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Ladies, strengthen your immunity and live a fuller life!

Gaea Precious - Intimate Personal Care
Natural Gel (Made in USA) 12 individually wrapped dispensing applicators in a box ~ Net wt: 0.13 fl oz (3.8ml) each

GAEA Gel is an advanced gel formulated to create the ultimate personal care.

- “Happy Uterus” one that has an excellent moistened and pH balanced environment.
- can be use as facial mask, to hydrate and calm acne/ pimples
- soothe rashes and make the skin look younger.

GAEA Gel focuses on total well-being. Formulated with the proprietary synergy of natural extracts and microbicide technology, it reinforces your confidence in your womanhood by providing a revolutionary Intimate Hygiene that moistens, balances, sterilises and cleanses the intimate area safely and effectively. When this occurs, vaginal self-regeneration is underway – and the hormonal balance delays the ageing process.

GAEA gel is pre-filled and hygienically packed, with a precise dosage for easy application. It is a colourless, odourless and non-greasy water-based gel which does not cause any friction or discomfort.

It contains natural active ingredients; Coconut Oil Extract, Carrageenan (kelp with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties) and Aloe Vera that effectively lubricates and maintain the natural pH, also preserves the normal vaginal flora. This will encourage healthy vaginal acidity and addresses discharge, odour and itching.

Many women suffer from vaginal tract dryness. Another common ailment is the dreaded yeast infection - Thrush, low immunity and poor hygiene, especially during menstruation, pregnancy and sexual contact. GAEA Gel can be used to overcome these infections.

Gaea Precious Gel is also very effective as facial mask in soothing and hydrating your skin. It is known to heal acne as well as calm itchy and eczema prone skin. Use Gaea Gel and be young again, both inside and outside!

RRP: $208 per box, Christmas and New Year Promo on Motherhood forum: $188 per box (Cash on Delivery)
Distributed by Kluop. Free delivery approx. 3 to 5 days. (If run out of stock, min. 5 days)
Place your order through [email protected] or WhatsApp 96974050


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