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Window Grilles Lobang? I need good contacts.

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by ribenagr8s, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    I need to put up window grilles at my place. Does anyone of you have good contacts? TIA

  2. sarahbb

    sarahbb Member

    what kind of grilles u looking at? budget?
  3. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    I dont mind wrought iron or aluminium. Not sure of the pricing... looking for a reliable contractor to do it.
  4. baibies

    baibies New Member

    hi me too interested.
  5. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

  6. teenie

    teenie Member

    I couldn't find leh
    I need the contacts for my mum's house too
    anyone can share
    good ones pls
  7. mammypoko

    mammypoko Member

    hi fellow mommies, i was wondering if u all wanna join forces together to wrestle greater bargaining power from the same contractor. We can each source for 2 to 3 quotes and compare notes then ask for bulk discount since there are quite a few of us who need to install window grilles bcoz of our bb. Can we do this before the GST increase to add more savings pls?

    fyi, i already called up one and asked him whether he can give even better price if there are 5 of us (and each of us can choose own design n type etc). He says most certainly.

    so how, mommies?
  8. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    I am liasing with one. He is quite prompt. Sent a guy down to measure my windows. Quoted $1k for my 5rm flat. 22 panels of windows. Aluminium casing. Lemme know if you need the contact
  9. baibies

    baibies New Member

    hi michele, hw's the std of ur contractor?? if its good i would like to join too.

    ribenagr8rs, i got a quote at imm oso at ard 1k for 5rm for 20 panels. but heard from one of my fren that she done hers at $700plus only. too bad i wasnt able to get her contact.
  10. mammypoko

    mammypoko Member

    ribenagr8s, do u think u can negotiate w your present contractor whether he can lower px to $700plus if there are 3 to 5 of us?

    May: my present contact didn't make best offer yet n it's a cold contact i got from some mailer i got in my letterbox.
  11. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    ok. I will contac him tonight. Confirm the three of us first? Mammy, may and me?

    I am doing aluminium... cheaper. you gals too?
  12. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    just contacted him.... told him about doing three places at one time. he cant offer the price any lower. Sorry. I will have the grilles put up nex week. My boy is getting more active by the day.
  13. teenie

    teenie Member

    hi ladies
    My mum's house has alot of windows, the last quote we get was 6K
    so wannna get 3 quotes of cos & get one reliable one
    My colleague has jus done her & recommend her contractor to me
    U gals want to call and get the quotes as well
  14. mammypoko

    mammypoko Member

    hey teenie, perhaps the "want to sell" column of tgis forum is more active. shall we open up a thread to invite more mommies to join so we can get lower quote?
  15. teenie

    teenie Member

    i have no issue but the quote given by my colleague is v attractive
    u can ask him to go on site & quote you
    if ok, few of us do together to ask for discount
  16. mikel

    mikel New Member

    I'm interested in getting a contractor to do up my grilles. Hope that can get a good quote and most importantly a reliable contractor with good workmanship.
  17. teenie

    teenie Member

    Hi Mikel
    U want the contact we have engaged for my mum's hse? He has quoted us a v attractive price, my colleague has recommended him to me, she has compared 3 quotes,PM me if you keen
    he will quote u after go to your house to take measurement
  18. mikel

    mikel New Member

    Okay! Thanks!
  19. mammypoko

    mammypoko Member

    hey gals... i posted a thread just now on the Sell column of this forum .. perhaps more mommies keen to join us and we can all get a better deal by banding together! :)
  20. dna

    dna Member

    i also need grilles, but only on the balcony cos rest of house already have. u think contractor want to do? if ok, i don't mind to join all of u.
  21. mikel

    mikel New Member

    I need grilles for 3 bedrooms and living room. Must we state the type of house we stay in? Like will there be any price difference for different type of housing? Or is it according to length?
  22. teenie

    teenie Member

    my mum has confirmed using that contractor, he will come personally to your house to take measurements, & quote u a price, then He came again for us to choose materials etc
  23. teenie

    teenie Member

    If you want, u can PM me his contact, grills only I am sure they do too
    my mum only ask him to change the door gate too
  24. yeoloulp

    yeoloulp New Member

    Hi teenie,
    I'm interested but still not too sure when we want to put up the grills. Can you PM me your contact and also give some feedback on whether you think he's good... honest.. how's workmanship, etc..?
    Thanks thanks!
  25. sarahcrayon

    sarahcrayon Member


    I'm interested in the contact too as my bb is also getting active by the day..can also keep me in the loop when you are getting a more attractive quotes?

    Thanks Thanks
  26. mummy07

    mummy07 Member

    My friend is interested to do for her home. Pls keep me in the loop.
  27. teenie

    teenie Member

    I have replied all PMs
    This one is recommended by my colleague & they had just done up their grills by them after using getting three quotes
    She is pleased with the service
    My mum is doing hers next week.
  28. dna

    dna Member

    hi teenie,


  29. yippee_ya_ya

    yippee_ya_ya Member

    Just sent you a PM, teenie. TIA
  30. mummy07

    mummy07 Member

    Hi Teenie,
    Pls PM me the contact. Thanks.
  31. binsmum

    binsmum New Member

    hi, i'm keen..
    can u keep me in the loop
  32. teenie

    teenie Member

    i guess i replied all PMs
    if i miss out
    kindly let me know
  33. freezeat2

    freezeat2 Member

    Hi Teenie
    Can I have his contact? Will they come down and do a quote for free? We are not obliged after they given a quote? Or do they charge you transportation fee? Can you PM me the contact also? Can I quote your name for any discount? I am thinking of doing the grilles up at my mom's place. It is a condo, so the colour and design got to adhere to the guidelines of the management. Thanks in advance.
  34. mummy07

    mummy07 Member

    I did not receive your PMs. Pls PM me the contact. Thanks.
  35. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hi Teenie, pls PM me too. Thanks [​IMG] Do they do front-door grilles?
  36. teenie

    teenie Member

    Hi Freeze
    Yes he will come down to quote the price, he didn't charge us when he came down to quote for my mum's house & he even come second time to show my sis the materials & design so in the end my sis confirmed using him on the second appt

    you can jus tell him tiong bahru that one recommend you cos I also don't know him well its recommended by my colleague, bt since its recommended I am sure he will give you good price.

    Hi Mummy07
    PM u

    Hi Catz
    He's doing front door gate too, my mum is also changing her front door gate as well as tear down old windows & install new ones plus grills as well
  37. msnanas

    msnanas New Member

    Hi Teenie,
    Can pm me the contact?
  38. celwong

    celwong Member

    Hi, mummies. Just installed the grilles ay my punggol 5RM, powder coated aluminium. <$1k

    Can PM me for contact
  39. freezeat2

    freezeat2 Member

    Hi mommies
    I have asked one contractor for the quote of black powder coated window grills. He quoted $6.50 per square foot for the basic horizontal stripes and $10 per square foot for the more complicated ones. How about those of you who have installed window grills? Is the price reasonable?
  40. sunflower_gal75

    sunflower_gal75 New Member

    Hi Teenie,
    Thanks for the contact.
  41. sunflower_gal75

    sunflower_gal75 New Member

    Hi Celine
    I have PM you.
  42. baibies

    baibies New Member

    hi i have just enage a contractor to do my 5rm window grill. He charges me $1160 but i bargain to $1k. Issit reasonable?? Will post abt his workmanship here next wk after the grills is up.
  43. teenie

    teenie Member

    for those who have PM me for the contact, the contractor will be back on next wed, pls call him after next wed as I just call to enquire today

    you can ask for a few quotes then decide
  44. bei_bei

    bei_bei Member

    Hi Teenie

    can i have the contacts as well. tks
  45. shirlyng

    shirlyng New Member

    Hi Teenie

    pls PM me the contacts too. thanks.
  46. kathng

    kathng New Member

    Hi, I need the contact too... MTIA [​IMG]
  47. bitrix

    bitrix New Member

    Hi, I need the contact as well. Pls PM me tks!

    Happy Valentine E'one!
  48. butterfly

    butterfly New Member

    Yes me too! Pls let me know the contact. Thanks!
  49. shamin

    shamin Member


    I have a realiable contractor to recomend, he price is reasonable n good workmanship. All my house renovation done my him w/o worries. If u all need the contact no. pls PM me or email me at seah_shamin@yahoo.com.sg
  50. elisdap

    elisdap New Member

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