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Where to give birth, singapore or malaysia??

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by kate_jong, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. kate_jong

    kate_jong New Member

    My husband and I are both SPR from Malaysia. I am wondering if i should give birth in Singapore or Malaysia? Can my baby hold dual citizenship with neither her parents are Singapore Citizen? I have a 2 years old daughter, ever an officer from ICA asked why didn't i give birth my daughter in Singapore..it made a lot difference. What would be the different if she is just holding a PRship instead of citizenship? Any advice pls??

  2. esther_ksk

    esther_ksk New Member

    As wat i know dual citizenship is impossible. And if both parent is PR, ur child will be still under msia citizen. U have to apply PR for your BB if you wan. I dun c if there is any difference.
    Unless either u or ur hubby is sporean, then it makes the differences.
  3. emma_mom

    emma_mom New Member

    since both you and hubby is Malaysian, how do u intend to apply Singapore citizenship for your baby? Unless either one of you convert to Singaporean, then only your baby can be a Singaporean.
    Singapore do not give citizenship by birth.

    Me and my hubby is also SPR from Malaysia. Our gal is born in Singapore and she can only be a SPR. As far as I know there is no difference for your baby if she/he is born in Singapore or Malaysia. coz your baby can only be a SPR since both parents are only SPR.
  4. emma_mom

    emma_mom New Member

    just sharing:
    from what i read in the other thread, dual citizenship is possible if the mother is Singaporean. What the mommies said is to give birth in Malaysia and because father is Malaysia, baby is auto become Malaysian citizenship. then the mother go to ICA website to register the baby for Singaporean citizenship.
    Then the child has to decide to choose which citizenship he/she wants when is 21 years old.
  5. jermjerm

    jermjerm Member

    If mummy is Singaporean, daddy is Malaysian (Singapore PR), the baby will be born in Singapore, baby will hold Singapore citizenship right? But in Malaysia, will baby be citizen or PR? Confusing...
  6. telly

    telly Member

    No. You'll have the Singapore birth certificate. But at the bottom, they will write: This child is not a citizen of Singapore at the time of birth.
  7. iasilw

    iasilw Member

    Singaporean mummy + Malaysian daddy (Singapore PR)
    If mummy gives birth in M'sia, baby holds dual citizenship, until he reaches 21 years old. At that age, he has to choose to be either a Singapore or Malaysia citizen.
    However, take note that Baby Bonus may be prorated, depending on when baby becomes a Singapore citizen. Check the Baby Bonus website.
    Also, if baby is not a Singaporean, maternity leave may not be 4 months for the Singaporean mummy. Better clarify with your employee.
  8. acacia

    acacia New Member

    Sorry just to be certain...

    SG Mom & MY Dad (not PR)

    1) Baby born SG - automatically be Singaporean and cannot choose to be Malaysian?

    2) Baby born MY - able to get dual citizenship until 21 years old.
  9. babykayden

    babykayden Member

    SG mom & MY dad(not pr)
    1) baby born in sg can't choose to be Malaysian.
    2) baby girl born in MY dual citizenship till 21 baby boy gotta choose at age 18 serve NS n be Singapore citizen or be MY citizen
  10. acacia

    acacia New Member

    Thanks for the confirmation!

    Btw, if baby boy chose to be Malaysian at 18 years old, what are the chances of him applying for Singapore citizenship say later in 30s or 40s? I was told that once anyone reject Singapore citizenship when it's offered to them, it will be almost impossible to be offered again.
  11. babykayden

    babykayden Member

    Tat u gotta check with ica. I didn't ask about tat coz I choose to give birth in sg as I'm more comfortable with the facilities here n with my own gyne.
    Now I'm preggy with my 3rd child still will give birth in sg.
    My hub converting to citizen soon so dun see the nid to hold dual citizenship.


  12. gift_of_life

    gift_of_life Active Member

    if baby boy chose to be Malaysian at 18 years old, he will face difficulty to get even employment pass.

    I have a friend rejected govt's offer to convert to citizen. He only granted work permit (Aust graduates) and with work permit, he cant even apply for PR.
  13. alice_lim

    alice_lim New Member

    IF the birthcert of the child is not under her own parents , and her own parents are both S'porean and she's not ~ Can she convert to s'porean also ??
  14. sf_lim

    sf_lim New Member

    My hubby is a Singaporean and I'm a malaysian, Singapore PR . Due to no one take care of me if I give birth here, so I wanna decide give birth at Malaysia. Is any problem for me to apply dual citizenship for my baby? How? Any website or hotline that I can ask for more? Thanks.
  15. thanku82

    thanku82 Member

    If either of you is Singaporean, you can choose to delivery in Malaysia in order to apply for dual citizhenship. Your baby will have Malaysian citizenship first then you come to Singapore to apply citizenship for your baby.

    My case I decide to deliver in Singapore, so only can get Singapore citizenship, because Malaysia don't accept dual citizenship at all.
  16. Amanda Poh

    Amanda Poh New Member

    My hubby is a spr n i am a singaporean can i chose to gv birth in malaysia n apply thier birth cert resgister under singaporean?

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