WTS: TIME LIFE A Child's First Library Of Values


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Hello mummies,

I am selling a preloved set of TIME LIFE A Child's First Library Of Values.

It comes with the complete set of 16 books, tapes and the box. It includes 15 titles and a parents' guide book.

I find the books to be beneficial for my children when they were young, the stories are very interesting and with beautiful illustrations. My younger daughter likes reading a lot and she would often reread these books. The stories are also varied and touch on different topics like obedience, kindness, caring for the environment, accepting ourselves, etc. Knowledge is important but I find not many books touch on values, so this set was quite essential in cultivating values in my kids. At the very least, I also find my daughter's English improving after reading them, and she said she really enjoyed them!

I'm selling them because they've grown up and we plan to move house in the next 1-2 years, so I hope this set can go on to other families where their children can also enjoy the books.

I bought it at the original price of around $800+, but I'm letting the whole set go at $200. The books are in near excellent condition, only some of the first few pages have a little browning.

Please PM for more information.