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Which gynae is good in KK AMK clinic?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by blueblack, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. blueblack

    blueblack New Member

    Can someone recommend?

  2. tupper_mum

    tupper_mum New Member

    Mine is John Tee
  3. bnutz

    bnutz New Member

    See Dr Benjamin Tham
  4. plong

    plong New Member

    Dr Christopher Chong (friday nights only)
    but i see him at KKH at wednesdays...
    went to see him coz i took the recommendation of the girls on this forum.
  5. poohy

    poohy Active Member


    if u need a gynae with infertility subspecialty, you can see my gynae Dr CT Yeong at KKH AMK clinic on friday nites. [​IMG]
  6. lyn_tan

    lyn_tan Active Member

    Dr C C Khong, Snr Consultant
    Tues Nite (6-9pm), Wed Noon (3-4.30pm), Alt Sat Morning (9-11am)
    Tel: 6453 4688
    Appt: 6453 4688 / 6294 4050

    He jus delivered my boy on 24/6, v. nice man. When to him cos recommended by colleague - her 2 boys were also delivered by him.
  7. baibies

    baibies New Member

    Dr HC Han is good also. he's a snr consultant aft ur 5th mth u can opt for premier package n see him at the tps(very nice place wif shorter waiting time.
  8. lotus4sg

    lotus4sg New Member

    Hi,anyone here have the contact no. for the KKH AMK clinic?? Need it urgently.....
  9. lotus4sg

    lotus4sg New Member

    Any female gynae in KKH AMK clinic ?? This is my first time visit. I'm a bit shy. Trying to find out about my condition...as not able to conceive after marriage.haiz....
  10. winky

    winky Member

    Hi Poohy,

    Dr CT Yeong only see patient on Friday nites?? How about Sat nite?
  11. poohy

    poohy Active Member


    I am not sure leh but I remember I did went on a saturday to see him in my first appt. Maybe you can call the kkh amk to ask and make an appt [​IMG]
  12. sweetheart

    sweetheart Member

    hi Lotus

    there is a female gynae at KK AMK clinic, she is Dr Cordelia Han. I find her good and friendly. [​IMG]
  13. blue_sky

    blue_sky New Member

    may i know about how much per visit?
  14. lotus4sg

    lotus4sg New Member

    Hey sweetheart,

    Different doctor different charges har?
    Then what about Dr Cordelia Han's charges?
    I feeling excited.
  15. lotus4sg

    lotus4sg New Member


    If the appointment been fix, do I normally need to wait very long for my turn?
  16. winky

    winky Member

    Thanks Poohy!
  17. lotus4sg

    lotus4sg New Member


    I was attended by Dr Jeanette Chen in KK woman clinic.
    May I know if she is specialist gynae ??
    Why I ask because she can even forget to write down the medicine she is giving me. Worry she is not up to standard.
  18. roosterbaby

    roosterbaby New Member


    My gynae is Christopher Chong. He appeared in the papers yest. I delivered last month and he was very good. Even came back 3 times to see me in a day cos I was breastfeeding the first 2 times and he didn't want to disturb me!
  19. eeyore

    eeyore New Member

    hi.. my gynae is Dr John Tee.. he's good!!!! he will be at AMK every Mon & Thurs..
  20. jioupz

    jioupz New Member

    U sure John Tee is good? HOw good is good? Have u seen him at work in the operating theatre when patient is asleep? Datz the only time u can determine how good is a surgeon
  21. spygal

    spygal New Member

    Can tell us what John Tee do in the OT when patient is asleep? Curious to know.
  22. jioupz

    jioupz New Member

    Ha ha! spygal! dun be silly! he's a nice chap! jolly guy! wat I'm trying to put across is dun judge a professional by the outlook. Usually they'll show the most perfect side to patients. Ask the nurses who work wif the doctor casually and u'll get a better idea. ask the ex-patients, u'll almost always get a pretty picture.
  23. tupper_mum

    tupper_mum New Member


    My experience with John Tee is he is good! Yes, I have experience with him in the delivery room as he delivers my gal in Y2002. My next one will also be under him, when I conceive.
  24. bearyhip

    bearyhip New Member


    would you like to share with us who are the good docs at KKH??
  25. jioupz

    jioupz New Member

    Hi girls, in my own opinion, itz the feel & connection u have wif ur gynae dat counts. Datz why i dun like to recommend.

    I noe the doctors when at work. Surgeons behave differently when patients are asleep in the operating theatre and when they are awake in the delivery suite.

    Wat works for me, might not work for another person. U get wat I mean?

    Tupper_mum, i'm glad u like him. He's a nice guy. Funny chap too.
  26. scoobydoo

    scoobydoo New Member


    sorry..side track a bit.....i'm looking for babies of age between 11mths - 18mths to pose for a magazine..if you are interested, can email me at sarahleesh@yahoo.com, please also send me a pix of your baby..recommendations are also welcome!

  27. spygal

    spygal New Member


    are you a nurse since you mention you work with those docs before? in KKH can i choose a specific midwife to deliver for me instead of doc?
  28. tupper_mum

    tupper_mum New Member


    Yup, he is a funny gynae. I like him as compared to the other private gynae.

    But some ppl might prefer those very strict type of doc and might not like his style.

    You do sound like you see docs a lot in the operating theatre..
  29. jioupz

    jioupz New Member

    yup. me a nurse. used to work in KKH operating theatre. so therefore, me noe the REAL devil in doctors... ha ha ha! anyway, me no angel too!

    spygal, never heard of choosing midwife wor... but can be arrange one lor. She can get herself to be on duty during ur delivery than pray doc dun come so fast, then the midwife gotta deliver lor. actually, for natural birth, nothing beats the super experienced midwives. they damn good!
  30. spygal

    spygal New Member


    you ever work with midwives in the delivery suite before? do you know a malay lady(not sure she's a midwife or nurse), quite big size with short hair? she's the one who delivered my baby for me three years ago. i must say that she is fabulous. hope she can deliver for me again if i have a second baby. let me know what's her name if you know who she is. thanks.
  31. kenny

    kenny Member

    hi jioupz,

    Can you tell me more about Dr John Tee cos my wife gynae is him.
  32. jioupz

    jioupz New Member

    Hi Spygal, i've never worked in delivery suite before. I'm sorry. why dun u pop by to say hi? if she not around, ask for her thru description. then juz thanx her & tell her u hope she'll be around to deliver ur baby. I'm sure she'll be flattered & will agree to u readily.

    Kenny, when a gynae is good, there's really nothing much to talk abt. why dun u get feedback from ur wife like, is she comfortable wif him? datz very impt lor. like tupper_mum said, he's funny but some MTB prefer a strict doc wif straight face than a humourous one.
  33. kenny

    kenny Member

    Thanks jioupz,

    My wife is fine with him so far. Like wat you had said, a humourous Dr.
  34. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member

    has anyone heard of A/Prof George Yeo in KKH? i'm his new patient, wonder if any one has seen him before and any comments.
  35. eeyore

    eeyore New Member

    well.. i had a natural birth.. so was awake when i m in labour.. John Tee was very professional, quick in delivering too.. nice & funny Dr..

    I am very comfortable with him too...
  36. happy_goh_lucky

    happy_goh_lucky New Member

    Anyone know Dr Judy Wong fr KK? How U find her?

  37. sita

    sita New Member

    Hi i just started seeing Dr Lawrence Ang from TMC. Does any one have any experience with him. Its my first baby..would appreciate if anyone can reassure me..Thanks : )
  38. blurbelle

    blurbelle Active Member

    hihi any comment on Dr han? funny? serious? dun talk much? much appreciated any comments.

    just found out i m preggy so hv to look for a gynae fast as i hv a thyroid condition too.

    Personally i feel more comfy with a funny , thorough (explain to u when u are not sure, hence my BLURBELLE nick :p) than those that quickly brush u off type. Too serious ones make me nervous!
  39. chloegal

    chloegal Member

    Dr HC Han is my gynae and he is a snr consultant. He is a very friendly, caring and humorous dr. He is soft spoken too. Have introduced him to my colleague and they like him very much.

    He will be at ang moi kio at wed evening and sat morning.
  40. hysoh

    hysoh Member

    Mine was Prof John Tee of KKH for both my boys.
  41. ms_tan

    ms_tan New Member

    My gynae for my 2 girls is John Tee. If I've #3, John Tee again...
  42. anggie

    anggie New Member

    anyone knows the schedule for the KK Women’s Clinic (Ang Mo Kio)? (Meaning the doctor’s name with the time & days that they see patients there)

    or if anyone knows which docs is there on friday nights, saturdays & sundays??

    need reply urgently. thank you.
  43. happylady

    happylady Member

    I only know Dr H C Han is at the AMK clinic on Wed night and Sat afternoon.
  44. cutedemon

    cutedemon Member

    Mine is Dr Irene Chua, very nice lady. My hubby & me like her very much [​IMG]
  45. seval

    seval New Member

    anyone had twins and delivered at KKH? I'm looking for a gynae who is experienced with high risk pregnancy, please recommend, thanks!
  46. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    seval (seval)
    Dr HC Han is good. but sometimes i feel that he's a bit unsensitive.. My gynae is DR CC Khong. A very caring old man. Heard that he took leave for studies last yr and I think he might be back already.. He's the Snr Consultant there..
  47. happylady

    happylady Member

    Isballali, care to elaborate a bit why u feel Dr Han is unsensitive?f
  48. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    I have a friend who was preggie few years back, so she came to me and ask me to bring her to a DR. So I bought her to KK Clinic. My Dr wasn't around, So we asked for Dr Han as I've heard good things about him..

    After some checks, he found that the baby died inside the womb and ask her to go for a simple op to take out the baby. So upon hearing this, my friend cried...

    His reaction??

    'Cry for what??? You're still very young, u can still give birth next time... '

    I mean, if he said this to you, hw would u feel??
  49. happylady

    happylady Member

    Hi isabellali, sorry to hear about your friend. Mmmm ya he shudnt have said such thing.
  50. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    I know he meant well... But by saying this, I find that he was quite insensitive... That's why I dun go to him or recommend my friends to him as I know preggy women need more care and concern from ppl around them...

    But I can't deny that he is a good doctor...

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