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Where to find breast pumps at wich price

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by newtospore, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. newtospore

    newtospore New Member

    Hi all,
    I am totally new to this forum.
    I'll land in Singapore from Hong Kong in a month and I'm preparing the arrival of my baby (due date late august).
    I want to buy a medela swing pump as I saw it was a very good one, but don't know if it's better deal to buy it in HK (320 S$) or in Singapore.
    Do you know if the Medela warranty is available worldwide? Is it easy to find this product/order it in Singapore?
    How much cost the breastmilk bags from Medela and bottles?

    Thanks very much for your help ladies!

  2. beaupeau

    beaupeau Active Member

    Hi Violaine
    I have a medela Swing for sale hubby bought for me .I used it less than 5 times. If u interested can contact me at 91773783
    Comes with
    Medela swing
    Medela cooler carrier brand new with 4 bttles inside
    medela bottle x3
    medela purelan nipple cream

    Willing to let go at $300
    Medela Swing in singapore is selling at $369
  3. weeivy

    weeivy New Member

    hi can i see a pic of the medela swing? thanks
  4. lily_chua

    lily_chua New Member

    Hi Violaine - I have Medela Pump In Style Advanced 2008 edition pump to let go.

    Purchased on 01 Jul 2008
    I had used less than one month. The set is considered brand new in condition as backpack, ice cooler carrier & Personal BreastFit Shield had not been used at all.

    If you are interested, please email me for pix: lilychua22@yahoo.com.sg
  5. jenku

    jenku New Member


    My friend is selling her Medela Pump in style advanced. She had only used it for 1 month as she was too tired taking care of her twins. Are you interested? She bought at $700+ but is willing to let go at $500. Not sure if negotiable though, but I can ask her. If you are interested, please let me know, ok? Thanks.
  6. medela1

    medela1 New Member

    I have all BN (brand new) items for Medela, including latest medela breastpump ((brand new in box, with factory seal selling at about $520, Robinson selling $988), Medela bottles, breastshield, bottles. All at prices more than 20%-35% discount compared to Singapore major shopping centre, e.g. Isetan, Taka, Robinson.

    Please pm me if u are interested.
  7. blackberryb

    blackberryb New Member

    violaine,I'm not sure Medela warranty is available worldwide. Medela do have distributor at Singapore.Majar department store or baby store also carry Medela,even online store. Some online store sell cheaper. You can check at at motherhood market place too.
  8. whwlee

    whwlee New Member


    I don't think there is international warranty but you can send your meleda pump to Singapore agent for servicing at a higher cost.

    J&E Baby and mothercare products pte ltd
    No81 Toh Guan Road #03-01 Secom Centre
    Tel:6562 6298/ 6562 3008
    Email : jne@equipmedical.com.sg

    You can join the spree to get your pump in the forum market place (overseas spree). It is much cheaper.

    As for the milk bag, you can try Laninoh breastmilk storage bag - 50 cnt. It is much cheaper than medela milk bag. I am currently using it and so far no leakage.

    Hope it helps.
  9. blendedbaby

    blendedbaby New Member

  10. mum2b_nov

    mum2b_nov New Member

    Hi dear mummies,
    I recently bought a unit of Medale Freestyle less than a month without warranty at $480 from oversea spree, keen to let go at $400. Only used twice, still brand new... Please email me @kimtan14@yahoo.com if you keen to get the set...
  11. fangy

    fangy Member

    FYI, KK hospital (pharmacy) sell Medela mini electric duo pump only $245..cheapest electric duo pump..u may like to check it out there..
  12. isaisa

    isaisa New Member

    Just my 2-cent worth of recommendation, I am using Nanny milk storage bags. Excellent, extra-thick, self-standing and most economical from foodfortoz.com
  13. reginahwz

    reginahwz New Member

    Hi mummies.

    I have a preloved Medula Pump in style breast pump for sale. Bought online in Jan' 2010 for $599. Warranty valid until Jan' 2011.

    FYI, I felt it was worth the money spent as I didn't have much breastmilk and the hospital grade pump really helped get as much as I was able to produce. Have happily managed to feed my boy BM till now. Stopping cos returning to work.


    Condition: 9/10
    *Hospital-grade breast pump/all parts in working order*
    Price: $ $399 nett

    Includes these items:
    * GR8X Inflatable Breastfeeding Pillow
    * New design shoulder bag
    * Battery Pak (8AA batteries not included)
    * 4 collection containers & lids
    * 2-24mm PersonalFit Breastshields
    * Breastfeeding Information Guide
    * 2 valves
    * 4 membranes
    * Instructions

    PM or sms me at 9680 1400

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