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Woman clothing Wholesale reseller

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by maplemummy, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member

    Anyone keen to be wholesale reseller? I have 100pcs of brand new clothing. I will do mixture of design like T shirt, set, dress, short, pyjmas, sleepwear, jackets, etc. No choosing.

    You can either 25, 50 or 100pcs.. i only offer bundle price. It is a free size.. design can fit up to S to xxl too.


  2. officegirl

    officegirl New Member

    hi, can you pm me how?
  3. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member


    Sorry for late reply.

    here is the detail:

    Choose plus size (different colour per design)
    the plus size hoodie top, t shirt dress or set (with long pants), premium jumpsuit/romper at ws $7 per pcs or set.

    Regular size (s to m/small L)
    mixture of t shirt, bodycon dress, regular size dress, bralete, fridge, dress, romper, jumpsuit etc at ws $4.50

    1. Can mix with regular + plus size to add as a total of 50pcs (min)
    2. Select either plus size or regular size

    No choosing of design and colour. I pack in a bag for u.

    Self collect at punggol drive, courier charge $15-$20(depend which courier is available).
    Or you can arrange your own courier service.

    You can whatsapp me at 92319570 or left a pm here.
  4. Selma12

    Selma12 New Member

    Hello, I am very interested in it. I want to know some details.
  5. Harington

    Harington New Member

    Hi, I'm Emilia Harington new to singaporemotherhood forum, I like your post and I think you have done for what you want her now I have some clothing store who gives discounted price offer in bulk quantity anyone interested?
  6. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member

    No much clothing left - around 20pcs or less random kind of bra, 3/4pants, rompers, pj, etc. If you keen, can pm me.
  7. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member

    What kind of clothing? Kid or Adult...
    Harington likes this.
  8. Harington

    Harington New Member

    they are actaully offering both types clothing kids and adult you can just go to this store and check the detail https://www.apparelshopusa.com

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