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Wyeth S26 Gold for infants - Anyone has good feedback

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by ryanwee, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. ryanwee

    ryanwee New Member

    I was recommended Wyeth S26 Gold and my baby has been feeding on this FM and BM since birth. The milk is prety expensive and was thinking of changing but I notice that the cheaper brands e.g. Frisco require twice the amount of milk powder for the same volume of milk. Does this mean the cheaper brands are not cheap after all? Anyones has any comments?

  2. littlebearmum

    littlebearmum New Member

    Hi, i plan to let my baby try this brand also in case i dont have enough BM (but baby haven't come out yet [​IMG] I heard good comments from my friend. Do you think it's worth the money ?
  3. mrschng

    mrschng New Member

    S26 is one of the cheaper ones leh...

    I can recommend u where to buy

    My boy was given S26 in hospital so I didn't change cos scare he dun like...

    I bought 1 tin at $23 at a medical shop call JintaiTung at Rivervale Plaza... Can try there. every 3 tins, $1 discount..

    alot of ppl say S26 very heaty then bb cannot poo poo.. so far my boy still ok... occasionally then 2 days poo once...

    Heard from my MIL , it's an old brand so it's gd... my hubby also grew up on S26 heee..

    SO now BB 9 months, he on Promil gold, which is the version on S26 after he 6 mths or older.. (Vanilla flavour)

    ALso ok...

    My comments [​IMG]
  4. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    we ususally buy from Sheng Shiong
    cheaper around $25

    my 2 girls drank S26 Gold
    the younger one follow through all the way to promise 4 gold

    both very chubby
  5. michellek

    michellek Active Member

    my gal also on S26 since day 1, when not enuf BM.
    however, like wat u said, no cheap! but sheng shiong selling cheaper than Shop n Save.
    but medical hall downstairs my house also selling cheaper than the supermkts
  6. babypony

    babypony New Member

    i myself was fed with S26, now i let my both my sons feed on S26 from birth till when they reach 6 months, there after, my elder son was on enfa..

    now my younger son was on the new version of S26, pretty good and not as heaty as the previous one.
  7. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    I am a 1980 mama... was drinking S26 when I was a baby. My son was having it when he was an infant too. S26 is more "heaty" for some bb and might cause constipation. BUT bb who suits S26 will be very plump. =)
  8. mei_lik

    mei_lik New Member

    I am a S26 kid and let my new born feeds on it too. So far so good.

    My comments are exact with Mrs Chng about constipation. It all depends on individual baby. Got to try and know.
  9. sane

    sane Active Member

    Is promil gold the follow on milk for S26?
  10. nax

    nax New Member

    bestwishes, yeah you are right, promil gold is the follow on after S26 gold..

    S26 Gold
    Promil Gold
    Progress Gold
    Promise Gold
  11. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Now no more S26 Gold liao, they rename to S26 Alpro if I am not wrong. It cost $31 from Cold Storage. Cos I am expecting my 2nd child, was looking for S26 Gold. Called Wyeth and the lady told me that there is an added ingredient so there is an increase in pricing.
  12. suesue

    suesue New Member

    Y compromise on bb milk when they r so used to it ?? problem wif poo2, lessen the milk powder then.. my first born weight 3.1kg back in y2k.
    Now he is on my shoulder level. i m 1.55 tall.
    just a tot..
  13. coconut_k

    coconut_k New Member

    was trying to get a tin of S26 gold (since my bb was given that while in hospital) but noted NTUC has 2 types - one is S26 Alpha pro and another one is with "rumusan bayi". like to find out if there is any difference between the two
  14. inmc76

    inmc76 New Member

    Actually i found out that there is no difference in the S26 alpha pro and the one with malay wordings. Called wyeth and they explained that all the products are made in singapore, but the malay words one are to be exported to Malaysia for sale. Thus those sold in singapore, will carry eng text...they are in all supermarkets already.. Shud be very high quality products considerign singapore standards...i feel safer....i agree too that baby on s26 much stronger...!! [​IMG]
  15. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Does anything know where to get the cheaper prices of Promil Gold, Progress Gold, Promise Gold 4?

    NTUC is selling at $56.40 for 2 x 900g for Promil Gold.

    Promise Gold 700g x 2 at $31.90
  16. ruthie_girl

    ruthie_girl New Member

    Hi, I have 12 cans of s26 alpha pro 900 g which I would like to sell as I am still breastfeeding. Will sell them at 20% discount. Please email me at gawai@singnet.com.sg if you're interested.
  17. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    i hv a can of 400gm S26. to sell . exp 27 feb 09
    collect at sengkang (opp punggol park)
    selling at $5
  18. na_na

    na_na Member


    I have 10+ bottles of S26 ready to feed to give out for free since i am still breastfeeding.

    Interested, pls PM me.
  19. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    does Wyeth gives free samples? Am thinking of switching him from Gain IQ as S26 is cheaper. Which type of milk should he take for a 2 years old? Progress Gold?
  20. html2005

    html2005 New Member

    Hi na_na,
    I would like to get the free S26 bottles from you. Are they still available ?
  21. feliciarosey

    feliciarosey Active Member

  22. feliciarosey

    feliciarosey Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi Blueblue, Progress Gold is for 1 to 3 years old kid. And Promise Gold is for 3- 7 yrs old kids.</font>
  23. angelwong03

    angelwong03 New Member

    Hi Felicia, may i have your contact no? I wanna buy the milk powder. tks.
  24. kelaitre

    kelaitre New Member

    Hi,i have 4 bottles of 900gm S26 1 Gold for sale at $15 each.
    Expiry is on 25 Apr 2009.
  25. hunnylemon

    hunnylemon New Member

  26. steven168

    steven168 Member

    so S23 is it safe?
  27. nax

    nax New Member

    I am also keen to find out if the milk powder is safe. Seems like the contents of the pdf is targeting at importers but not consumers?
  28. steven168

    steven168 Member

    someone say in another forum...

    Hi Mummies,

    I have also called up to AVA...they have clarified tt the news is only for traders to inform them of products from countires such as USA, Malaysia, Australia n etc... contains Lutein n not approved by AVA..

    But products in Singapore does not contains any lutein..therefore it's safe for children to consume..n also REMEMBER not to buy the products from other countries except Singapore..
  29. misspiggy

    misspiggy Member

    Not quite true... These containing lutein are also made in singapore.

    If you buy from medical halls you may buy those meant for other countries' market (which may contain lutein)... I called wyeth hotline and was told: Singapore manufactures for other countries (not meant for singapore market) and export them. Some parallel importers in Singapore imports them back to Singapore. So safter to buy from ntuc n cold storage etc big supermarkets.

    Having said that, lutein is not exactly harmful, its an addictive not approved by AVA.
  30. trish_77

    trish_77 New Member

    What piggy had mentioned is true. I called up AVA too ;p
  31. nax

    nax New Member

    Hmmm.. then is there any way to see from the milk powder can??
  32. bluencream

    bluencream Member

    I read somewhere that it is mentioned in the ingredients list.
  33. bluencream

    bluencream Member

    I read somewhere that it is mentioned in the ingredients list.
  34. angelwong03

    angelwong03 New Member

    Hi, is there anyone have 200gm promil gold samples?
    I would like to give my baby a try b4 buying the 900gm one..
  35. trish_77

    trish_77 New Member

    Hi Angel Wong, please PM me. I have some promil samples for you to try if you are still keen [​IMG]
  36. alynnk

    alynnk Member

    Lutein is an antioxidant, belonging to the carotenoid family. Lutein can be found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards, kale and broccoli, various fruits and corn. Egg yolks are also sources of lutein. It is used to prevent eye diseases. You can google it.
  37. maesiew

    maesiew New Member

    Hi, I had just let my girl try Promil Gold.

    She was on Similac since birth till now she don't like the taste anymore.

    Tried Friso, she likes it better but never finish.

    Last 3 x 180ml feedings she finish every single drop! Never happens before lor!

    Is it because it's sweet? Good for baby not?

    Drink Weyth brand powder will be chubby?! She was never chubby before leh... Hahaha.. Won't be obese hor?!
  38. cypress

    cypress New Member

    I find Wyeth milk powder very sweet. Am looking for formula for my 1 year old baby. Pls advise.
  39. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I tink S26 is a good brand for babies. All my 3 kids drinking S26.
    Too sweet? I tink is acceptable coz i taste it myself.
    Constipation? I tink is depends on individual coz my kids dun haf the probs and my kids love vegetables alot. If ur babies happpens to have constipation just let them have plenty of water.
  40. sunshinebaby001

    sunshinebaby001 Active Member


    Anyone has s26 milk powder for 0-6mths to let go? Pls PM me if you are selling any. Thks..
  41. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    You can get free sample from gynae. They normally will give out 900g S26 stage 1 for mummy
  42. wschin

    wschin New Member

    Hi, I have
    3 cans of 900g S26 for sale. selling @ $27/tin. Brand new

    3 cans of 400g S26 follow on (promil Gold)for sale. selling @ $10/tin. Brand new
    expire: pls contact me for the latest expiry date

    interest pls sms me @96358465
  43. miki

    miki New Member

    Hi sunshine baby I have s26 stage 1 to let go at $25.
  44. carolorac

    carolorac Member

    Hi all,

    I have Promil Gold w lutein, 400g to let go cheap @ $10.

    U can sms me @ 97308269. Thanx!
  45. teng2

    teng2 Member

    Anyone has S26 (stage 1) to let go? Prefer the new formula with Lutein. Pls email me at tengteng81@gmail.com Thanks!
  46. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    i hv S26 900gm let go at $20 -Brand New
    not new formula
    self collect rivervale link
    pls pm me

  47. giffy

    giffy New Member

    hi i hv 1 BN tin S-26 Progress Gold 3 400gm
    exp feb 2012 selling $12
    collect bt panjang
    PM me if keen [​IMG]
  48. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    BN tine s26 to give away.. 900gm
    pls self collect
    cos a mummy reserved for soooo long and now i hv to give away..
    exp nov 2010
  49. kimifin

    kimifin New Member


    I tried to contact you from your WTS site, but was "blocked"...

    email me @ kimifin@gmail.com
  50. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    i have brand new and sealed s26 promise gold,700grams,exp:02082011 if interested,please pm me

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