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Where to go in Singapore

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by genki01, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. genki01

    genki01 New Member

    I'm running out of idea where to bring my 4yr old boy to play over the weekends...can anyone give me any suggestion?

    Been to places like
    - East Coast park
    - West Coast park
    - Downtown East
    - Toy R Us
    - IMM
    Where else can we go?

  2. cjacelyn

    cjacelyn New Member

    How about Singapore Zoo, Botanical Gardens?
  3. wan

    wan Member

    jacob ballas children's garden at botanic gardens is fun for 4yo.

    if u have transport, can go animal resort at seletar farmway.
  4. lamkins

    lamkins New Member

    If you have your own transport, visit the Lim Chu Kang and kranji areas, they have several farms such as the frog, goat and chicken farms which are worth visiting. They actually have a shuttle bus service which u can hop on for free and they will bring u to the different farms. Visit the tourism board website to check out bus schedules and pick up points.
  5. wan

    wan Member

    angela, I stay quite far from Lim Chu Kang. just wondering how many farms can we cover in a day, ie from 9am to 3pm? must make the travelling worth it
  6. easy

    easy New Member

    The museums can be fun too, especially in the holidays when they have their programmes. Also the reservoirs and the changi board walk, sungei buloh, etc. check out the national parks board website.
  7. yee_ping

    yee_ping New Member

    Marina Barrage.
  8. genki01

    genki01 New Member


    Just to share where I've brought my 4yr old son to...

    1) East Coast Park (Beach & Cycling)
    2) West Coast Park (Playground)
    3) Hort Park
    4) Sembawang Beach
    5) Downtown East (Explorer Kids)
    6) Singapore Science Centre
    7) Choa Chu Kang Farm Mart
    8) Zoo
    9) Birds Park (There's this latest Dino Hollywood in town til Feb 2010)
    11) Choa Chu Kang and Bt Panjang Mall - New playground at Top floor
    12) Heartland Mall - Art & Craft
    13) Genting Highlands
    14) Malacca - A Famosa
    15) East Coast - Kids Golf (I've never been there yet)
    16) Jurong Safra - Kids Gym
    17) Forum Gallery Shopping Mall
    18) Orchard Paragon (Playground and Toys R Us)
    19) Suntec City (Playround at the Toys R Us Exit)
    20) Library
    21) Changi Airport
    22) Punggol Marina Club
    23) HomeTeam Chalet

    Hope it helps!
  9. beezymummy

    beezymummy New Member

    Any good place for 1 yr old baby to spend their time?
  10. adam__sophias_mummy

    adam__sophias_mummy New Member

    universal studios.
    downtown east.
  11. skmum

    skmum New Member


    Great thread. Also out of ideas where to bring my kids. Thanks for sharing
  12. annie2011

    annie2011 New Member

    planning to bring my child for holidays too. anyone knows.. are there any promotion tickets or hotels on may or jun?

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