WTS: Chinese Idioms Books for children




Brand new in bag (BNIB)
4 books of Chinese idioms

Only meet ups available as the books are VERY bulky and it will costs alot to mail out unless top up $6 for local courier

1st book - Chinese idioms stories explaining idioms in story form for easy learning. 成语故事, 用个故事来解说成语
2nd book - Chinese idioms games to allow learning of idioms in a fun way. 成语游戏, 用游戏的方式来让孩子学成语
3rd book - Chinese idioms exercise to let children complete to gauge their understanding of the idioms. 成语练习, 给孩子练习题目来考考他们对成语的理解
4th book - Chinese idioms formation words to allow children to learn how to form the next idioms with the last word of the first idiom. 成语接龙, 教孩子怎么用第一个成语来接下去另一个成语

Only $16 for all 4 books!!

The books are good for school children advancing to primary school as well as for current primary school children.