Won’t recommend this confinement agency


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I am a 2022 mother and hired baby whisperer as my agency for CL. I did see some mixed reviews but it’s been a while so I thought should be fine. But the agent n agency has been unprofessional and questionable work ethics. It was stressful and disappointing dealing with them. Doing my part to share so that mothers and especially like me, FTM to be more informed to make decisions for a better confinement period :(


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1. Switch in nanny when 1 of my daughter is in hospital
Was informed at 10+ evening then next day left at 12pm. They did send a new nanny but because of it, I couldn’t visit my younger daughter in hospital (since new nanny, better to stay around and observe)
Agency claimed its e old customer who paid extra to book e same nanny for her service. I said I wasn’t aware paying extra not just mean selection but also meant I could secure the same nanny throughout.
I engaged agency to assist in such comms and coordination and peace of mind versus a freelancer but all she could tell me was the other customer blue ticked her and not replying her (to discuss on reporting at a later date for e nanny).

2. Felt like there were lies involved to get me to agree a change in nanny
For e record, I was ok with the change but just needed a few more days after I settle my daughter in hospital. In this way, the transition is less taxing and stressful for me. But NO, just leave immediately. No further discussions despite my plea.

3. Nanny seems super eager to leave and claimed she hasn’t been resting well since 2 weeks back (which is when she was in service with us)
We tried to offer help but she was the one who said no so now to turn around and say this was disappointing.
In case u might think it could be our problem since 2 hands too clap, I don’t think so as e old nanny told e new nanny it’s not our problem, it’s her. In addition, next day she texted my husband and I asking how are the babies. If we are that bad, she wouldn’t make such comments and make effort to stay connected?

4. Claimed service agreement stated a clause that allowed a switch in nanny but I’ve asked for it since 2 days back, no answer.

5. because of the switch in nanny,a lot of items requested by e old nanny is gone to a waste because the new nanny doesn’t use it. Items such as abalone sauce, some dried ingredients etc. might not seem much but it builds up.

6.With the new nanny practices, I find old nanny practices questionable.
For eg constantly putting my twin daughters in air con room and swaddle up to 3 layers and kept claiming they r cold. When new nanny came, she was alarmed by it and said it’s too hot and adjusted accordingly. I did feel my daughters sleep better.

I must also do add on they offered 3 resolutions (choose 1) as service recovery but I felt it was insufficient.

Perhaps I suay kenna such fiasco but it’s e whole managing and communicating experience a stressful and disappointing experience.