Which diaper is the best for overnite no leak?


i use nepia .. so far no leak ..

free delivery with 6 packs at $60


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I use Mamy Poko open diaper since my ger was born... No leaks so far. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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hi michelle

for overnight i will still prefers pampers brand... have tried fitti, dryers they can't really last thru 12 hours over the night...

but different pple have diff preference & experience...



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Huggies Ultra.

Even in an airconditioned room where there tend to be especially more urine. The whole diaper just got big and bulky but no leak, not damp and doesnt cause any rashes. Being using that for my son since he is 6mth old



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Hi michelle,

I've tried several diaper brands but Pampers (active baby) has worked best for my little bub so far.

Good luck finding a brand that would suit your baby's needs!

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I use Nepia for my both kids.. the material is not too thick like MamyPoko or other cheaper brands and also soft on babies skin. : ).

Hi Mochi,

Did you have typing error? is 6 packs for $60 or $90? i know it is $15 per pack when order online. But, promotional price at NTUC is even cheaper (2 for $28.95) : ) I will usually stock up during promotion.

For more economical one, dryper work well on my 9mth old son also.. Now, my 3yrs+ daughter also use dryper (Nepia size too small for her liao).



i used to use pampers active and huggies ultra when my gal's thighs are chubby. she lost them now that she is taller. now i find mamy pokko and dry pantz works best. better fit and holds urine, last thru the night from 8pm to 8am. occassionally will leak when it's not worn properly.



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huggies ultra works best.. no leak, even when full, baby buttocks wont feel 'wetness' therefore no rashes.. my baby use it since birth till now.. she is starting to use higgies pull ups...

i'm thinking of trying mamypoko pants. good?



My boy uses Huggies Dry Comfort at night. It can last the whole night and dun leak even when full and also bottoms remains dry. NTUC sometimes will have promotion for this. Have to keep a lookout



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huggies ultra best. somtimes promotion 2 for 30+ (so far the cheapest @ coldstorage) taka 14.70 sometimes add 10% for card holder



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just to share : mammy poko doesn't suit my gal, she developed fungus on her private area afte rusing it. pd said my gal is allergic to some content of it.

right now using huggies pull up, so far so good. i manage to get XL per pack at $13.50.

PM me if any keen for the lobang [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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can try NTUC house brand cheap and good! Keeps baby dry. No leak from my experience. And because so cheap, you can afford to change more frequently.



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mummy poko works for my bb gal. but then, anybody have used Goon before? (made in japan). quite tempted to try leh. they even have a high-tech urine indicator to let parents know when to change it.



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Mamy Poko works for my girl.. she wears it overnight, from 9pm till 9 to 10am..

Goo.N ive let her tried the pull up pants, think the cutting dun suit her, she will scratch her backside everytime after we take it off.. maybe too tight, but its a L size leh..

Nepia ok for daytime usage.. 3 to 4hours kind. haven tried letting her use for night time coz im worried the diaper cannot take the 'heavy usage'..



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Have try several brands but only Pet Pet suits my boy with no leak throughout the night. So far so good...



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Hi All Forumers,

Wanted to check with ya'll on whether you have heard anything regarding whether Japan made diapers are now still safe for babies after their earthquake tragedy and radiation scare?

We currently use Mommypoko which are manufactured in Japan. Thinking about whether we need to change a brand.

Any thoughts are welcome.



huggies still works best for my boy. i used to try pampers but it simply cant hold the urine,.

once, i put huggies to a test since it claims to hold up to 10 hours (dry comfort - the red colour packing) and it holds my boy urine for 14 hours!!! ultra is also very good..



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I use Mamy poko for night...it's the best and feel very secure.

During the day, i'll use Pampers. Thin and good but not secure enough to last thru the night, i feel.



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smallOnion -> we went to do a "back of the packaging" check at supermarket the other day and it seemed like different sizes of mamypoko is mannufactured in different countries. so its rather confusing



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Btw, I used Huggies Ultra and mamy poko for my girl. It doesn't leak and also odour free. From the day she was born till today (she is 2 years 3 months) she hasn't had any nappy rash.

She is toilet-trained and only uses diaper when she goes to sleep at night.



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Has anyone tried cloth diapers before? Not the conventional one. They work better and doesnt leak as much as disposable diaper.



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mamy poko is made in thailand but it's a jap brand. so far, i only saw thai made ones.

Back then when i was using pampers, i realized there is a difference in the texture of the diapers made in Vietnam and Thailand.