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Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by shiang, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. shiang

    shiang Member

    pls pm me price w postage

  2. shiang

    shiang Member

  3. shiang

    shiang Member

    looking at 0.3 per point w postage
  4. Hi selling ntuc points at $0.40 per point

    Do let me know if u r keen... You can contact me at 97711240

    I do a lot of shopping at ntuc so will have lots of points coming in...
  5. Dande

    Dande Member

    I hv 11 points at $4.40 with postage. PM me if keen.
  6. berrymum

    berrymum Member

    I have 13 points. at $5.20 includes normal postage. If keen, pm me. Thanks.

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  7. missbluey

    missbluey Active Member

    i have 7 points on hand. keen?
  8. 30012011

    30012011 Member

    i have 9 pts at $3.60 mailed. let me know if ure keen.
  9. reika

    reika Member

    Hi, 6 points at $2.20 mailed. PM me if keen.
  10. bur

    bur Member

    I have lots of points. Sms me at 81026539 to deal. Thanks
  11. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Have about 5 points at $0.30 each exclude postage. Pm if interested
  12. Hello, I have many points at $0.20 each including postage.
  13. z0z0

    z0z0 Member

    20 points @ $8 inclusive of postage. PM for fast deal.
  14. shiang

    shiang Member

    still looking
  15. berrymum

    berrymum Member

    Hi, I have 16 points at $6.40 including postage. Thanks.
  16. Faq

    Faq Member

    Hi I have 12 points at $4 mailed
  17. missbluey

    missbluey Active Member

    7 points $2.80.
    pm me if keen.

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