Where can I buy good rice wine (yellow) for confinement?


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I was recommended by my colleagues to get the brand Ang Leong Huat from Sheng siong or redmart. In short ALH. http://www.alh.com.sg/products/-ALH

They have this Kiu Kiang Glutinous Rice Wine (620ml) and Foochow Rice Wine (330ml).Redmart is selling too.

For the Kiu Kiang Glutinous Rice Wine, - they describe as fermented white glutinous based rice wine, yellow or dark yellow in color, sweet taste with characteristic glutinous rice aroma and have a smooth finish. Popularly used in the making of confinement food for expecting mothers.

Although the Foochow red rice wine is a little small, but 2 small bottles will add up to be a full price bottle that cost around $15 for normal homemade wine.
I found this blogger using this brand to make the yellow wine chicken. Looks good.


I will be most probably be getting this brand for my confinement, since most of the homemade wine doesn't do door to door delivery. And you probably need to hit a minimum order (maybe 6 bottles abv) to get delivery service.
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Thanks all for sharing. Lucky my mil manage to help me get it from Malaysia.

In case I need more. Will get from recommended link.


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My mom used the Foochow Rice Wine and Hakka yellow wine to cook the sesame chicken on separate occasions, and I prefer the latter. It's sweet and fragrance. My own preference.

I haven't start my maternity and I begin eating confinement dishes already, hahaha....
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I have red confinement wine to let go. I have done with my confinement and have about 6 bottles left. Each bottle estimate about 900ml - 1000ml.
Selling for $10/bottle
Please PM me or whatsapp me at 98262767 if you are interested. Thanks.
Hi is it still avail?