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Which Brand of FM Yr Baby drinking now?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by bortei, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. bortei

    bortei New Member

    hi hi mummies
    currently my 5 week old gal drinking Mamex Gold, but she dun really like it recently. She's on EBM and also FM.

    i heard NAN is pretty good.

    Can pls share which brand of FM yrbaby drinking now?

  2. poohy

    poohy Active Member

    hi bortei,

    my baby drinking enfalacA+ for the past 6 months ... its recommended by his PD and my gynae ... they give this FM to their babies i think.
  3. dexmommy

    dexmommy New Member

    Hi there

    My 3 mth old bb is on s26 gold n EBM since birth. He's born in KKH
  4. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Mine is on Similac Excellence then proceed to Similac Follow On. So far so good.
  5. orchid

    orchid New Member

    hi bortei,

    how do you tell that your baby doesn't like?

    i recently tried my girl on Friso Gold. she also doesn't seem to like. last night, after last feed, she vomited after 2 hrs. then this morning, took on 30-60ml (normally she drinks at least 120ml of BM). but BM no problem.

    is this a sign that she doesn't like??
  6. weiwei_m

    weiwei_m New Member

    my 4mth old baby is also drinking enfalac A+.
    find it easy to dissolve than friso, which i used in the first place.
  7. abbeymygirl

    abbeymygirl New Member

    Hi all,
    My 5 weeks old on EBM and also "BMT Platinum" as supplement, anyone heard of that? It's twice the price of enfa products...
  8. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi Bortei,

    In the hospital, baby was partial FM on Enfalac A+. We actually wanted similac but nurse/midwife said Similac very sweet/tasty, baby might be 'addicted' and not want BM after that. So used Enfalac A+ (which is actually one of the most expensive milk powder onthe market now i think).

    Baby girl now six weeks. We switched to Nan-HA two weeks ago, cause baby got some gas in the stomach and difficulty in poo poo-ing, so doctor recommended Nan-HA, say gentler on the stomach, easier to digest...
  9. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi Liesye,
    Never heard of BMT Platinum before... Is it available in most supermarkets? recommended by doctor? wah, sounds expensive! what extra ingredients does it have?
  10. mum05

    mum05 Active Member

    'Im a mummy', is Similace Excellence the range u're talking abt? They hv quite a few range for newborns. But what the nurse/midwife said it's not true at all. Similac Excellence is not sweet at all - I know cos I've tasted it myself =P In fact, one of my gfs, she wanted to give SE to her boy but it didn't taste sweet enuf for him n he rejected it. So, she switched to Mamex(Think it's Dumex's?) cos she said it's sweeter ( she told me that she'd tasted both these FM herself n found it so)
  11. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi Mum05,

    Ya, similac excellence...dunno leh, but according to the nurse/midwife, enfalac is the least sweet/tasty
  12. mum05

    mum05 Active Member

    yalor, dunno why she said tat ahhah... I've tasted it myself n my gf who tasted it also find it not sweet at all, but i juz continued letting my girl take it as i dun wanna encourage preference for sweet stuffs at such young age lor.

    Is enfalac comes from the same co as Enfamama? - Enfamama is very sweet...

    Since ua lso dun wanna give yr child sweet tasting milk, then hv u tasted enfalac yrself? If it's not sweet then it's ok lah...
  13. abbeymygirl

    abbeymygirl New Member

    Hi I'm a mummy,
    The FM was recommended both by bb's docter and hospital where my DD was born ler, doesn't seem to have any extra ingrdients and it's not easily found localy. Maybe should switch to something more popular... Any suggestion?
  14. abbeymygirl

    abbeymygirl New Member

    Hi I'm a mummy,
    The FM was recommended both by bb's docter and hospital where my DD was born ler, doesn't seem to have any extra ingrdients and it's not easily found localy. Maybe should switch to something more popular... Any suggestion?
  15. oops

    oops New Member

    i do supplement Nan 1.. is it okay
  16. dingdong

    dingdong New Member

    My gal is drinking Nan1 HA. Quite good. Its not sweet and in fact taste quite close to BM and its not formy and dissolve well. Better than Friso, I feel.
  17. oops

    oops New Member

    hi dingdong

    m using Nan 1 HA... but trying to give my bb mostly bf if possible.
  18. mum05

    mum05 Active Member

    oh actually i find BM taste sweeter... my sis also told me so. That was once, when I was giving my girl BM, I've also tasted it as i didn't believe my sis then, n it's true, it's sweeter ;P
    I guess that's why most of the bbs who were on BM(esp for long period), will usually reject FM unless u give them the sweeter tasting formula.
  19. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi dingdong,
    have you tasted Nan-1HA premium? does it have a bitter-sweet taste? i tried my baby's milk just now, just realised it has a sweet/bitter taste..is that how its supposed to taste like?

    Hi Mum05,
    You tasted similac excellence right? Does it have a bitter-sweet taste too? i tried Similac excellence, also bitter bitter one leh..
  20. mum05

    mum05 Active Member

    ya similac excellence definitely doesnt taste sweet and it doesnt hv this 'nice smell' (cos it doesnt taste sweet mah, so how to smell nice leh hehehe) like other formula like Dumex, etc. But as for it to taste bitter, I'm not sure, I dun really find it, juz find it not nice lor.
    Actually we didn't do any research on milk powder before my girl's born as I had wanted to give BM, so since e hospital nurse told us it's the most popular, my hubby juz choose it lor, then come back home realised, aiya sooooo ex! ahhahahahh but I stick on to it since alot has said that Abbott's prdts are e best lor(surveyed showed that Abbott Lab is on e scientists/researchers' "Top Lab(s) I wanna work in" list).
    Now she's taking SE follow-on.
  21. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi Mum05,
    Ya lor, we also didn't do any research. My SIL boy and girl on Similac excellence, so we also wanted that. its only at the hospital we decided on enfalac..anyway, now she's on Nan-1HA premium..she's six weeks now, and already 1 large tin one week..about $29.80 each tin.. X4, that's about $119 a month...pok gai liao ah..even the government subsidy of $3000 also not enough for milk powder and disposable diaper for one year...
  22. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi there, my girl is on Enfapro A+. PD recommended and since she likes it, I dare not switch because I had quite a difficult time getting her to drink it. Reason is because she was on total bm for 6 months, and I was getting tired of expressing.
  23. peppermintlozenges

    peppermintlozenges New Member

    Hi all,

    Anyone has any comments on Friso Gold 2?

    Cheers! [​IMG]
  24. corrine1106

    corrine1106 New Member


    planning to change my gal to Enfapro A+... been round to few places but cannot find small tin... anyone know where to buy??
  25. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    I think you can request for sample from Mead Johnson
  26. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Corrine, Guardian Pharmacy at Jelita does sell small tin. Alternatively, you can ask from the PD.
  27. ims

    ims New Member

    mine on promil, then she dun seem to like it when change to promil 2. then change to friso... now at 9M she seems to have constipation.. wonder should i change milk again...
  28. littleflower

    littleflower New Member

    Hi mummies, juz wana share my girlfren experience:- my gf baby has been drinking similac infant formula since 1 mth old coz she stopped bf after 1 mth due to stress, etc. Baby has very bad skin rash after drinking it, somewhat like eczema and so I kaypoh read the ingredients on the tin I saw they put in vegetable oil (used to be palm oil) and no wonder the baby balloon up after drinking formula. Baby 4 mths' old nw, very chubby but with bad skin. Doc suggests she change to NAN HA coz is for baby wif sensitive skin and also closest to bm. Tink if you've baby wif sensitive skin or also substitute with bm, shld stick to NAN HA though is abt $2 more than similac. I don't see any other brand of formula that add in vegetable oil. Though Abbott Lab mite hv a gd reputation for its' lab, their brand of formula do not necessarily works for every baby. Another gf kid keeps vomitting after drinking Abbott Grow, so got to stop and switch to Dumex. Tink a discussion with pd on the brands of milk to introduce is better but of course BM is the best..haha
  29. kris

    kris New Member

  30. latio

    latio New Member

    Hi littleflower,

    After reading what you have posted, I realised that my girl might oso have the same problem. My girl started to take similac since birth (as I dun have much breast milk). She is quite small when she's born, weighing at 2.4kg. She has since ballooned from 3rd months onwards. She oso has sensitive skin, all along I thought it is due to her sensitive nose which led to the sensitive skin. Never did I suspect that it might be due to the milk powder that she is taking and I have been faithfully sticking to similac. She is turning 12 mths this week, I think I should try other brands of milk powder and hope that I'm not too late to switch.
  31. littleflower

    littleflower New Member

    Hi kris, thanks for the info. Guess the legal issues do not affect the selling of their formulas here and pd still recommend it to most mummies, so shld be ok right. Gf baby started on NAN HA and rashes clears up liao, so it really lives up to it's name.

    Hi Latio, of course it's not too late to change as your girl shld be taking formula for 1 yr old liao. Ask your pd for advice if not kiasu abit read the contents on the tin for all the different brands of formula that are available on the shelves..hehe
  32. smileyface

    smileyface Member

    littleflower...i yest check most brand FM, dumex, nan, friso.... all have vege oils lah. same as similac. and most of them contain palm oil except similac.
  33. littleflower

    littleflower New Member

    Hi smiley, thanks for checking out the formula, will go take a look when I'm in the supermarkets. I'm still bf my 17 mths' old son so do not hv the chance to buy formula but juz happen to see that there's veg oil in similac coz gf baby got bad skin rash. It's good to find out what we feed our baby right.
  34. smileyface

    smileyface Member

    ya ya...gd to find out. i get worried as i using similac n hear wat u say...so yest drop by ntuc n caompare all the FM i can find....hahaha..
    and found that all contain vege oil except that they dun put down vege oil...they put down coconut oil, palm oil....and some other vege oils but all these same as similac except palm oil
  35. latio

    latio New Member

    thanks smiley for checking. actually i aready bot 1 tin of 1.8kg Gain IQ for my girl b4 reading littleflower posting. dun want to waste it, maybe let her try and monitor for a while, probably her rashes is really due to her sensitive nose. this is a really good place to gather good infos man! thanx girls!
  36. smileyface

    smileyface Member

    no prob...i always drop by NTUC so compare n see see lor. since i also wanna find out.
  37. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    It might/might not be the FM's problem. I give my son S26-gold before he reaches 1, then now using GAIN IQ. He has eczema since 7-8th mth old. Even now, when he weather gets too hot.

    My son has sensitive nose and got to Zytec for the nose allergies.

    After he had suffered from a virus that cos him to vomit and diarrhoea, he fell sick easily.. runny nose, cough and phlegm. Every morning sure to have runny nose. Brought him to Paed., took medicine for 1 week and still not ok... went back for anti-botics, took for another 6 days... ok for 4-5 days then sick again. I think some illness cannot be cured by western medicine so I choose eastern herbs and some vitamins.

    Now my son has no problem. Not becos of western medicine for my case. I gave him Shaklee's children vitamin and vit C. Another eastern herbs which I get from a shop in Rivervale Plaza is to be brew with his daily meal... ingredients are Cordyceps, almond, shi seng, wild american ginseng and a few more... After taking daily for ard 2 weeks, I really see results. No more so call "sensitive nose" and coughing/phelgm STOPS w/o medication.
  38. littleflower

    littleflower New Member

    But for my gf case it is the formula coz the baby was born with beautiful skin but after drinking FM she developed bad skin rash and that made me wondering why, and also the pd told her usually the skin rash will disappear after she turns 3 mths but after 3 mths the skin rash still bad so I told her to raise the FM issue with the pd and then he suggests to her to switch to NAN HA. Gf started NAN HA and after a few weeks VOILA the skin rash disappear and now the baby's skin is back to normal no more rashes liow. So happy for my gf that's why wan to post here and share her story with you guys lor.

    Hi missylan, I totally agree with you traditional chinese medicine oso known as TCM does help. I do give my son chinese herbs like wolfberry, cordyceps, etc and before his MMR jab I gave him pao sen to drink. So far so good. Too much western medicine also no good for their little body right..hehe
  39. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    For bad rash, it could be due to allergy to cow's milk in the infant formula.

    Naan HA (Hypoallergenic)is a formula (whey milk powder) whereby the milk powder has been pre-processed to be easily digested by the baby.

    Eczema, allergic rhinitis (sensitive nose) and asthma are all genetically linked.
  40. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    info on eczema:
    here's some info u can read up:

    From www.askdrsears.com
    The top main idea about taking care of eczema-prone, sensitive skin is:

    1) Avoid Dry Skin - that's why the need to use wash like QV bath oil if ur skin is really dry

    2) Avoid Skin Irritants -
    this is the second most important aspect of prevention.

    Cotton clothing is best. Avoid wool and synthetic materials; they can be more abrasive and irritating to the skin.
    Use cotton sheets and soft, cotton blankets.
    Wash new clothes before wearing them this will get out any chemicals from the manufacturing process.
    Do not use any perfumed or scented lotions.
    Do not use bubble bath.
    Laundry detergents use a mild, dye-free detergent such as Dreft, Ivory Snow or All Clear. Liquid detergents rinse out better.
    Double rinse the wash to get out all the detergent.
    Shower or bath after your child plays in the grass or engages in sports that make him sweaty.
    Maintain humidity of 25-40% in your home. Buy a humidity gauge. During the dry winter months, use a humidifier in your home. During the humid summer months, the air conditioning can keep the humidity stable.
    Suntan lotion use one that doesn't irritate your child's skin. PABA free is better.
    food allergies
    environmental triggers like dust, mould, pets

    Keep fingernails cut short and very clean when your child scratches, the bacteria that live under his nails and on his skin get pushed deeper into the rash. This can lead to a skin infection. Shorter nails also will lessen the trauma to the skin. Wear long sleeves and pants, weather permitting this keeps his skin covered so your child is unable to scratch as much. Medications to reduce itching oral antihistamines are a very effective way to control itching.

    5) TOPICAL STEROID CORTISONE CREAM - but take note that may have side effects as stronger steroid-based cream will thin skin over prolong use.

    http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T081800.asp - has very useful information on care of eczema


    http://www.sebamed.com/index.php?id=281 - a short write-up on eczema

    http://www.occderm.asn.au/carehands.html - taking care of ur hands

    http://www.sebamed.com/index.php?id=259 - suggestion for healthy skincare


    Here's some websites that u can find out more about the products recommended by doctors for eczema:

    Eucerin - http://www.eucerin.co.uk/ - u can use the link to do a self-analysis on the sensitivity of ur skin and the range of products to use from Eucerin.

    Cetaphil - http://www.cetaphil.com/ - has a FAQ for u to read on the effects of the products on sensitive skins

    QV (from Ego Pharmaceutical Pty Ltd) - http://www.egopharm.com.au/products/qv/index.php

    Sebamed - http://www.sebamed.com/index.php?id=229

    Gaia- www.gaia.com.sg
  41. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    Info on food allergies:

    Top 8 Allergenic Foods that account for 90% of all Food Allergies: (http://www.foodallergy.org/allergens.html)
    Tree nut (walnut, cashew, etc.)
    Children may "outgrow" food allergies to milk, eggs, soybean products and wheat. Please note that a Wheat Allergy is different from Gluten Intolerance! Gluten Intolerance (Celiac's Disease) is never outgrown and must be managed!
    Children (and Adults) rarely outgrow allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

    What is a Food Allergy and why is it different from a Food Intolerance or a Food Reaction?
    The process of any allergic reaction occurs when the body mistakes something like a food or pollen as a harmful and dangerous invader. The body reacts by releasing antibodies called immunoglobulin E(IgE). The IgE in turn prompts the body to release chemicals known as histamines. When the histamines are released, the body reacts by producing symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, a skin rash and in severe cases, anaphylaxis. In a food allergy, the body's immune system is involved.
    A food reaction or intolerance does not involve the immune system and often, a food that caused a reaction is easily tolerated at another time. A good example of this is citrus fruits. Citrus fruits may cause a reaction or an intolerance in infants due to the high acidity of the fruit. The infant does not react with an immune response rather the infant reacts with either a gastrointestinal response or a dermatological response. Often times infants who are fed oranges prior to the age of 1 year old will break out in rashes around the mouth or bottom and possibly have tummy cramps.

    Another example of a food intolerance is a lactose intolerance. People who are lactose intolerant lack a specific enzyme that helps to digest the sugar (lactose) in dairy products. Infants are often able to digest the lactose in dairy products like yogurt and cheese as the culturing of these products has broken down the lactose.
    How to Spot a Potential Allergic Reaction:
    Here are several things you might note that may indicate baby has a potential allergic reaction or intolerance to a food.
    Sudden loose, diarrhea stools and/or vomiting
    Sudden rashes on the skin and bottom
    runny nose
    Irritability and/or gassiness after a new food/meal
    Breathing or other respiratory troubles after a new food/meal
    Remember, an intolerance to a food is not the same as an allergy to a food and it's symptoms typically involve trouble within the intestines.
    The "4 Day Wait Rule and Allergies:
    It is very important to follow the "four day wait" rule when introducing your baby to new solid foods. When you introduce a new food over the course of several days, you are better able to determine exactly how your baby is reacting to that food. This is most important if you and/or your family members have a history of food allergies.
    Following the four day wait rule and introducing new foods one at a time will also enable you to easily begin an "elimination diet". If you suspect your infant has had an adverse reaction to a new food, you will have just a few foods to look to as the culprit.
    Please note that some of the foods that appear on the list of "Least Allergenic" should not be introduced until a certain age. While these foods may not be allergy causing, there may be other issues that make that food item inappropriate to give to an infant prior to a specific age.
    An example of this is honey; honey is not a known allergen however it may contain spores that are botulism inducing. Honey should not be given to an infant prior to one year of age. To learn more about honey, visit our Honey Tips section.
    Introduce new foods during the morning or early afternoon. This will enable you to deal with any adverse reactions when your pediatrician is in office. Should an adverse reaction occur during the morning/early afternoon, it will cause the least amount of disruption in baby's fragile routine.
    Further, you should always introduce new foods after a nursing or bottle feeding. Your baby still receives his main source of nutrition from either breast milk or formula up to the one year old mark - do not let solids interfere with liquid intake!

    Most-Allergenic Foods

    Least-Allergenic Foods
    citrus fruits (acidic)
    dairy products
    egg whites
    peanut butter
    safflower oil
    sunflower oil
    sweet potatoes


  42. higgledy

    higgledy New Member

    Hi Ladies,
    any difference between Enfalac A+ and Enfapro A+?
  43. wahwah

    wahwah Member

    Hi higgledy,

    If am not wrong,

    Enfalac A+ -Newborn to 6 months
    Enfapro A+- 6months to 12months
  44. the_high_flyer

    the_high_flyer New Member

    Enfalac A+ is for newborns to 12 months
    Enfapro A+ is for 6 months to 12 months

    There's a 6-month overlap between these two stages. Beyond that, there's also Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid A+.
  45. berser

    berser Member

    any comments on S-26 Gold?
  46. sarahmama

    sarahmama New Member

    I mixed Enfalac A+ with EnfalacAR and partial on EBM.

    The GP suggestied EnfalacAR when my gal throw up after each feed.
  47. krisjoy

    krisjoy New Member

    My gal is on Enfa since birth. My neighbour used to work in a hospital nursery and they get a lot of milk powder samples. She told me Enfa is the best cos most babies can take it well...My sister's daughter has been taking Similac for 2 years and she always vomits. But after switching to Enfa, she seems to be better. Just that Enfa is more heaty..hope this helps!
  48. claire

    claire Member

    hi Krisjoy, enfa is more heaty? meaning higher chances of no poo? than not advisable right? i just switched my boy to Enfalac A+ also... Nan is better?
  49. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    Just wanna share my experience on FM:

    At birth, we gave our gal NAN, but she kept having a lot of watery poo after each feed. Worried that BB's body might not be absorbing the nutrients from FM, Hubby and I decided to switched to Enfalac A+.

    After switching to Enfalac, BB kept having reflux (4 out of the 6 feeds), despite after burping her at least twice during/after feed..

    A friend recommended Friso Gold 1 and we immediately bought and let BB tried. Thank goodness there was no poo-poo or reflux issues after drinking Friso..

    Guess different BB react to diff FM..
  50. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    my baby is drinking Karihome Goat's milk. recommended by PD. goat's milk will have less allergies than as cow's milk.

    but some babies might not like the taste of it.

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