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What games do you play with you kids?

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by Martinna, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Martinna

    Martinna New Member

    What games do you play with you kids? Can you recommend something?

  2. Lattine

    Lattine New Member

    Try to show some .io games to them. They are very popular right now, because they are a pleasure to play and really interesting. Try to search something relevant for your interests here http://iospace.games/ there are so many variants.
  3. mismulu

    mismulu New Member

    Depends on how old are the kids.

    i used to play lion dance using blankets, pretend play, bubbles or simply at the playground. Drawing, craft and lego are fun to play during quiet time too.

    if u cook, time in kitchen can be fun for kids. marketing is another fun chore.

    have fun

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