WTA: What is the best recommended baby wipes?


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I am a P-Plate father of Nov 2011. Just wondering wat is the best recommended baby wipes available in the market.

Market infested with a lot of cheap wipes, resulting in smll wipes, dry wipes, over wet wipes....currently using J&J wipes.Wondering if there is any with more antiseptic effect to prevent rashes but gentle to baby skin.

Baby currently using huggies NB , was on trial test on Mammy Poko . Result was good. Proceding to try Goo.n.



pureen r good, very moist, not like J&J. kkh's outlet always hv good offer, better than during any expo sales.

if bb is bf, shld stick to cotton balls n water at hme, more gentle to the skin.

as for antiseptic effect, best to chg soiled diapers as often as possible, cos trying to save on diapers is not the way to prevent nappy rash, oso try to air the buttock for a sec or 2 before putting on new diaper. use desitin oso.




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I use pureen too though to be honest I don't use it for a baby (yet), but for my puppy lol it's not so thin like other brand I tried and the price is reasonable too.



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i like pigeon too =) they are of good quality and many choices!

Anti bacti, hand & mouth wipes and moisturizing cloth wipes ( the best)!

The lady from cheong choon recommended for me and it was great =D



Hi, I just bought pigeon wipes from isetan today. Sale price is 19.50 for 6 x 82 refills. I think I got the one with camomile in it...

Pigeon was recommended by many friends - they said good specifically for newborns coz it's very gentle and moisturizing. But we can switch to other good cheaper brands once baby grows abit..

I myself am a big user of wet wipes. Been using it myself to wipe hands (always have it in my purse) and pigeon wet tissues is definitely one of my faves.



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hi wens~ i bought it at 2 for $14 for the moisturizing cloth wipes, i open and try first ( before my baby arrive) it's like soft cloth and not drying the skin. really good for newborn babies =)

for the normal 3 in 1 wipes i got it at $9 =)

*much cheaper than most places & they have free delivery for above $200 bucks =) good service, but you have to know what you what before ordering.

i suggest you can make a trip down to cheongchoon and have a look =)

or call at 65323855, Ms winnie




i think Tollyjoy's Wet Wipes is good enough..no need to buy ex wipes like pigeon or johnson..my baby has sensitive skin & Tollyjoy wipes good enough for her.



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Hi i prefer pigeon wipes.. Not too wet esp whn in air con room, e wipes wun b too cold for bb.. Whn i discharged frm Mt A they gave us e remaining wipes of j&j.. It was so wet n cold n my bb alw cry when cleaning her. End up we adults use e wipes.. N bought her pigeon's wipe..



I switched Pigeon to Angel.. I find this brand is cheap and good.. Have been using it since my boy is 3mths till now 3yrs+. u can get it from John Little.. 3packs costs $5.50 i think..



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my personal favorite is still pigeon's wipes cos' its easy to pull and does not tear easily...not too soapy as well....[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] i also use their hand & mouth wipes for outdoor...



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I've found Tushies very useful for my twin boys. One of the boys seems to have more sensitive skin than the other and these wipes have been great for her leaving no red marks unlike some other brands. Not to mention both of the boys are going through some teething problems at the moment so we're going through more dirty nappies a day, and still no sign of nappy rash.



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Pigeon, easy to pull. Pureen, comes out one at a time, not convenient if ur using one hand while e other hand holding baby, but scent is much nicer than Pigeon.



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Zappy. Its 100% organic, so it is multi-purpose. I use it to clean my baby's hands and also bottom. smells good and quite cheap too.


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Hey father_g, I use Huggies baby wipes as I get them for less online. I feel all these brands produce same product, nothing can be rated as good or great because we never get a chance to see how really it is manufactured but I can say that these wipes are indeed a boon to clean the mini mess.