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Window grill

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by evonlimjy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. evonlimjy

    evonlimjy Member

    Hi, is there anyone who didnt do their window grill? I have intention of doing one but my hubby don't want. He said not nice. My purpose is to prevent bb to climb but he think can be train.

  2. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    i strongly advise those hsehold w/ bb n young kids shd install window grilles. even staying in the lower floors. u will surely regret if accidents happen, n will blame urself for not concerning safety for ur kids. altho grills not nice n may coz ur decor ugly, go for it for d sake of ur kids. u can choose those wrought irons kind of grills, more modern than d aluminium kinds.
  3. jynnsan

    jynnsan New Member

    Yes, please install window grill for the whole family safety.
  4. shyna

    shyna Active Member

    Yes, please please install window grill for the sake of the little ones.

  5. loviebaby

    loviebaby New Member

    Very much agree.
  6. cuppamocha

    cuppamocha New Member

    Whether to install or not was also a point of contention for me and wife. Finally we installed for the sake of our children. Better safe than sorry and regret.
  7. febnov

    febnov New Member

    any reliable window contractor to recommend? TIA [​IMG]
  8. Strongly recommend for window grills. There are many different types of window grills nowadays, some of which are much more modern in design than in the past. Can choose the simpler ones if prefer to have slightly more unobstructed view and lasting look.
  9. mermmy

    mermmy New Member

    Some houses have full height glass windows and they only do the grills for the top part only since only the top windows can be opened. They think that if they install the grills below too, kids may climb on the grill etc. I strongly advise against this. I've seen how the contractors take out the below window planes. Its only secured by a black rubber tubing. If you remove the black rubber tubing, the window planes can be removed easily...how unsafe if the rubber aren't properly fitted and kids lean against the windows.
  10. bee11

    bee11 Member

    anyone staying in goodview garden??? mi wanna have my window grills done but don't knoe how much anyone help????
    pls email mi at mambee10@hotmail.com
    i'm on leave now so wanna get it done asap. any lobang????
  11. pt_su

    pt_su Member

    Utimately which is more important, Safety or view?
  12. maesiew

    maesiew New Member

    I think it's compulsory for homes with grills if got little children? I read it in papers some years back... if not can be charged with child neglignece or something like tt....
  13. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member

  14. maesiew

    maesiew New Member

    Wow! That's nice!
  15. pt_su

    pt_su Member

    Wah! Really like Invisible Hor! Can't see the grill until I enlarge the images [​IMG]
  16. blessed3x

    blessed3x New Member

    Don't know expensive or not. Don't know are those sample house in Spore ?

    just wonder is the material thin & sharp ?
  17. pt_su

    pt_su Member

    This invisible grill , price is inbetween Aluminum and Iron Grill
  18. loppi_tan

    loppi_tan New Member

    Hi pet su, so roughly how is the price like?
  19. tilafila

    tilafila Member


    Anyone have any lobang for contractors for window grille. I'm sourcing for one to do for my balcony urgently.
  20. puffgal

    puffgal New Member

    <font color="aa00aa"><font face=" segoe ui"> anyone can advise for full height window, which type will you do?</font></font>
  21. meiyabelle

    meiyabelle Member

    Heard that the invisible grilles over time will warp and compromise on the safety. Anyone know if it's true? If so, pls email me. Thks!
  22. areena

    areena New Member

    I think the invisi grilles are not too good cos u have to reach your hands all the way ut through the wires to open or close window.s
  23. honeymum1975

    honeymum1975 New Member

    i'm definitely into putting up window grills. safety of children is more important to me.
  24. honeymum1975

    honeymum1975 New Member

    of course i'll spend a little bit more to make it look nice as well.
    So both nice to look at &amp; safe.
  25. chanel27

    chanel27 New Member

  26. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    Agree to put grills. Rather be safe than sorry. Especially with the young kids, they are so energetic and climb everywhere!!

    Ai @ http://sakuraharuka.blogspot.com
  27. feif

    feif Member

    Best to have grills! It's frightening when my toddler sometimes fiddles with the key that's stuck in the grill when we're at relative's homes. At home, we keep the keys high and away from sight.
  28. leonie99

    leonie99 New Member

    Ya, ever since i had my first child i asked my hubby to install window grilles with Aluminium Window Grilles Singapore, their quotes are always that affordable.We installed grilles all over my house for their safety, damn scared that they will anyhow crawl out...
  29. laoniu

    laoniu New Member

    Finally we installed for the sake of our children. Better safe than sorry and regret.

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