!?! Which is more abusive? Verbal or Physical???


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Hi ppl out there, Happy New Year.... would like to hear abt wat most ppl tinks... verbal or physical abuse more terrible?


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i think physical abuse more terrible, becos i feel that no matter what the hubby/bf should hit a woman. that's really very bad


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I know all abuse is wrong and should never be done on anyone. But physical abuse is the worset cos a person can not hide it, but verbal can be hiden untill that person gets to the police station and makes a report. NO ONE should get any abuse.....WHY are asking?


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Both are very bad but verbal is worse. While physical scars heals over some time, psychological scars left behind can hurt deeply and rob someone of confidence for many more years to come. Even after physical scars have healed.


Agree with J totally. Emotional scars are hard to heal n a person can be scarred for life unless he/ she is able to recover either by themselves, or with the help of counseling, or any other alternatives.


There is still smthg call emotional abuse. ie. Dun talk to u whole day or act like the other is invisible.


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I think emotional insults and abuse is worse. Physical scars can heal (or lessened through cosmetic procedures) but emotional trauma is hard to remove. As adults, we should never say/do things for the sake of pride or out of impulse. And if debate is necessary, base it on logic, not emotions. Getting emotional = likely to get off-tangent and maybe physical.