Will you do it for your hubby?


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Will you go for breast augmentation for your hubby? Since my 2 gals, mine has really been smaller and saggier.. to the extent that when i lie down, i become a man... i know my hubby has lost that satisfaction and really hopes i can do something about it... i'm hesitant cos no matter what it is still a surgery.. and i cannot get over the thought that it's fake..

anyone has done it before and can share with me? thanks!!


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I am a father. My 1st question for you: "Is that the only satisfaction that satisfy?"

2nd Question: "If you not happy with the renovation, can you live in it?"

Hope its helpful.


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hi irene

no, i won't. Will he go for penis aug if u find his too small?

Seriously, if he loves you, he'll love every part of u. And those small saggy breasts are symbols of your love for him, by bearing 2 gals for him.


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thinkwise,ur reply very funny lor! hahahahahaa!!

Irene, ur ah lao very bad lar!

Irene, ur reply also very the funny! hahahahah!!

I was tryin to make myself sleepy and now i am awake =P


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irene, you may want to consider body reshaping. natural, but of course, not immediate. in my previous line of work, i saw client who did it, and she is full chested, but not natural-looking lor.


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thanks everyone for your replies! appreciate that! =)

my hubby loves me, but sometimes things are simply more complicated =)

anyway, to linda, i have actually tried the use of creams and went for treatments but not satisfactory.. spent quite a bit of money already.. what is this reshaping that u talk about?


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Hi, mine were small before pregnancy and now they are even smaller after giving birth to my 4 kids. Even my 11 years old son can tell me that "mummy, you look just like a man, you have no breasts at all". He even told his sister that next time she will be like mummy - no breast because she has my genes
I have been quite bothered by it over recent months but every time I brought up this issue, my husband will assure me that he doesn't mind at all. I hope that's true though. I have read an article somewhere that a lady went for breast enlargement and the husband left her as he felt they are too artificial.


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Hi Irene,
Good Day!
In fact, i also thought of going to do that too...for my own appearances, but one thing is, you will be spending a lot of money on such issue and on the other hand, you need to go for surgery every ten years to exchange. Do you think you would want to do it?
Hope the above issue is able to help you to think what you really want.
If you want, i can help you find the surgery contact no because i did intend to do it, but ended retreat because i feel the fear.
Hope to hear from you.


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I think mashy is fuuny & i totally agree!
I got 2 devils also n now my small one takrs me as a pacifier & stuck to my nip all the time!
Guess by the time i can finally dislodge her...Worst!


i know a relative who went for surgery to enlarge the breast and she got breast cancel afterwards. Now recovered and the kids already grown up, i once heard her daugther (already adult) saying that her mum got the cancel becoz she 'asked' for it, there're some complication in the family and the husband divorce her at the end. Well, what i'm saying is tat lady went for surgery probably to please the husband, but no one understand why she wants to do this and this seem stupid to the husband and even the children. My advice is don't do la, if the guy loves u will still loves u no matter wat u turn to, if he doesn't love u even you become big boob he'll also divorce you....


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My baos were small though im quite big size before pregnancy. Now my boy is 2yrs old, not only my baos became siew mais, they sag very badly. Think cos during the 6mths i was breastfeeding i didnt buy bras with gd support.
But still, if my man cant appreciate my body, i think i will kick him out of the hse. Its mutual respect thingy. Like Mashy says, what abt if we find the men's too small too short come too fast etc? How abt other things like not tall no broad shoulders etc? Or like bad habits dig nose burp fart loudly dont clean up dining area after meals etc?
If yr man can change every lil thing abt himself that u dont like, then yes go change whatever he doesnt like abt u. If, being small breasts makes u really depress lose confidence till u feel like ending yr life, then ya go for surgery. If its plainly to please n 'satisfy' yr husband, i dont think its worth doing at all.


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Maybe can try Rapibust. Saw it on the satellite TV channel. Website is http://www.rapibust.com/. Apparently it says there's no side-effects. How it works is just place a pair of the gel-like pads into the bra and wear it for 8 hours and the protein will be absorbed into the breast to enlarge. These pads contain bone protein and are not hormones or drugs and it takes only 6 days for each complete treatment cycle.