Weight loss done in a natural way, using traditional herbs


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As a mother of two young boys, my biggest issue was post pregnancy fat. No matter how hard I tried, my weight didn’t budge. Till one day on FB, I chanced upon a friend who has went down so much in weight and looking so much better than before hence I decided to approach her and asked what was her method to weight loss. She introduced me the slimming belt. I was skeptical at first when she told me the usage and the diet that goes along with this treatment. It was that easy, apply externally via herbal pack and lose weight with healthy eating. Diet wise is almost like what we usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s nothing like you cannot eat this and cannot eat that (of cos try to avoid food that is high in fat and oil), I decided to give it a try.

This treatment wasn’t like the usual slimming method whereby it target on fast weight loss to see the result. This treatment targets on conditioning your body, 1) Improve general health, 2) Reduce inner body fats, 3) Increase metabolic rate, 4) Reduce dampness in the body (dampness in the body is the usual cause of weight gain) and 5) Improve ‘Qi’ flow in 14 human body meridians.

After 2 months of using the belt, I had went down 8kg in weight. My visceral fat (fats surrounding the organs which leads to chronic diseases) had also went down which also prove that the treatment target to reduce inner fats. I was also sleeping better than before. I even heard of others on this treatment had their high cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level reduced.

As I am personally on this treatment and have seen the results myself, I decided to write this post and help those who want to lose weight or even to anyone who is seeking for a better health to know that there is something out there for us to better our health, to improve our outlook.

You always have the choice to keep trying. Who you were before or how many times you failed is irrelevant. Now that you know better, you can do better.

If you are interested to know more about this treatment, can feel free to dm me and I am more than willing to share my weight loss journey with you. Cheers!