Work from Home - Telemarketing for Digital Marketing | Recurring Incentive

Dear all,

My company has position to fill for telemarketer.
However, kindly note that the incentive is commission-based and not hourly based.

The incentive is attractive and most importantly, recurring.
- Each time a qualified appointment is made, there is a one-time $20 incentive per appointment
- If the qualified appointment leads to a sale (the appt will be attended by our sales representatives), there will be a recurring $50 per sale every month as long as the client continues with our service
For example, if there are 10 appointments that lead to 10 sales in September, the incentive for Sep will be ($20 x 10 appt) + ($50 x 10 deals) = $700 for Sep
If you decide that you have no time for telemarketing in Oct or decide to have a break, the $500 ($50 x 10 deals) will still be paid to you for Oct. The $500 per month incentive will only stop when the client decides to end the contract. the contract period can be months or years

Other info:
- There is no minimum hours to clock for this position
- You can work from anywhere
- You do not need to report to anyone.
- This is not MLM marketing

Kindly PM me if you are interested.
Thank you!