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What's your helper's current salary and off-days?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by MissLin, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. MissLin

    MissLin New Member

    I have been employing helping for a decade or more and I realise these days they are more demanding. I respect their off days and choice but the few I've selected and interview wants 1. their own room 2. not only sundays but ph off 3. no market shopping only in supermarkets

    New helpers are asking $600 onwards too.

    Can mommies here shed some light on your helper's salary and off days?

  2. Rainbow1510

    Rainbow1510 Member

    Been employing helpers since 10 yrs ago too. Salary was from $350 and now $550'with 4 days off on PH and Sundays. Yes, now they are very demanding. All of the above !! Waiting for the time I dun need helper anymore . Maybe a housekeeper.
  3. purplewhite

    purplewhite Member

    their pay keep increasing year on year. Better than ours... mine basic $490. Ex sg but duno anything. English cannot make it. Forgetful, arrogant, rude, dishonest, like to skive.. But i just leave it for now. Cos maids getting really costly to change..

    Basic salary, compensate for working on sundays, levy, food, toiletries, wastage, things being damaged.... probably cost us ard $1k per month..

    Very demanding, regardless of nationality. Want off day, bonus, free clothes, free shoes.. basically best for them if we bear everything they spent.

    Mine wanted use our wifi at Hm but we gave excuse n said it's meant for working only. She complain everyday. Says all salary goes to top up phone card because of us
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  4. MissLin

    MissLin New Member

    Yeah. So mine just went back. Even new maids are demanding every Sundays off.
  5. caydenpang

    caydenpang New Member

    i have 2 filipino helpers. both are very good so im lucky and happy.
    i pay them $570 per month plus $45 compensation each as they only go alternate offs. i cant have no maid at all so they agrred to take turns. so each sunday they dont go off must compensate $22.50.
    both of them are ex-singapore thats why the pay 570. my agent told me fresh maid is $550.
  6. chelsa1980

    chelsa1980 Member

    Im paying her $620 for 4 Sundays off and on top of it, I give her a once off bonus of $200 when she completes 2 years of contract. No choice but to pay slightly higher. Though she sometimes gives us attitude when hub and I tells her to go things, she takes care of the kids very well, (as if welfare and safety of kids always come first before anything else) which give us peace of mind when we are working.

    Her contract is ending in April 2017. We will be increasing her pay to $650 if she decides to stay in Singapore.
  7. imting82

    imting82 Member

    I just got mine from Labour Express in mid-Dec-16. An indo maid at 580 bucks with no off days (Basic is 500 + 20 bucks each for 4 off days = Additional 80 bucks). New to SG which was better than experienced one. Both hubby & I & my parents are adjusting to this new arrangement (additional person in the family). Will see how it goes if we wish to transfer her out to someone else.
  8. sunny_side_up

    sunny_side_up Member

    Mine $530 a month and i compensate her $20 if she not going off days. currently she takes 1 off day a month. She also ask for wifi but i bluff her the wifi is my husband's company pay one so cannot anyhow give. i scared she use wifi to videochat with strangers etc although i only pass her her phone at night. Day time she is alone at home.

    In HK, maids get public holidays off also so thats why the maids here are asking for it too. I used to hire a ex HK maid and she was with me for 4 years. i pay her $700 if she doest go offdays for that month. she also tried her luck asking for PH off but i say this is singapore.
  9. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    I am paying my current Indo helper $510 per month, and compensate her $20 if no off day too.
    But normally she doesn't want to go off day, because she want to earn more money for her sons school fee.
    So normally she took $530 every month.

    Her contract is ending mid-Aug which is so close to my EDD.
    Hopefully she will extend her contract with us, cause I find her very caring and hardworking, and both my boys like her very much.
  10. sunny_side_up

    sunny_side_up Member

    my worker's contract also ending in july. i wont say she is very hardworking but reasonably ok and my kids also like her alot. i havent ask her if she wan to extend though.

    Hippo78, when are you going to ask her?
  11. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    I have no idea. Should I ask her 6 months before ?
    Let's say if she doesn't intend to stay, I have to get another new maid before I give birth.
    I intend to increase her salary to $560 (with no off day) + $200 bonus after she completed her 2 year contract.
    And of cause I will buy her air ticket to visit her family for 2 weeks.

    Hopefully she stays because I find her very honest and hardworking.
    My husband, MIL and my kids like her attitude and speed.

    But the problem is she still doesn't know I am pregnant with no. 3.
  12. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    mine is indonesia maid $550 a mth
    she request no off day for 6 mths so that she can faster repay her debt. roughly less than $23 a day in compensation for the off day.

    i like indonesia maids coz they are not as cunning as the pinoy maids.
  13. sunny_side_up

    sunny_side_up Member

    ya i think u better ask her 6 months before cos u still need to find and train new maid if she doesn't want to extend. jus scared she tell you ok to extend now but later back out.
  14. Tartine

    Tartine New Member

    Mine is Filipino $560 with one off day with month. been with us for a year+. good with newborn and children.
  15. sunny_side_up

    sunny_side_up Member

    my maid yest chu pattern. say she dont wan work already cos pay too low. i counter offer her now she willing to work till contract finish but she say dont wan recontract with me liao.
  16. adhd.dad

    adhd.dad Active Member

    Yeah, when I went HK, I was shocked by the number of Pinoy maids there!
  17. Janelle Lee

    Janelle Lee New Member

    my maid from indonesia is drawing salary of $550/month. she requested for no off days. more costs from us cos need to pay for the non-off days and the food too.. but good in a way cos she will not go out and learn bad things...
  18. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    Any idea what is the current salary for Indonesia maid now ? $550 or $580 ?
  19. Janelle Lee

    Janelle Lee New Member

    think for fresh with no experience it is $500/month. with experience will be $550/month.
  20. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    But I thought Indonesian maids salary increase again just last year ?
  21. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Just wondering if i hire a new maid and after few months she happy happy don't want to work already , do I need to pay for her air ticket to go home? And I lose all the money that I paid to hire her from agency?
  22. sunny_side_up

    sunny_side_up Member

    if she has not finished paying back her loan yet, you will not want to send her back home as it means you will not get back the loan you have prepaid for her. so if she doesn't perform, you can send her back to agency and get her transferred (which means some other employer will have to takeover her loan). if her loan is finished already but her 2 year contract is not up yet, you do not have to pay for her air ticket home. if she want to go home, she gotta pay her own ticket.
  23. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    How long usually a maid loan will finish? And once she finished her loan she can just leave before 2 years is up? So I lose all the money paid to the agency ?
  24. sunny_side_up

    sunny_side_up Member

    Usually loan is 6-9months. Yup if she wants to leave and you don't let her leave, she can just anyhow do her housework until you can't stand her and will want her to leave. U cant do anything. And yes u lose all ur agent fees. Unless ur agent provides free replacement within certain period.
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  25. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Ah I see. Thanks.
  26. twinsy

    twinsy Member

    do you all give your maid pay increment after 2 years contract?
  27. purplewhite

    purplewhite Member

    They know the market. No increment or they feel underpaid before contract ends, they look for new employer. Some target ur neighbors or relatives etc
  28. Grandstand

    Grandstand New Member

    I think if they are good just give them slight increment lo. Better than engaging a new one start all over again plus hiring a good maid is really based on luck. No luck how? U be wasting money and time ... I wanted to fire the current one I had ... but again she is very close with my daughter and no choice have to put up with her at times.
  29. Grandstand

    Grandstand New Member

    Pinoy fresh $550 plus off day compensate $22 .
    I manage to get her to off once a month.
  30. MistyCloud

    MistyCloud Active Member

    New Indon is also 550 + compensation of $84 for no off days

    Wah.. then Indon more ex than Pinoy in a way since the amt is considered more to Indon.
  31. Aicko

    Aicko New Member

    I pay mine 600 a month. Indo helper, quite senior and working in S'pore for 10yr+ so she's independent at doing simple grocery shopping for us.

    Older helpers are more realiable and mature to help with baby but not as fast/energetic at housework. Also they won't play handphone and get into relationship troubles here.

    We give weekly Sunday off and sent her home yearly for vacation around hari raya.
    Good for our family privacy time too.

    Ultimately, A Happy maid=safe and happy family!
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  32. Hailey G

    Hailey G New Member

    My current Indo helper is getting $600 (twice a month off), been with us for less than 2 years. She has been working in Singapore for less than 3 years. Will be going back Indo soon. Our new Filipino helper which will be coming in 2 months is asking for $570 + 3 Sundays compensation. She is a fresh helper and only asking for 1 Sunday off. May increase her off days after couple of months if she wants to.
  33. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    How's the month with 5 Sundays? Just noticed that There are 5 Sundays in July. My maid is $600 with 2 off days, so next month should let her off 3 Sundays?
  34. manycure

    manycure New Member

    my filipino had 1 year experience in sg. claimed that previous employer lost her job so she was sent home. Dunno to believe or not though.
    her basic salary now is 570, and I only allow 1 off day cause I work on weekends.
  35. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    My new Indo helper is getting S$580 (no off day).
    Before working in Singapore, she has been working in Oman for 3 years, and Abu Dhabi for 2 years.
    She told me she used to earn 800 Saudi Riyal per month, which is equivalent to SGD 290.
    Her loan is only 1 month, that's why her monthly salary so little.
    Though working in Singapore double her pay, but her loan is 5-6 months.
  36. mrstang

    mrstang Member

    Not trying to be petty. If helper is promised with 2 off days a month just stay with it.
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  37. joyful22

    joyful22 Member

    Hi, I know this thread has been a year. I am sure this is a common question no matter when as we all need a helping hand. Unfortunately, having a helper in S’pore is just getting too costly every year.
    My helper has been with me for 10 years and her contract ends in 2 mths time. There goes another bargaining... She is paid a whopping $700 with 3 off days. She still feels she is under paid and wanted more! Can you share with me how much are you paying your maid now? Thanks in adv.
  38. JL8118

    JL8118 Member

    I think different nationality have different pay requirement as well.
    I had one for 4 years, and on 3rd time of renewal of contract, she requested for more (50% more), more off day etc.
    I let her go... She's a good maid though. Which is why I kept for 4 years. But her demanding is high, and in order not to give in to her, I chose to let her go.
    My this current maid, with me for almost 1yr already, so far still ok.

    Old maid no need guidance, but will demand for more things...
    New maid need retrain which can be tiring.

    But if you feel you can still accept the range they are requesting, or feel she's good, then pay and continue..
    Otherwise, be heartless like me... Let go and find another. At most re-train another...
  39. Theappleby

    Theappleby New Member

    Mine is paid 700 without off days which is terribly high. Experienced Indonesian speaks Chinese yet housework is sloppy. Thinking of changing for a cheaper maid but scared the new one cannot look after elderly well which is my purpose of having a maid,
  40. chelsa1980

    chelsa1980 Member

    I am paying her

    $620 with weekly off days. $200 bonus for completing 2 year contract. She is starting her 3rd contract with me. Will be increasing her salary to $650.
  41. sherrylim

    sherrylim Member

    Mine from Myanmar has been working for me 3 yrs & she will return to her country next year.
    She gave her $500 every month, 2 off days every week.
    Special occasion like cny, will give her off as well.
    last year she went back on home leave for about 10days, this year she went back too.

    Didn't give her our wifi password and did not tell her she cannot use her phone.
    But I know she used when we are not around.
    Every evening, once she has clean or washes up everything, she can return to the room to use her phone.
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  42. Theappleby

    Theappleby New Member

    I wanted to change a cheaper maid from myanmar. The agency is telling me I can only change from Indonesia to Indonesia without paying agency fee. If I change from Indonesia to Myanmar, then I have to pay the agency fees all over again. Is this something common across all maid agencies?
  43. sherrylim

    sherrylim Member

    i employed my maid directly, i dont go thru agency, its alot cheaper.
  44. JL8118

    JL8118 Member

    Not sure if this is common.
    Previously when I transferred my maid from Philippines to Indonesian, do need to pay a fee though.
    But calculated wise, its much cheaper still in long run.
  45. twinnybabes

    twinnybabes Member

    Fiilipino - salary is now $600 (started $550, now 3 years with us) with off days, plus allowance any Sunday when I don't have work and she wants to go out. My work is on a shift schedule so there are Sundays and PH that I have to work sometimes twice or thrice a month but some months, all Sundays are free. It's her choice when whe wants to take her off as long as I am around on Sundays.

    She's ok with kids, sends them off to school when my husband and I are at work, pick them up, cook meals, go to market. But on some household chores, still need to show her how I want things done my way. I do have weekdays off sometimes so it's not like she's alone doing the chores like cooking and taking care of kids, my husband and I are both hands on taking care of kids.. She gets year-end bonus and free air tickets every 2 years plus bonus when going on home leave.

    Yes, I've had my own share of horror maid stories, agencies not doing what we are paying them for etc..
    Finding good maids nowadays are like looking for pins in a haystack.
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  46. Theappleby

    Theappleby New Member

    Do you mind sharing how to do it without agency? These agency fees are terribly high, it costs a thousand for every application.
  47. Renee Tan

    Renee Tan Member

    Can anyone share how to find a Fiilipino maid directly without going thru agent.
    My current helper with me almost 6 years.
    Thinking of looking for a new maid instead of renewing for another 2 years
  48. sherrylim

    sherrylim Member

    think under MOM website gave a very detailed way of getting domestic worker here to work in SG.
  49. Renee Tan

    Renee Tan Member

    my current helper is keen to continue working for me
  50. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    $600 with how many days off? Actually what is the minimum salary for Filipino helper?
    Going to renew my filipino helper by next month. Do you mind to share how to renew your helper? Through agent or DIY without agent? How much in total?
    Still thinking either engage agent or do it my own. Thanks

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