----> Which preschool is good in Amk area? <----


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Highly recommanding cm central at ave4. My boy was there since 2mths old. He is turning 24mths in 6weeks. =))

let me know if u want more feedback or info on the sch.



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Its located at amk ave4. My boy was there since two mths old, started talking at 6mths, able to speak 6syllabus sentence at 18mths n now at 23mths, ive lost count of the number of songs he sings.

Every kid is different, but from my boy's progress, i m assured that the teachers do their job in teaching.. N from the bond between the teachers n him, i believed that other than doing their job, they have this lil extra thing call love n passion.

Im not sure abt the exact programmes in the preschool classes. Cos the programmes for infant class have helped my child grow n now that he is in pre-nursery, i c him progress on a daily basis! New words new songs everyday.

Whats most impt to me is that other than educating on the standard subjects. The school believes in shaping the character of the child. Morals n values. Thats what matters most to me as being a single working mummy, i need his carer to teach him right things other than just abc which he can learn everywhere.

He just passed through his terrible-twos stage, with the help of the teachers, it was a breeze. My parents spoils him alot, so it really helps when the sch helps in disciplining, the firm but not hard way.

My child's buddy in sch who joined at 9mths n m 24mths now, progress from a introvent baby to a happy toddler.

So far, the kids in the preschool classes looks happy there n well behave. They r still rowdy noisy before sch starts, but they were able to follow teachers instructions without any problems. Watching them able to help 'look after' the younger kids, in the way like offering books or sharing toys to the younger ones, how to not believe the teachers have done a gd job?

Cos of my experience n my boy's progress, im really grateful to the sch.. The teachers for their patience n love towards the kids. I send a happy baby there n get a happy baby back. N also, i dont get a different kind of treatment just bcos im a 23yr old single mum with tatts. I just feel that such a great sch shd b known to public.



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Character motessori central aka cm central. Its at amk ave4 blk 161 next to shop n save.

Amk hub area shd be take 76, 268, 269. I usually take from opp mac bus stop cos has 3 buses. If from interchange i can only take 269..

How old is yr kid anyway? Has he attended any cc before?

Wld be gd if u can drop by the place n find out more on their programmes. For me personality, so long as my kiddo is happy there, teachers loves him n sincerely care for the kids, im contented. Esp when the sch focus more on building the character of the child which is very impt to me. But i think different parents has different requirements on schools. So its best u checked out the place~ =D



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Well. I guess that u gotta ask her already. My experience there is great. Good enough for me to feel it's worth me recommanding.

My boy's buddy who joined the sch when he was 9mths old is now 24mths. He went in pretty introvent n have progress to a happy cheerful boy. There was one japanese kid who joined when he's 13 mths old. Coincidence or not, he learnt to walk 1-2weeks after.

Both their parents cld c the kids progress. I guess thats what makes us feel we've got our kids the right sch. =))



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My 3 children are from Character Montessori(CM).

The first two boys are graduated from Character Montessori. They are now 11 &amp; 9 years old. They learnt to be independent and responsible in their studies since they are at preschool (CM). They were well trained for mind mapping, social skills, interaction skills and presentation skills. The character base training is the most important training that they received since young. My first 2 boys became prefects and monitors at primary school as they can take on leadership roles through the preschool training.

My youngest boy is 5 and is attending full day child care at CM. He is not only learning Montessori approach in the morning session, he is learning mind-mapping,dancing, Chinese speech and drama etc in the afternoon session. I like the idea of holistic development of my boy. He enjoys his learning at school and looking forwards for his lesson everyday. The teachers are responsoible and friendly and I always work with teachers to improve my child's character and behaviour at home. I find it effective when I partner with teacher to provide support and guidance to my child.



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Hi Friends, am looking for a pre school for my child in singapore...she is 20 months now....i don't have any clue about which one is a better bet....will welcome your suggestions on this.... Thank you



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I have recently enrolled my son for CM Central. Not due to start till he is 18 mths. Have been reading blogs about mothers who face problems with administrative issues. Not getting refund back...feeling of being cheated by school. Anyone has got good or bad reviews?



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Hello bemish! Glad to hear that u have chosen cm central. When is yr kid starting? My terrorist is in PN1 class, yr child wld b joining them at 18mths. Their form teacher is Ms Letchimi, a teacher whom has strong passion towards kids. My boy loves her lots! She's like a mummy to the kids. In noon shift there's another teacher whom my boy loves lots too, Ms Judy, she's like a grandma to the kids there.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, my boy comes hm with new words everyday since he promoted to pre-nursery from infant class. He picks up his english language in sch, cos we speaks mainly mandarin at hm. He was able to count 1-10 n knows his a-z. Learnt many songs. This area u can put 99.99% at ease.

Food wise, in their menu it states that they mix brown rice, uses wholemeal bread etc etc. Different food daily, fruits included as part of their meal. So that u neednt worry to. Ive not really chk if the kids really gets to eat whats stated in the menu. But i have 99.99% trust in the sch. N also my boy is also maintaining a healthy size. Nvr like lose weight or put on excess weight from sch. So this area u shd b able to have a peace of mind too.

Safety wise, so far other than lil accidents like falling n knocking himself with slight bruises, no big issues yet. The falling is caused by his active-ness, not by teacher's neglience. N they wld always call me n report when my child has a fall or knock. Nvr once tried to hide or didnt even know abt it. Kids falling r unavoidable, but u can minimise the injury by making the environment safe. This, im very satisfied with the sch.

With regards to the refund n all stuff. Im not sure abt that too.. Ive zero issues with registration cos the centre supervisor/manager then, was a very helpful n nice lady who patiently explain all details n ans all my queries. Im not a fussy person so i didnt really chk in details either.. As in, so long as the basic things concerning money r stated clearly in the handbook im pretty fine. The manager/supervisor now is Ms Maria. A pleasant lady who's left a great impression. I think u can chk with her n clear yr doubts shd u have any concerns.

Management wise, both Ms Maria n Ms Grace (director of the centre) r really nice n helpful pple. They gave me great advise n tips on parenting. Ready n open to feedbacks, n take actions to ensure the centre is always progressing. What im really grateful for is their compassion. Being a 23yo single mummy with tatts all over, they show zero discrimination towards myself n my boy gets treated equally. Ive to mention this cos ive heard of centres who look down upon single parent family.. I attended a talk on discipline by Ms Grace weeks ago n i must say ive learnt alot from her xperiences. Wld also like to compliment how Ms Maria reacted n handled the situation when i had concerns with one of the teachers.

My boy is promoting to PN2 end of this yr. Perhaps we might even have a chance to meet during the sch outtings~ hope yr kiddo can adapt soon. Do give yr child 2-4weeks to settle in. =))



dear mummies who are sourcing for preschools for our kids like myself, pls read with care what others post, esp when a school is HIGHLY recommended. Read more from other forums n sources. IF a school is really good, there are bound to be more people talking about it.

I was skeptical when reading about Cindy ong (happyzhuo7) and Sylvia Mak (sylviafong) recommending Character motessori central. For both of them, they are new members with their very FIRST post! For all you know, they might be just marketing their school. I'm not saying that FOR SURE but just err on the right side. Be discerning as you read n all the best in preschool sourcing!




Has anyone place their child with YMCA childcare AMK branch?

I would like to place DS with them.

Hope to get some feedback or advice.

Did they prepare the kids well for P1?


Hi, any more review on Character Montessori Central @ AMK?

Intend to enrol by 4 months old baby for infant care there...

Please help me..



Hi Mummies,

Happy New Year to all!

I saw this new preschool called Giving Tre3 when I went to Thomson Plaza last week. I think their webpage is www.givingtre3.com. It was next to Thomson Plaza along the main road. Its a new preschool cum enrichment centre opening in Jan 2013. I decided to go drop by unannounced cos just nice my boy turning 3 next year and I want to put him in Nursery. The lady was very nice and friendly and showed me around the place.

I must say, I loved that place alot!! It was not very big with only 3 classrooms, 1 class being dedicated as a computer lab for their reading enrichment programme and 2 other classrooms. But it was very cosy! Like a home feeling. Their boss is also very sweet and she shared that she's been in the early childhood industry for more than 12 years. I don't really like those big organisations cos most of them just care about the business and making money but I could feel her passion for children even through talking to her.

They also have an outdoor area, although not very big with water and sand play. It was really nicely done up!

They also had reading enrichment and Pri Sch Preparatory programmes. Their reading enrichment programme is from Australia and its partially an online lesson. I think the name is Reading Eggs. Seems very interesting cos I went to the reading eggs website just now and the lessons were very fun. My girl quite likes to play on the computer and I think this will attract her. Besides having the online lessons, the teachers will also conduct activities in the classroom. I think will be a good balance.

They also have this Pri Sch preparatory programme that teaches grammar, maths, comprehension and creative writing to prep kids for P1. Sounds quite good too cos besides English and Maths, they also have this social and emotional learning lessons, something like learning how to listen, problem solving skills, focusing and paying attention etc. Which I feel my girl will need help in....she's quite hyper and can't really focus on a task for long.

They having opening promo now. Got waiver off registration fees and discounts too. I've decided to sign my kids up cos they have sibling discounts too.



Sparkletots @ teck ghee. Blk 308a. My girl enjoy ur school there. Teachers frequently update on my child progress or activities so that I can also talk to her at home on what she has done in school. [IMG=http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



I am moving to Teck ghee parkview soon. Sunflower preschool@teckghee is operating soon. Hope they gather 10 children for N2 (born in 2013) so my no2 can start with them when I moved in Nov 2017.


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I am moving to Teck ghee parkview soon. Sunflower preschool@teckghee is operating soon. Hope they gather 10 children for N2 (born in 2013) so my no2 can start with them when I moved in Nov 2017.
Have you sent your child to sunflower? Any feedback so far?