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Week 12 scan - Gynae commented Fetus is skinny -HELP!!

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by ng_ch, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. ng_ch

    ng_ch New Member


    Im a first Time Mum.
    Had the week 12 scan to check for abnormalities ( Nuchal Translucency Test and followby a blood test )

    The Nuchal Translucency test ( Oscar Test ) is to meanure the Fetus max length, the brain skull, the fluid behind the neck and the Nasal Bone.

    My Gynae seems to have problem locating the Nasal bone and he tried very hard and he were liek surprised and makign a commented " Your fetus is very Skinny".

    Such left me impression that my fetus is nor growing at the correct seize/weigh.

    I have seen friends scan photo at weeks12, showing fetus have round big head with bumgy tummy. But as compare to mine, is head just plainly look like a thin skinny skelton head followby a very very flat body, which seems to be 1/3 of those normal ones form my friends.

    I am very worried.
    AFter that the doctor didnt say much on the nasal bone emasurement since he seems to have problem finding it, as the fetus is so skinny.
    He couldnt find the legs too and hands. ( Oh My God )i dont understand.

    This Gynae dotn explained much.Old Taiwanese Gynae Od in early sixties. ( i am living in the states now, so its tough to find a good gyane here that speak mandarin, with similar asia-culture )basically i find no help no comft from him, as he dotn explains what he do for me in the check up so far.

    Anyone with simialr experience, please advise me.
    I couldnt eat peroperly in my initial phase till now,no appetite and feel full easily.

    Pls kindly advise, Thank you
    Best Regards.

  2. baby1

    baby1 New Member

    You can try drinking preg milk powder, eat more meals (small portion) since you have no appetite.

    In take more protein e.g soya bean, toufu, eggs, yogurt, fishes, meat and etc.

    I ate alot of durians during my first trimester.
  3. ng_ch

    ng_ch New Member

    Hi, Eve

    Thank you for your kind reply and advises.
    I will google regards the peg milk for more information as I am sensitive to dairy milk,.

    Thanks I will try my best to eat small multi meals.
    I do heard about eating durians can make baby big just a day ago when I felt so agony after visiting the gynae, and heard one of the gal friend telling me about durians possibility of helping baby gain weigh and I were actually in puzzle,and here I see your mail mentioning about durians can help.

    But the durians here is not as fresh as in Sinagpore/ Malaysia.
    They are selling a few ones in the Forzen section the durians are frozen. Flown in from Asia and can see spider-webs forming on the durian surface. Will discuss with my husband about this and also try to looker for cleaner or fresher look durian if available.

    Thank you for your advices, will head out for the peg milk first thing on my list.

    Best Regards,
  4. princess_icy

    princess_icy New Member

    hi angeline!
    What is the BPD (biparietal diameter) and CRL (crown rump length) of baby?
  5. ng_ch

    ng_ch New Member

    Hi, JW Chu

    Actually I don't know the values,my Gynae here don't explains things to me, doesn't like me to ask questions at all, he don't explains while he do when we asked him, he will always say I tell u after I'm done.

    So when he is done he will say, did I say anything is wrong.
    Not providing me any useful knowledge feedbacks.

    Even the scan photo he gave me, the scan photo imagine is so tiny that I can't really figure out clearly. But the number wordings on the scan photo paper has these few words:

    In the 3D Static scan photo image photo,reads:
    Top line: RAB 4 8L Obstetric MI 0.8
    2nd line: 4.8/10.7cm/59hz TIs 0.1

    Hope this is the BPD/CRL information.

    I am looking out now and searching for new GYnae.
    Instead of relieving my anxiety the current doctor is adding on more for me instead.

    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,
  6. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    no.. he's did not measure crown or tummy.
    usually mine has EDD when gynae measures tummy size to see how big is baby.

    eat more protein. and stuff urself with carbs.
    my frens in states rely on food to get plump for baby. most impt find a gynae u r comfy with..
    if nausea, get sea-band and take whatever u feeling like eating at that point of time. don't starve.
  7. ng_ch

    ng_ch New Member

    Hi, Petrina

    Mine didn measure any tummy sizing.

    Im going for a new Gynae next monday, recommend by husband's boss, whose wife seem him and feels he's good.

    I really hope the re-check up will goes well, for the week 12~13 abnormalities checks.
    The current Gynae really freak me out.

    Yupe im trying to eat, wasn't able to eat much, no appetite till now week 12. Hope will get better, i will get the sea band too to try out.
    Thank you for the info.

    I am so afraid is it bcos im not eating well, and causing baby not to grown properly.

    I am trying to eat now, even thought i have not much appetitie, felt throat have something stuck most of the time.

    Thank you for the kind advices.
    Best Regards,
  8. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    angeline: i noe how the stuck feeling.. today i forgot my sea band.. ate mac for lunch.. can't even sip 3 mouthful of coke w/o puking.
    had to eat lotsa chilli with mcwings to make it delectable to stomach. so far, spiciness has managed to go well with my baby.. keke
    no spice - reject!
  9. dracano

    dracano New Member

    Glad to hear you are getting a second opinion. I'm sure things will brighten up with the new gynae. [​IMG]
  10. ng_ch

    ng_ch New Member

    Thank you [​IMG]
  11. ng_ch

    ng_ch New Member


    Went to new Gynae, baby turned back upon us, not even able to see the face, told the new gynae I'm at 13 weeks 4 days so I have only 2 more days to go door the abnormalities screening check.

    In the US not all doctor are officially licensed to do this check as the need to send the scan photos to the state medical together with the blood drawn to analysis overall % risk.

    Thus the new gyane is nice to reschedule an appointment with a specialist gynae on this check to come in the very next day for me in the noon time, when the clinic supposed to open only half day.

    Baby ant cooperate the very next day again, turn and toss just not willing to be on the straight back position for the specialist to make proper measurement, specialist has to try shifting and tossing the scan on my belly to a lightly move the baby hoping will move, and Im told to get down bed and walk down the path ways for 3 rounds and get check again.

    This time, baby is standing on head with legs both lifting up.
    And specialist has to try to shiftf the scanner on my belly to prompt baby to slide to his back slowly.

    Finally after some time, all measurement finally taken.
    This the first time in 13 weeks 5 day that I can see the baby face and nose peak and handstand legs in this new clinic with new doctors, a big reliever, and really appreciated the doctors this time didn't try to rush the patients out, unlike my previous gynae, a Taiwanese Chinese.

    The new gynae is a Korean and the specialist doc who performed the abnormalities check is a American white.

    Now have to wait patiently for the new results for blood test together with the new measurement taken.

    Thank you folks for the time spend with me comforting me, giving me advices.

    I hope everything goes well.
    Thank you folks.
  12. baby1

    baby1 New Member

    Hi Angeline

    Glad to hear that things are well.

    Be a happy mummy and enjoy the process.
  13. lifestar

    lifestar Member

    Happy for you [​IMG]

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