Wyeth S26 Promil Gold Follow On Milk Formula - Step 2 for sale !


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I'm selling the above item at $48 each.

Suits babies 6 months and above

Net weight -900g

Expiry date - 2/6/2020

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Collection places :

Monday and Friday evenings-Clementi mrt

Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30pm-woodlands mrt

Thursday evenings-Chinese garden mrt

Weekdays daytime-city hall mrt

Weekends-tiong bahru mrt

Interested? Pls contact me

Thanks !

Item Description

For babies 6 months onwards Specialized 26 ingredients, complementing the learning environment to nurture your child’s ingenious mind 1. 3x more DHA An important building block for brain and eyes development in children 2. Lutein A predominant component of the retina of the eye 3. Choline Helps to support overall mental functioning


1. Add 210ml of previously boiled lukewarm or cooled water to a cup

2. Add 7 level scoops of powder and mix until dissolved

• Note:

1. Comes in powder form to be mixed with water to make a nutritious feeding

2. Each can contains a scoop for preparation

3. Always replace plastic lid after use


• Store in a cool dry place

• Use within 4 weeks of opening

• Avoid prolonged storage at excessive temperatures