whatsapp group/playdates for 2018 mums and babies living in the east


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hi! I am a new March 2018 mum and I dont really have friends with babies in the same age group so I am hoping to form a whatsapp group for discussion/support over baby stuff and also to have playdates for the babies. I live in the east so throwing it out to other east-side mums because it may be easier to meet-up that way. if interested, just PM me your numbers and Ill form a group. thank you!


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@prettypopper thanks for replying to my other thread! Saw this thread and thought I'd join as well. Anyway hi mummies, I have an August 2018 toddler. I'm not living in the East but my mum stays in the East so I'm always there with my daughter. Would love to meet up with other mummies too :)

JT Mummy

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hi Hi, may i know if this group is still active? any whatsapp group was created?
i have an August 2018 toddler as well, living in the far east (pasir ris) :)