround you...
    My incident with them got me into terrible madness and forbid with catering, and i try Team Catering! It change my thought.. very nice caterer... they can even personalise upon request.. give them a try next time...
  15. katherine

    katherine New Member

    I had them in dec last year and was ok. Timing is on time, food not fantastic but I just want a caterer who can provide ang ku kueh and cakes at same time so they are convenient.
  16. Linda Tuan

    Linda Tuan New Member

    Hi, can you recommend the must have dishes?

  17. sugarfat

    sugarfat New Member

    We tried both XinYiPing and MeiHao, we prefer Meihao as their food is better, presentation also nicer.
  18. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    SO conclusion: xin yi pin no good? I wanted to try as their brochure looks so nice exactly pics like neo gdn..was so blown away by the pictures and prices, but now having heard all the feedback...do u have other caterer to recommend?

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